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Fun to Make Kids Scooter With Plastic Straws Step-by-step Tutorial

Fun to Make Kids Scooter With Plastic Straws Step-by-step Tutorial

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Fun to Make Kids Scooter With Plastic Straws Step-by-step Tutorial

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Build a cool scooter for your kids with just a few plastic straws! This tutorial will show you how to make it in an easy and fun way.

In this comprehensive guide, we will demonstrate the process of crafting a charming and entertaining children’s scooter using basic materials such as plastic straws. Get ready to embark on an imaginative journey as we walk you through each step of creating this playful scooter that is sure to bring smiles to children’s faces. Brace yourself for an exciting and gratifying adventure as we set off on this artistic expedition.

Kids Scooter With Plastic Straws

Fun to Make Kids Scooter With Plastic Straws Step-by-step Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • Bendable straws
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorative beads


Step 1: Cut The Straw

Cut The Straw-Creating a children's scooter with plastic straws, a step-by-step guide

For making wheels, we need the wrinkly part of the straw. Cut out the wrinkly part from four straws.

Step 2: Make a Circle

Make a Circle- Learn how to assemble a kid's scooter using plastic straws

The wrinkly part that you cut out earlier, is to be shaped in a circle.

Step 3: Make Some Wheels

Make Some Wheels- Crafting a scooter for children out of plastic straws instructions included

Glue both ends of the wrinkly parts of the straw cutouts in order to make a circle. In between the circle, stick a piece of straw to maintain the circular shape of your wheel. Now, on a piece of straw paste your wheels, one on each end.

Step 4: Make The Handle

Make The Handle- Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make a scooter with plastic straws for kids

On one of your wrinkly parts of the straw, stick a straight part of the straw such that, both parts are at 90 degrees with each other.

Step 5: Front Wheels

Front Wheels- Construction of a scooter for youngsters using plastic straws a detailed guide

Attach the pair of wheels you made earlier, on the other end, of the straight part of your previously used straw.

Step 6: More Parts To Attach

More Parts To Attach- How to make a scooter for kids with plastic straws a how-to guide

You will need to connect the front wheels and back wheels of your scooter. Connect them by using a pair of straws.

Step 7: Back Wheels Connected

Back Wheels Connected-Here's how to build a kid's scooter with plastic straws - step-by-step instructions

With the help of a pair of straws, we have now connected the front and back wheels.

Step 8: Complete The Scooter

Complete The Scooter- Make a scooter for kids with plastic straws - a step-by-step tutorial

On the front, horizontally, attach a small part of the straw.

Step 9: Headlight

Headlight- A guide to constructing a children's scooter with plastic straws

A scooter has a headlight right in the middle. For the headlight, attach a bright, shiny, beautiful bead, right in the middle.

Now, Ready to Ride

Now, Ready to Ride- Learn to construct a kid's scooter with plastic straws a tutorial

This brings us to the end of our tutorial. As we move forward, let us embrace the endless possibilities and imaginative delights that lie ahead! The Fun to Make Kids Scooter With Plastic Straws Step-by-Step Tutorial has not only opened the door to more thrilling crafting adventures but has also sparked within children an appreciation for the elegance of simplicity and the happiness found in creating. Let them march ahead on their explorations, fueled by their imaginations and equipped with the skill to create marvels using their own two hands. Here’s to joyous crafting endeavors!

Try out this activity and tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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