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Upcycled Sneaker Ideas For Kids

Upcycled Sneaker Ideas For Kids

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Upcycled Sneaker Ideas For Kids

Discover creative upcycled sneaker ideas for kids with this easy guide! Learn how to turn old shoes into fun crafts and activities that the whole family can enjoy. Get inspired by our top ideas and start creating today!

It can be difficult to go through your old shoes and get rid of some pairs to make room in your wardrobe. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a pair you liked the look of but never fit correctly, or your most comfortable pair that has finally given up the ghost. However, just because you can’t wear them any longer doesn’t mean you should toss them in the trash!
People unconsciously notice your feet, according to legend. Upcycle your sneakers with some very cool solutions to show off your and your child’s individual flair. These repurposed shoe ideas are suitable for people of all ages! Yup, you read that correctly: ALL AGE GROUPS!

Upcycled Sneaker Ideas For Kids

Upcycled Sneaker Ideas For Kids

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DIY Floral Sneakers Mixed with Stripes

DIY Floral Sneakers Mixed with Stripes Upcycled Ideas For Kids - Children's Upcycled Sneaker Designs

Image Source/Tutorial: I Love To Create Blog

These DIY Floral Sneakers feature a charming floral design with stripes that are not only fashionable but also comfortable for your feet!
I’m sure you’re all swooning over all the wonderful patterned sneakers you’ve seen this spring. But, rather than buying the identical ones you see in stores, make your own, which will be more distinctive and colorful. Tulip’s fabric markers make it quite simple to accomplish! They also dry rapidly and have a little odor, which is a plus!

DIY Tie-Dye Sneakers Upcycled Ideas

DIY Tie-Dye Sneakers Upcycled Ideas for kids - Making use of Old Shoes for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: I Love To Create Blog

If you haven’t already noticed, ombre dyeing is the newest fashion trend! Fashionistas and home décor aficionados alike are drawn to the subtle color transition from bright to dark. We decided to join the trend by dying a couple pairs of plain white sneakers. We adore how colorful and lively these turned out!
What you’ll require:
Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit in Colors of Your Choice, white cotton sneakers, paintbrush, washing sink or bucket, dipping deep dish bowl, paper towel

DIY Embroidered Sneakers

DIY Embroidered Upcycled Sneakers Ideas For Kids - Reusing Shoes for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Sarastrauss

Jackets, jeans, shirts, and skirts with embroidered denim. This season, I feel like anything embroidered is acceptable. However, I’m sure you haven’t seen many embroidered or patched trainers until now!
Who wants boring sneakers when you may have some that are truly amazing? A pair of sneakers, craft or embroidery thread, a needle, and scissors are all you’ll need. You must gather the necessary tools and materials. Clean or replace your sneakers ahead of time — you’ll be handling them a lot! A needle puller and thimbles are also essential. Stitching on canvas can irritate your fingers!

Galaxy Shoes Print Upcycled Sneaker Brand

Galaxy Shoes Print Upcycled Sneaker Brand - Re-fashioning Footwear for the Young

Image Source/Tutorial: Time For Tea Beads

When your child has spent the summer at the skate park and has been in need of some new shoes. He/she has been pleading for the ever-popular “galaxy” style shoes while out shoe shopping. The trouble is that all of the ones you found were significantly more expensive than other styles, and you don’t have the financial means to purchase them. So you settled for a pair of basic skate shoes that will be ideal for the skate park. In this situation, we recommend that you modify them to look like a galaxy shoe for your child!
This is a simple and entertaining project that older children may perform on their own to dress up old shoes or customize new ones.

DIY Dyed Ikat Sneakers For Men

DIY Dyed Ikat Sneakers For Men Upcycled Ideas For Kids - Crafting Creative New Looks From Used Kicks

Image Source/Tutorial: I Love to Create

The love for Ikat endures, as evidenced by the fact that all major fashion houses and global companies are experimenting with the contemporary style of this traditional fabric. It’s due to the fabric’s adaptability. This fabric has been used for decades to create traditional and modern women’s attire, but recently, several international fashion designers and brands have been noticed experimenting with Ikat to create men’s outfits and accessories such as hats, belts, and wallets, scarves, and so on. Ikat’s insatiable need ensures that it will never go out of style.

