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Colorful Pumpkin Seed Crafts for Kids

Colorful Pumpkin Seed Crafts for Kids

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Colorful Pumpkin Seed Crafts for Kids

With these selected pumpkin seed crafts for kids, you can turn seeds into beautiful crafts like flowers, decorating items, jewellery, frames and much more!

Let’s be a Hogwarts student of art craft and learn about doing magic-using seeds of pumpkin today. It is sure that not everybody likes pumpkin. Some people like pumpkin, some people unlike pumpkin and some people hate pumpkin.

No matter you like a pumpkin or not, the seed of pumpkin I’m sure you will like not because you have to eat it but because in today’s article you will learn how to create crafts using those seeds of pumpkins.

Pumpkin Seed Crafts for Kids

A Seed Border Frame

seed border frame

  • Take a white and black chart paper. Cut the white chart paper in the shape of a square.
  • Cut the black chart paper in the shape of a rectangle. Now place the white chart paper in the middle.
  • Use the black chart paper to form a rectangle frame by placing it on the borderline of the white paper.
  • Take some dry pumpkin seeds. Colour them using some of your favorite choice of colors.
  • Let them be for some time. In the meantime take some small cherry-like fruit or anything you like. Place it in the border.
  • After placing, take those dry pumpkin seeds and place them around the cherry-like structure using gum/glue or anything that will play as an upper hand in attaching those to the black chart paper frame.
  • Use some carved up chart paper. Roll them to form curls.
  • Place them as shown in the picture. Your border frame is ready.

The Pumpkin Seed Flower Vase

pumpkin seed flower vase

  • Take some straw, clay, a flower pot and some dry pumpkin seeds.
  • Mould the clay to form a middle part of your pumpkin seeds.
  • After moulding the clay, use the pumpkin seeds and attach them to the clay.
  • Use a straw to form a stem of the crafty flower.
  • Attach the straw to the base of the pumpkin seeds bearing clay.
  • After attaching the straw to the clay, place it in the flower vase.
  • Do the same with other straws, clays, pumpkin seeds and fill your flower vase.

The Seed Bird

Seed bird - Pumpkin Seed Crafts for Kids

  • Coat some dry pumpkin seeds with solid white color. Draw a outline of a bird and the nest and some border outline if you please.
  • Take some black beans and some brown mustered beans.
  • Make a nest with the beans and some sticks as shown in the photo.
  • Use the white colored beans to form the bird. Now, take black beans to form the eye and the feathers.
  • Use brown beans to form the mouth region of the bird. Your seed bird is ready.

The Seed Flower

Flower - Pumpkin Seed Crafts for Kids

  • Take some dry pumpkin seeds, a ribbon. Color those dry pumpkin seeds with pastel reds.
  • Use 6-9 pumpkin seeds and color them with a white solid color. Turn red pumpkin seeds to form the petals.
  • Make three-four layers of petals to form an evolving fresh flower.
  • Use those white colored seeds to form the mid part of the flower.
  • Now, use ribbons and attach them to the handmade flowers.
  • And now since your flowers are ready, hang them to the wall with the help of those extended ribbons.

A Sun Cum Seed Flower

sun cum seed flower

  • Use a blank white chart paper. Take some dry pumpkin seeds and color them pastel yellow.
  • For the black region of the flower, you may use something crusty or go for a simple black chart paper.
  • Now place the black chart paper. Surround the chart paper with yellow colored pumpkin seeds.
  • Voila, your sun-cum-seed flower is ready to be displayed.

The Seed Mandala

seed mandala for home decor

  • Take lots and lots of pumpkin seeds and some wheat crops.
  • Color some pumpkin seeds in cream and color some in brown.
  •  Use some of the cream-coloured seeds to form a circular border as shown in the photo.
  • Use the rest of the seeds to form the petals of flowers.
  • Now, use the brown seeds to form the middle part of the flower.
  • Use the wheat crops to decorate the sides as shown.
  • You can use some pumpkin seeds as well to form the shape of wheat just like demonstrated in the photo.

The Seed Oriented Flowers

seed oriented flowers

  • This is very easy. Take some seeds of the pumpkin.
  • Color them green, blue, purple, red.
  • Use a cardboard-like structure. Paste those colored seeds on the cardboard.
  • And place a circular object in between the petals of the flower to form a complete evolved flower. Your flower is ready

The Seed Frame Of A Leaf

seed frame of a leaf 

  • Take cardboard. Cut it in frame size. Paint it solid white.
  • Take some dry pumpkin seeds. Place it on the cardboard.
  • Take a white chart paper. Cut out an outline of a leaf. Draw the leaf.
  • Take another white chart. Place the drawn leaf on the white chart paper.
  • Now take your pumpkin seed frame. Place it on the leaf.
  • Hence your crafty seed frame is ready for people to be displayed.

