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Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities for Kids

DIY and Crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities for Kids

Bring the Thanksgiving spirit to life with these fun and creative crafts and activities for kids. With these projects, your children will enjoy creating unique decorations and learning about the holiday.

Let’s curate mind-blowing and enthusiastic crafts this Thanksgiving season. It’s the day when we all thank for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year. With lots of food, drinks, and goodies everybody celebrates the day with friends, families, and kids. It’s the most prestigious and autonomous day of the year. Lots of work to do, prepare food, do decorations, and arrangements what about the kids? Don’t let them get bored while you work, assign them these beautiful crafts so that they can utilize their time while waiting for the food to be prepared.

If you’re searching for thanksgiving crafts & activities for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of thanksgiving crafts & activities like popsicle stick turkey craft, thanksgiving windsock craft, frame crafting, thumbprint craft, pom craft, handprint and footprint turkey craft, paper plate turkey craft, feather letter thanksgiving craft, fall wreath, leaf turkey craft, pumpkin turkey craft on thanksgiving, candy cornucopia thanksgiving craft, and toilet paper roll turkey craft.

The crafts mentioned here are scarecrows, thanksgiving turkey, wreaths, paper pumpkins, and turkey with handprinted feathers. Kids will explore many art techniques while making the crafts, they will develop fine motor and sensory skills that will enhance their hand and mind coordination. Come-on! With the kids, let’s start!

Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities For Kids

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Roll Paper Pumpkin Craft

Thanksgiving Roll Paper Pumpkin Crafts & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: One Creative Mommy

This is a lot simple as it looks. The little ones are gonna enjoy the process of making this craft. The requirements are little orange paper strips, glue, and scissors. Kids can make the rolls and then assemble the rolls to make the pumpkin. Suitable for kids of all age groups.

Paper plate Craft With Handprint Feathers

Paper plate Craft With Handprint Feathers

Image Source/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts

These cars are the perfect idea that you and your child can craft on Thanksgiving. If your kid also loves cars then this is the craft to excite their love. The craft is made using a half paper plate, paper circles, and handprint feathers. The most flashing thing is those feathers. Suitable for kids of age 4 and above.

Cardboard Pilgrim Hat Craft

Thanksgiving Cardboard Pilgrim Hat Craft & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Family Fun

The fun you can do this Thanksgiving is making this Pilgrim hat craft. The craft is best for kids as they will get to paint, glue, and assemble the different parts. Toilet paper rolls are not a big deal, so let’s make this craft.

Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft

Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: About A Mom

Enjoy your holiday on Thanksgiving with lots of food and making new crafts. This popsicle stick turkey craft is perfect for kids on Thanksgiving day. It’s very simple to make, just assemble some popsicle sticks and the craft is ready. Suitable for kids of age 3 and above.

Simple Hedgehog Template Craft For Kids

Simple Hedgehog Template Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Iheartcraftythings

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Autumn Tree Painting Activity

Autumn Tree Painting Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Projects With Kids

Best craft for the fall season when you are high with thanksgiving enjoyment. Make your kids learn amidst the beautiful environment. Make them paint this autumn tree that represents the autumn season when trees shed their leaves. This activity is perfect for kids of all ages.

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkin Craft & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

Craft for kids to a refined and the most favorite things about Thanksgiving. Make this pumpkin out of Krispie rice. These are easy to make and a fun treat for your kids on Thanksgiving. Have a nice roll of rice Krispie pumpkins in snacks along with your kids.

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: One Sharp Bunch

This is an effortless craft for thanksgiving, and kids of all age groups can make it. The craft requires lining up the popsicle sticks in a square and painting with fresh and bright orange paint. Finish with the detailing as required.

Thanksgiving Windsock Craft For Kids

Thanksgiving Windsock Crafts & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Happiness Is Homemade

This adorable windsock craft is perfect for the thanksgiving mood. Kids will enjoy the fall and windy days watching these. Empty cans were used to construct. You can use any material like feathers, construction paper, crepe paper, leaves, etc to make them. Suitable for kids of all age groups.