Make some ikat sneakers if you have some tie-dye on hand. To make these artistic shoes, you don’t need to be an artist.

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Pumped Up Kicks Upcycled Sneakers

Pumped Up Kicks Upcycled Sneakers - Turning Old Shoes Into Something New for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Made on Main

Look for some simple and stylish sneakers. Keep your options to a charming floral print, navy or teal lace-less slip-on (which are equally cute but may be difficult to match with numerous outfits), or plain white girls. If you don’t want to be boring, but none of the available colors/patterns meet the criteria, go ahead and buy the white kicks.
Mark out a simple striped pattern on both shoes using grey acrylic paint and masking tape, then paint a couple of coats. When you remove the tape, you’ll see that your shoes have a nautical look to them. The image presented is the one you must copy.

Dyed Upcycled Sneaker Ideas

Dyed Upcycled  Sneaker Ideas for kids - Making the Most Out of Old Shoes For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Dream A Little Bigger

For making this dyed upcycled sneaker you need to do these things:

    • Sneakers in white
    • Tie-Dye Tulips in your favorite color
    • Wet your shoes well before dipping them in the dye.  Don’t be afraid to use lot of dye.  It goes long way.

Cover them entirely and walk them to the kitchen sink, where they should be rinsed only at the toes.  Ignore the heel completely.  Some of the colors will show through, but concentrate on the toes.

  • This is when the dyed shoe project deviates from the conventional… Normally, you would wrap the shoes tightly to keep the dye wet.
  • When wet, everything darkens, and these shoes are no exception.  Keep them out in the sun for 2-3 hours in the middle of the day. See what color is changing too.


How to Make Glitter Sneakers

How to Make Glitter Sneakers - Creating Innovative Ideas From Old Shoes For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Two Sisters Crafting

If you’re a fan of all things glitzy, the prospect of glittery shoes is likely to make your heart skip a beat. You can spend a lot of money on a pair like these or these, but did you know you can manufacture your own glitter shoes or boots at home?
All you have to do is apply a thick layer of adhesive to a part of your shoes and cover it in glitter with a little paintbrush. Allow that part to dry before proceeding to the next section, and so on, until your shoes are entirely covered in glitter!

Christmas Lights Inspired Sneakers

Giving New Life to Shoes for the Younger Generation

With these cute Christmas light sneakers, you can show your festive spirit all the way down to your toes. Make them as a unique homemade gift for a friend or family member who can’t get enough Christmas! They’re simple to make and add a nice look with Paint. Then, for a lovely finishing touch, add candy cane stripes to the bottoms!
To make polka dots, use colorful paint. Allow drying. Tape off the shoe to spray the soles when it has dried. Spray the shoe’s whole sole with white paint. Allow drying.

Splat! Diy Splatter Sneaks

Splat! Diy Splatter Sneaks - Developing Fun and Practical Ideas From Old Shoes For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Sketch 42

Isn’t this one very self-explanatory? Splatter the paint on with a bunch of thin paintbrushes and fluid acrylic paint. You can make the long stripy lines by dipping the brush in the paint and then flinging it with your wrist, or you can make the little dots by shaking the brush… If you’re feeling particularly insane, you can even squirt straight from the bottle!

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Doodle Your Style Upcycled Sneakers

Doodle Your Style Upcycled Sneakers ideas for kids - Repurposing Footwear Ideas For Little Ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Sand and Sisal

Do you find yourself sketching swirls and waves, wavy and swirls, zig-zags and spots, or patterns and designs on scrap paper while chatting on the phone? You’re probably a doodler if you do! For making this doodle upcycled shoe, first, you need to decide the doodle design you want to make on your shoes. You can take the idea from the photo shown. Now you need white pair of shoes and acrylic colors of your choice. First, design the doodle on your shoes and finish it by painting with the color of your choice.

