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Adorable Snail Drawing Step by step Tutorial For Kids

Adorable Snail Drawing Step by step Tutorial For Kids


Adorable Snail Drawing Step by step Tutorial For Kids

This adorable snail drawing tutorial will help you with how to draw an easy snail, this tutorial is useful for kids with basic drawing skills.

Welcome to this snail drawing tutorial! In this tutorial, we going to teach you how to draw an adorable snail drawing with step-by-step instructions. This snail drawing tutorial is suitable for kids of all ages and beginners. With some basic drawing skills, you can draw this easy snail drawing very easily by yourselves.

Easy To Make Snail Drawing For Kids

 Adorable Snail Drawing Step by step Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • White sheet
  • Coloring markers


Step 1: Drawing Circle On White Sheet Using Black Marker

Drawing Circle On White Sheet Using Black Marker- Endearing Snail Sketching Guide for Children Step by Step

Grab your black marker and draw a perfect circle in the middle of your white sheet, you can use a compass to draw a perfect circle. Just fix your pencil in the compass and draw a 4 cm circle in the middle of a white sheet, then draw the outline on that circle with a black marker.

Step 2: Drawing The Snail’s Body And Eyes

Drawing The Snail's Body And Eyes- Step Wise Guide to Create a Cute Snail Drawing For Kids

Start to draw a snail’s body, draw a wavy line below the circle and make sure the left side of that line should be sharp and the right should be blunt, then draw a curvy line from the top-right side of your circle and join it with the wavy line. At the left side of the wavy line draw one more small line that connects with a circle. Then draw two eyes above the snail’s head and draw 2 lines to connect them with the snail’s body as shown in the image.

Step 3: Drawing Snail’s Mouth And Hands

Drawing Snail's Mouth And Hands- Stepwise Instructions to Draw an Adorable Snail for Children

Draw a spiral in that circle to make a snail shell, then draw upward facing a small curvy line under the eyes for the mouth. Draw two hands for your snail as shown in the image, lastly, draw an oval around your snail to draw a long leaf.

Step 4: Drawing Balloons, Flowers, And Leaves Around The Snail

Drawing Balloon, Flowers And Leaves Around Snail- Step by Step Directions for Kids to Create a Lovable Snail Drawing

As shown in the image, draw some flowers and leaves around your snail. Draw a small oval-shaped balloon above your snail and draw a lengthy line from the balloon to the snail’s hand as shown. As in the image draw a straight line in the middle on the longleaf under your snail and also draw some sloppy lines up and down that straight line to make it look like a leaf.

Finishing Snail Drawing With Coloring

Finishing Snail Drawing With Coloring- Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Sweet Snail for Little Ones

Now, grab all your color markers and start to put a red color for all flowers, yellow for the flower’s pollen. Put green color for all the leaves and pink color for the balloon. Also, color red on the snail’s shell and put peach color on the snail’s body, don’t forget to draw blush using a pink marker and that’s all we have finished our cute snail drawing.

Hope this step-by-step snail drawing tutorial would be helpful for you, share your thoughts about this tutorial in the comment section. Visit more projects on our website.

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