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Washi Paper Tape Art Ideas For Kids

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Washi Paper Tape Art Ideas For Kids

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If you’re searching for washi paper tape art ideas for kids to do at home, you’re in the right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of washi paper tapes art ideas like autumn tree art with washi paper tape, printed masking tape art & craft for toddlers, wall art ideas using paper plates, letter art activities for preschoolers, how to make washi tape art in heart shape, tape resist painting art idea, and DIY mirror frame art & craft idea.

Washi paper tapes are Japanese masking tapes that are available in the market in different patterns, colors, and styles. These are perfect to add little touches to your art pieces and make them look exceptional, washi tape is thin, durable, and made up of natural fibers hence these are easy to cut with scissors and make amazing craft material. These can be used to decorate journals, create page markers, can be used stickers, and decorate art pieces.

We are here with some amazing washi tape art, and you will definitely fall in love with these, washi tapes are super adorable and come in a variety of styles that kids find attractive. Make some beautiful art pieces with washi tapes with your little ones, hang these pieces in your living room and flex your kids’ artistic talent.

Making these washi paper tape will take your kids into a new world of art where they can make anything they want with these paper tapes; these are extremely easy to use and are kids friendly. So, without any further wait let’s start with our first art.

Washi Paper Tape Art Ideas For Kids

Washi Paper Tape Art Ideas For Kids

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Autumn Tree Art With Washi Paper Tape

Autumn Tree Art Ideas With Washi Paper Tape For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Artful Parent

Make some colorful and beautiful autumn trees with washi tape, these are amazing decor for this fall season, collect pretty fall leaves with your little ones then press those leaves on a stamp pad and stamp on the trees you can also stick real leaves on these washi tape trees and Viola it’s done. Check the full tutorial on Artful Parent.

Washi Tape Frames To Decorate Sketchbooks

Creative Sketchbook Art Idea Using Washi Tape

Image Source/Tutorial: Windy Iris Art

Washi tapes come in different sizes and patterns and now you can use these pretty pattern washi tapes as frames for your kid’s mesmerizing art. The best thing about these washi tape frames is that there are infinite options to choose from. You can fill your kids’ sketchbooks with these washi tapes, and these will make the sketchbooks look stunning.

Printed Masking Tape Art & Craft For Toddlers

Printed Masking Tape Art & Craft Ideas For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Artfulparent

Washi tape is thinner, more transparent, and easily removable which makes it perfect to be used in crafts. You can make these artistic and adorable washi tape crafts with your kids; they can learn more about art and these crafts will also improve their hand-eye coordination. You can make numerous arts like washi tape animals, foods and even people with these hence give it a try.

Fun Foil Art Frames Activity For Kids

Fun Foil Art Frames Activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Craft Train

If you love collecting your kids’ art pieces and decorating their room with those then you should definitely check this foil and washi tape frame. These frames are shiny and it’s super easy to draw on them hence kids will love drawing on these with their sharpie markers. Make many museums worthy arts with your little ones on these frames and decorate your sweet home. It is an ideal craft for kids of age 4 and above.

Wall Art Plates With Washi Tape

Washi Tape Wall Art Idea Using Paper Plate

Image Source/Tutorial: Art Bar Blog

Paper plates are the all-time favorite craft materials of parents as these are affordable and versatile and you can buy the bulk of these easily, here we are showing you how to make your paper plates look extra than normal ones with the help of washi tape. You can make infinite cool patterns with washi tape and when you’ll decorate plates with your kids it will boost their creativity and innovative ideas. Use these plates as wall art and make your living room exceptional. Kids of age 3 and above can make this fun craft.

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Letter Art Activity With Washi Tape

Easy Letter Art Activity For Preschoolers

Image Source/Tutorial: Domesticblissnz

This cute initial letter art is made with washi tape, this is definitely one of the easiest washi tape crafts and if it’s your little one’s first time entering into the world of washi tape arts then you can start with this, one just needs to cover the part of the canvas with washi tape in the form of initial you want to make and then give canvas to your kids so they can pour their artistic skills and then peel off the tape and it’s done. You can paint the initial of your kid’s name and put these on the doors of their room. It will also help them in learning letters.