Interchangeable Sneaker Wings

Interchangeable Sneaker Wings - Utilizing Old Shoes For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Grosgrain Fab

Have you ever wished you could have been a little light on your feet? Isn’t it self-evident? Simply add feathers to your shoes.

  1. Print your template and cut it out.
  2. To make your padded material, layer the web in between cotton fibers and press to glue the layers together.
  3. Continue on the opposite side of the batting cage.
  4. Sketch your wing design onto the fabric, then flip it over and repeat the process. You should have two images of each other’s wing patterns.
  5. Thread over the line-markings with a tiny zig-zag stitch, paying great attention to bends.
  6. Trim away any excess fabric, being careful not to cut through the stitching.
  7. Now you must note the location of the lace holes.
  8. Using your eyelet tool, create holes and fasten your eyelets where indicated.
  9. Once you’ve finished one wing, hold it against the other to mark the hole positions.
  10. As previously, punch holes and insert eyelets.

Now that you’ve laced your shoes with your wings, you’re ready to fly!

Chambray Chevron Pattern Sneakers

Chambray Chevron Pattern upgrade Sneakers ideas for kids - Transform Sneakers For Children

Image Source/Tutorial: DIY Ready

Who wouldn’t want to know how to construct their own Chevron Shoes with their own designs? We realized we had to develop an outstanding instructional as soon as a player spotted these infants. We decided to create a low-cost DIY tutorial about how to manufacture your own. Your buddies will be remorseful for going out and overspending on you! All you’ll need is a pair of ordinary canvas shoes, some cloth paint, and some patience. You’ll be showered with compliments! What’s the best part? You’ll be able to claim that you created them yourself!

Tardis Blue Sneakers

Tardis Blue upgrade Sneakers ideas for kids - Recycling Shoes Ideas For Young Ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Cooking Ala Mel

So, let’s talk about these shoes! To begin, you’ll require sneakers. You can get the rest of the things you’ll need at Walmart or another craft store. All of this can be done using acrylic paint and some extremely delicate paintbrushes. If you think it will help you feel more at ease, you can also acquire acrylic paint markers! You’ll need at least a few hours to paint them, and then you’ll need to leave them out in the open overnight after spraying them with waterproof spray.

I hope that you had a great time reading and trying to make these Upcycled Sneaker Ideas For Kids. And if you want more ideas then read more posts and let me know which drawing and fact you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

I hope you like our list of Upcycled Sneaker Ideas For Kids and will surely try to make them.
If you like our ideas and want to read more crafts ideas, Keep visiting our website for the latest DIY ideas and other creative stuff for kids, parents, and teachers. Please let us know in the comment section which Upcycled Sneaker Idea you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!


1. What materials do I need to upcycle a sneaker for kids?

You will need a pair of sneakers, a pair of scissors, fabric, glue or an adhesive of your choice, and a few other craft supplies such as markers or paint.

2. What is the best way to customize a sneaker for a kid?

You can customize a sneaker in many ways, such as adding fabric, stitching, painting, or gluing on embellishments. The best way to customize a sneaker for a kid depends on the age and interests of the individual child.

3. How do I make sure the upcycled sneaker is safe for a child to wear?

Before upcycling a sneaker, ensure all of the materials used are non-toxic and safe for a child to wear. Make sure all glue and adhesives are thoroughly dried and any fabric used is pre-washed to avoid any skin irritations.

4. What age of kid is best suited for an upcycled sneaker?

Upcycled sneakers can be tailored for any age of child, depending on their level of craft skill. However, upcycled shoes should not be worn by children under the age of three.

5. How do I ensure I get the right size when upcycling a sneaker for a kid?

To ensure you get the right size for a child, measure the child’s foot in centimeters and then compare it to the size chart of the sneaker you are upcycling.

Creating upcycled sneakers for kids is a great way to bring some fun and creativity into their wardrobes. With just a few simple materials and a little bit of time, you can easily transform an old pair of shoes into a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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