The Seed Parrot And The Frame

seed parrot and the frame

  • Take a blue chart paper to form a blue background.
  • Take some dry pumpkin seeds and color most of them in white, cream and color few of the green, black, orange, light orange.
  • Take some sticks to form branches for the parrot to sit and for the leaves to seem grow.
  • Now use those white seeds to form a parrot. Use some black and white buttons to form the eyes of the parrot.
  • Use an orange seed to form the nose of the parrot.
  • Now use the other sticks to form the branches by sticking them to the chart paper.
  • Use the brown, green and light orange seeds to form the leaves. You can use a marker to make the margin of the leaves
  • Now place them in a photo frame. Your craft is ready

The Seed Rainbow

Rainbow - Pumpkin Seed Crafts for Kids

  • This craft is absolutely easy to make. Just take some seeds of the pumpkin.
  • Color them red, orange, light red, green, dark blue. Make a mini-cluster using the dark blue colored seeds.
  • Surround those dark blue colored seeds with some green color seeds.
  • Now around those green color seeds, place orange color seeds in a rainbow shape.
  • Make a rainbow shaped again but this time with light red colored pumpkin seeds.
  • Now at last place red colored seeds around those light red colored pumpkin seeds. Now you are officially done with the craft

The Tree From The Seeds

tree from the seeds

  • Take a bundle of dry seeds. Paint some in green, yellow, orange colors. Leave some seeds un-colored.
  • Use the non-colored seeds to form the stem and the branches.
  • Now use the green color seeds to form the leaves.
  • Following the green color seeds, use yellow, orange, red colored seeds respectively to form a bunch of leaves of the tree.
  • After doing all of the above, you can see a tree made from seeds.

The Autumn Tree Made Up Of Seeds

autumn tree made up of seeds

  • To make a tree of autumn season, color the seeds with good orange.
  • Take some mini black seeds to form a tree and the branches respectively.
  • Now take a white chart paper. Settle those black seeds and make a tree and it’s branches and it’s roots.
  • Fill the branches with orange colored seeds that will play the role of leaves.
  • Now color the surrounding of the roots with green to make the ground of the earth.
  • Fill the rest upper part of the chart paper with light blue crayon to make the sky. Your craft is ready now.

Say Hello To The Pumpkin Made From Its Very Seeds

Say hello to the pumpkin made from its very seeds

  • Let’s make a pumpkin from the seeds of pumpkin but on a chart paper and not on the ground by burying the seeds.
  • Draw an outline of the pumpkin as shown and take some seeds of a real pumpkin. Color them in orange.
  • Color few seeds in green to make leaves and trunk part.
  • Now place them on their suited position respectively, as shown in the photo. You are done.

Make Some Other Decorations With The Seeds

Make some other decorations with the seeds

  • Take some straws and some seeds and color those seeds with good white color.
  • Now, take two straws to fill either side with an equal number of seeds to form a shape of wheat crip.
  • Take some clay and attach some seeds to it to form an erect flower and connect it to a straw.
  • Attach some seeds to the straw in a bunch to form a clustered flower.
  • Take some seeds and attach them in layers to form a layer filled flower in the shape of a rose.

So, that’s how seeds can be a part of your very crafty art. All you need is some creative thinking. But in this article, We have provided you with some ideas so that you don’t stress much and therefore the instructions are also given below each image. So, don’t unsee those pumpkin seeds. Rather collect them and if it is in your power burrow some of them from your neighbours as well and start your craft and use those hands to create some crafty oriented magic.

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FAQ’s on Colorful Pumpkin Seed Crafts for Kids

1. What supplies are needed for pumpkin seed crafts?

Answer: You will need pumpkin seeds, paint, paintbrushes, glue, and other craft supplies such as sequins, buttons, glitter, and more.

2. What kinds of crafts can be made with pumpkin seeds?

Answer: Anything you can imagine! You can make jewelry, decorations, toys, and more.

3. How long do pumpkin seed crafts take to make?

Answer: It depends on the complexity of the craft. Simple crafts can take as little as 10 minutes, while more complex projects can take up to an hour.

4. Are pumpkin seed crafts safe for young children?

Answer: Yes! Pumpkin seed crafts are very safe for children as long as they are supervised while using scissors and other craft supplies.

5. Is there a specific way to prepare the pumpkin seeds?

Answer: Yes. The pumpkin seeds should be washed and dried before use. If desired, the pumpkin seeds can be toasted or boiled before use.

6. What colors of paint should be used for pumpkin seed crafts?

Answer: Any colors you like! You can use acrylic paint, watercolor paint, or even food coloring.

7. Can pumpkin seed crafts be used as decorations?

Answer: Yes! Pumpkin seed crafts can be used to decorate your home, office, or even your Christmas tree.

8. Are there any helpful tips for making pumpkin seed crafts?

Answer: Yes! Use sheets of wax paper or parchment paper to help keep your work area clean and organized.

9. Can pumpkin seed crafts be used as gifts?

Answer: Absolutely! Pumpkin seed crafts are unique and can make unique and thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

10. Are there any specific rules for storing pumpkin seed crafts?

Answer: Yes. Pumpkin seed crafts should be stored in an airtight container and away from direct sunlight.

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