Corn Harvest Craft For Kids

Corn Harvest Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This craft is perfect for the fall and Thanksgiving. Kids will learn about corn, they will know in which season is corn harvested, and they will have fun. The craft is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners, it involves cutting, gluing, and shaping. Foam is used to shape the corn and green leaves. Real corn seeds will look great.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Frame Crafting

Thanksgiving Turkey Frame Crafting & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Chirping Moms

Click pictures, set up the frame, and modify the frame into a turkey-styled theme. It is a very simple activity, just requires some feathers, googly eyes, a yellow paper beak, and photos. Your pictures for this day are gonna be memorable and the frame will always remind you of this day. The craft is suitable for kids of all age groups.

Thanksgiving Turkey Thumbprint Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Thumbprint Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: There’s Magic Out There

This is the best craft for this Thanksgiving season to make your kids busy for long. Kids will make a turkey that too with their thumb impressions. This beautiful activity promotes a child’s fine motor skills, knowing where to put the thumb impression and which pattern it has to be put on, takes effort, and correct thinking. This season, enjoy making this craft.

Corn Husk Flower Painting For Kids

Corn Husk Flower Painting thanksgiving craft & activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

This craft is best suited for the fall season, we get an abundance of corn husks, that too very easily. The corn husks can be used to craft this beautiful flower for Thanksgiving. Kids will learn how to use things for creative purposes, they will paint, stick, and arrange the corn husks to form a flower. The craft is suitable for kids age 3 and above.

Turkey Pom pom Thanksgiving Craft

Turkey Pom pom Thanksgiving Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Growing Up Gabel

Make Thanksgiving fun by exploring to craft new stuff with kids. This turkey is made by using yarn. Folding, cutting, placing and assembling the yarn to make the body and the head is gonna take some time, but it’ll be worth the effort. Kids will like this craft, as it is a type of toy for them. Much of the work will be done by you, kids can watch and play.

Handprint and Footprint Adorable Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Handprint and Footprint Adorable Turkey Thanksgiving Craft & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: A Little Pinch Of Perfect

This handprint and footprint turkey craft is super adorable to make with kids for this thanksgiving season. The craft could be hung in your home as a decorative. A little messy this activity allows you to get your little one’s hand and foot impressions. A great activity that is suitable for kids of all age groups.

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Egg Carton Turkey Craft

Egg Carton Turkey Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Living Well Mom

Make use of the old egg carton that generally lies around the house. This craft is so sustainable, exact, and easy to make that you might end up making a lot. Kids will also have fun color and gluing those egg cartons and paper feathers on the back of the turkeys. Googly eyes, beak along with wattles provides the turkey with the final touches. Have fun with your kids.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

Paper Plate Turkey Craft & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Young At Heart Mommy

This paper plate turkey craft is covered in so many bright feathers and sequins that kids will find it creative, engaging, and easy to make. The craft will not only arouse their interest in crafting but also will help them in improving their abilities. The craft is suitable for kids of all age groups.

Feather Letter Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Feather Letter Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Growing Book By Book

This is a learning craft for this Thanksgiving season that makes your kid learn the spelling of their name. The craft is simple to set up, the only requirements are the paper plate, pencil colors, and colored card stock. Each feather contains a letter from its name. The craft is suitable for kids age 3 and above.

Simple Turkey Feather Thanksgiving Craft

Simple Turkey Feather Thanksgiving Craft & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Preparing For Peanut

This is a really simple craft to make with your child for this Thanksgiving season. Making this craft is like cutting a piece of cake, and kids are gonna love the bunch of feathers that his turkey has. Place this at your dining table along with the cooked turkey and enjoy. The craft is suitable for kids of all age groups.

