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Parrot Cardboard Crafts For Kids

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Parrot Cardboard Crafts For Kids

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If you’re searching for Parrot Cardboard Crafts for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of parrot cardboard crafts like cardboard tube parrot craft, parrot cardboard roll craft, DIY bird cardboard house, and easy parrot craft.

“The parrot’s so funny. He imitates me and I don’t even realise he’s doing it. I’m walking around the house talking to myself and whistling and the next day he’s said something I’ve said… it’s scary you know ”  Mick Ralphs

Parrots are considered the most intelligent among birds. They have the ability to talk to you in the form of repetition of what you are saying. It is so much fun to see how they mimic our sound and speech which mostly fascinates kids. Their ability to mimic becomes a source of humour not only for us or kids but also for themselves. So how about stimulating this mimicker? Sounds fun right?

So here we are with some amazing and exciting parrot crafts made with the use of cardboard. These are very easy and simple to make. Kids of any age can be involved in these activities. This would help them to recognise and will make them aware of the different parts and colours of parrots and how they survive. So get ready to travel on the planet of the parrots.

Parrot Cardboard Crafts For Kids

Parrot Cardboard Crafts For Kids

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Cardboard Tube Parrot Craft For Kids

Cardboard Tube Parrot Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kid’s Craft Room

Wow!! an amazingly unique and creative parrot made with cardboard tubes is here.  Full of colours and full of creativity. This colourful and fun craft is very easy to make for kids of any age. Materials like cardboard tubes, acrylic paint, coloured paper, googly eyes, pinking shears, tape, stapler, scissors and glue are required. This craft will help your kids to develop their motor skills and will brush up their minds.

Parrot Bird Craft Idea Using Cardboard

Parrot Cardboard Craft For Kids Parrot Bird Craft Idea Using Cardboard

Image Source/Tutorial: Etsy

Here comes another set of unique and beautiful cardboard parrot crafts for kids. These colourful parrots are made only with the use of colourful cardboard, construction paper, glue and scissor. Easy to make for preschool kids. Though they might need some assistance while cutting the cardboard in a proper way. They will definitely love this. So don’t wait anymore and start making this with your kids.

Cardboard Roll Parrot Craft

Cardboard Roll Parrot Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Thiscraftyfamily

Here comes next another colourful and feathery parrot made with cardboard roll. Looking so much pleasing to the eye and adorable at the same time. Very simple and easy to make with kids. Your kids will definitely like it and will have a good amount of fun while making this. This cardboard roll parrot is a good piece to decorate your room or balcony. All you need is yellow and orange paper, marker, glue, scissor and some colourful feathers. For a full tutorial visit Thiscraftyfamily.

How To Make Twirling Parrot Craft Out Of Cardboard

Parrot Cardboard Craft For Kids How To Make Twirling Parrot Craft Out Of Cardboard

Image Source/Tutorial: Iheartcraftythings

Colours and colours everywhere. These colourful twirling parrot crafts are looking so much pleasing to the eye. You can make this easily with your kids. All you need to make this is cardboard, construction paper, glue, scissor or craft knife, googly eyes, paint and white string. A very fun craft to make. This craft could be the best companion to your room’s wall by adding an extra touch of colour and beauty. For full tutorial visit Iheartcraftythings.

Cardboard Roll Parrot Craft Idea For Kids

Cardboard Roll Parrot Craft Idea For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Wow! The cutest one till now. A mini cardboard roll parrot craft for your kids. Looking so much adorable and alluring to the eyes. Very easy and fun to make with kids. These types of crafts are helpful for kids to brush up on their creative thoughts and imagination. All you need to make this is a cardboard roll, crepe paper, coloured Craft paper, scissors, glue, marker, pencil, colourful feathers and googly eyes. Visit Artsy Craftsy Mom for a full step-by-step tutorial.

Recycled Cardboard Parrot Craft Idea

Parrot Cardboard Craft For Kids Recycled Cardboard Parrot Craft Idea

Image Source/Tutorial: Super Make It

We always find our rooms filled with cardboard boxes of gifts during occasions which we usually throw out in the dustbin or put to some other use. So here we are an amazing idea for you to use your cardboard boxes to make parrot crafts in a more creative and lucid way. They are so much memorising and filling the wall with colours and beauty. Apart from cardboard, other things you made need are glue scissors, paint, pipe cleaner, construction paper and a lollipop. For a full tutorial visit, Super Make It.

DIY Parrot Cardboard House

DIY Parrot Bird Cardboard House

Image Source/Tutorial: Canson

So cute! Isn’t it? So much adorable and colourful. Best DIY parrot to decorate your home. This is very easy to make with kids. All you need is tissue paper of different colours, cardboard, black dot stickers, glue, scissor and string. So don’t wait anymore and start making this colourful DIY parrot with your kids. If you want the full tutorial do visit Canson.

How to Make Cardboard Tube Bird Feeder

Parrot Cardboard Craft For Kids How to Make Cardboard Tube Bird Feeder

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Here comes the most awaited stuff to make especially for parrots, a cardboard tube feeder. This is very easy and fun to make with your kids by using a toilet paper roll. All you need is Peanut butter cover the cardboard roll with peanut butter and then roll it in seeds or bird feed mix. After this hung it on a tree with a rope where your kids can keep an eye on birds when landing on the feeder. Go and check Crafty Morning for the full tutorial.

Easy Cardboard Parrot Craft

Easy Cardboard Parrot Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: The Itsy-Bitsy Mom

Last but not the least, a very simple and easy-to-make cardboard parrot craft for kids. Adorable and full of colours. A very fun activity for kids to involve in. All they need is cardboard, glue, scissors and crafts paint. Through this craft, kids will get a better idea about the use of colours and will help them recognise different kinds of parrots with versatile colours. While making this kids would definitely need some help and guidance in cutting and painting the cardboard. For full steps of making do visit The Itsy-Bitsymom.

Thank you for visiting our website. Do check some other art and craft-related articles for more such amazing and creative craft-making ideas for your kids

We hope you like our list of Parrot Carboard Crafts For Kids and will surely try to make them. If you liked our parrot cardboard crafts, read more craft ideas at our website. Please let us know in the comment section which Parrot Cardboard Crafts you like the most.

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