Let’s Decorate Our Cardboard Canvas

Washi Tape Process Art Activity With Cardboard

Image Source/Tutorial: Preschool Toolkit

“A man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and this craft exactly proves it. You must be having many useless cardboards at your home and your cardboard trash is your kid’s treasure as they can use these as a canvas for this fun craft. This craft is fun to make as there is no end result to achieve and kids can decorate the cardboard any way they want, they can add washi tapes of any color or pattern of their choice, and they can add stickers and stars to make it look even more interesting, so why not make something where kids have no pressure to achieve the result.

Washi Tape Painting

Washi Tape Painting Art Idea For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Daisy Yellow Art

Seems like this art belongs to the museum, right? This is a gorgeous mask painting with tape, in this style of art the artist puts the tape on those areas of canvas where they do not want to paint, the magic of this process is revealed when we peel off the tape. The result varies based on the width and length of the tape, the technique of the artist, and the paper itself. It might look a little intimidating at first look but trust me it is super easy to make and kids age 4 or above can easily make these so do check out the step-by-step tutorial on Daisy Yellow Art.

Heart Art With Washi Tape

How To Make Washi Tape Art In Heart Shape

Image Source/Tutorial: Carmicimicata

This washi tape art is lovely, it is a beautiful piece to be used as decor for your home. Many washi tapes with different patterns and styles have been used in this art and the use of subtle and pastel colors gives it an amazing look.  You can make this with your kids and as this is a pretty unique and different art, they’ll get something new to learn, and they can enter into a new world of art.

Art Piece For Museum With Washi Tape

Beautiful Art Piece With Washi Tape

Image Source/Tutorial: Domestika

Will you trust me if I will say that this art piece is made up of washi tape? You might not believe at it first, but it is true, this beautiful and vibrant art piece is made up of washi tape of various patterns and styles and watercolors, and not just this one you can make many art pieces like this with washi tape as it is very versatile and easy to cut and use. Decorating your living room with washi tape art pieces will surely impress your guests and will make them think if you bought this from a museum.

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Washi Tape Art For Little Artists

Washi Paper Tape Art Activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Nanny Gunna

Now it’s time to make something that is easy and fun for kids, while making this art piece washi tape might stick on the fingers of your little ones or it can scrunch, and they might find it annoying, but it is a part of the process. The best part about this one is they can use every bit of their imagination to create something exceptional. There are no rules to follow the only rule is to have fun.

Don’t Resist Painting This Tape Resist Painting

Washi Tape Resist Painting Art Idea For Kindergartners

Image Source/Tutorial: The Imagination Tree

This tape resists painting is perfect for newbies, if it is your child’s first time using washi tape then you can make this tape-resist painting with your little one. It is super easy to make, one only needs to cover the part of the canvas where they don’t want the paint and it will be better if you cover the tape in a pattern so that when you remove the tape the painting can look stunning. It is a perfect art for young kids who are below the age of 7 years.

Fall Tree With Washi Tape

Fall Tree Art Idea Using Washi Tape

Image Source/Tutorial: Paper And Glue

The most alluring part of fall trees is their leaves and what if we replace those leaves with washi tape, this adorable fall tree has washi tape on its branches and that makes it unique and special. This can easily be made by kids of age group 4 to 10 years and this art piece can make a beautiful decor piece in your kids’ room. Check out the full tutorial on Paper And Glue.

Hope you liked the above crafts and would surely make some of these, making these washi tapes crafts will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, and creativity and will boost their self-confidence so what are you waiting for order some washi tapes now and start making these beautiful art pieces. For more creative and fun ideas like these visit our posts on the website and give your feedback in the comments below. Visit us again.

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