Handprint Pumpkin Thankgiving Craft

Handprint Pumpkin Thankgiving Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Mom Always Finds Out

Make your kids do this activity, they will know how their hands get bigger after each year. Moreover, it’s a fun activity to do when you have a lot of kids! A medium-sized pumpkin can take around four to five handprints. Using acrylic paint to color their hands the prints are achieved. Suitable for kids of all age groups.

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Fall Wreath For Thanksgiving Craft

Fall Wreath For Thanksgiving Craft & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Teaching 2 And 3-Year-Olds

A super easy wreath for the fall season, a fun keepsake to hang at your Thanksgiving get-together. Kids will be delighted to make this craft, it uses paper plates, fall leaves, paint colors, and all sorts of decorative. The craft is best for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Mini Turkey Roast Pinatas

Mini Turkey Roast Pinatas

Image Source/Tutorial: Handmade Charlotte

These little turkey pinatas would be fun to make. Better for a great get to together on Thanksgiving when all the cousins are together to enjoy. These pinatas could be filled with prizes, candy corn, and treats to serve after the feast. To make this roast you need preparation, and supplies that could be found at your home itself. So make this enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Leaf Turkey Craft For kids

Leaf Turkey Thanksgiving Craft & Activities For kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Fall comes with abundant crafting materials that too for free. The craft requires maple leaves, all the colorful maple leaves should be collected for this craft. Ask your child to color on the turkey template. They will have sticking leaves on the paper and construct this craft. The craft is suitable for kids of all age groups.

Pumpkin Turkey Craft On Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Turkey Craft On Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Growing Up Bilingual

This is a simple and fun craft to make with your kids on Thanksgiving. Using pumpkin and fall leaves, this craft could be made. Brown foam will make the head and foot of the turkey. Kids will be amazed to see how the tail is made using simple leaves. The craft is suitable for kids of all age groups.

Candy Cornocopia Thanksgiving Craft

Candy Cornocopia Thanksgiving Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Happiness Is Homemade

“The Horn of Plenty”, is a traditional symbol of the fall harvest that is closely associated with Thanksgiving. You should make this craft as horn-shaped baskets are a symbol of fulfillment and nourishment. They are often depicted as overflowing with fruits and vegetables – Or candies. It will be a heaven delight for kids with lots of learning.

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Paper Plate Scare Crow Craft For Kids

Paper Plate Scare Crow Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Messy Little Monster

This scare autumn craft is perfect for kids to make on Thanksgiving. A great activity for preschoolers to work on their fine motor skills and enthusiastic artistic skills. This scarecrow will keep all the negativity away and will let you harvest the positivity around.

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Kid Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Kid Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: The Resourceful Mama

This toilet paper roll turkey kid craft is very simple to make. Best for toddlers and preschoolers to be at home on Thanksgiving working on this craft. The roll makes the body, and tissue paper the tails. Kids will have fun assembling the craft. So make it!

That was it! The amazing crafts we explored today were one of the finest collections that you can try on the prestigious Thanksgiving day. It’s better to learn and enjoy than just eat. For more such ideas check out our next blog. Comment below to tell about the excitement kids had. We love to see you again!


1. What craft activities are suitable for Thanksgiving?

Answer: Thanksgiving crafts and activities for kids can include making Thanksgiving cards, paper turkeys, corn husk dolls, pumpkin paintings and more.

2. What age range are these activities suitable for?

Answer: These activities are suitable for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens.

3. What materials are needed for these activities?

Answer: Materials needed for these activities may include construction paper, markers, glue, scissors, popsicle sticks, corn husks, pumpkins and more.

4. What are some activities that parents can do with their kids on Thanksgiving?

Answer: Parents can do Thanksgiving crafts and activities with their kids such as making pumpkin pies, decorating a Thanksgiving tree, creating a thankful tree, making a gratitude jar, and more.

5. How can I make Thanksgiving crafts with my kids?

Answer: You can make Thanksgiving crafts with your kids by using various materials such as construction paper, markers, glue, and scissors.

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