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Art Projects for 4th Grade

Art Projects for 4th Grade

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Art Projects for 4th Grade

Activities for Kids

If you’re searching for art projects for 4th grade, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of art projects for 4th grades like easy 3d line hand tutorials, fun animal crafts with a pipe cleaner, and thanksgiving turkey art.

Art Projects For 4th Grade

Art Projects for 4th Grade

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Easy 3D Line Hand Tutorials

Image Source/Tutorial: Daniels Art Work

Boost up your child’s confidence by teaching them to make this 3D line hand! Surely he/she will love to make it and show it off in their classrooms! It is so simple to make just trace the outline of your hand over a sheet of paper using a pencil and draw horizontal lines outside the outline using a black marker to give up a 3D effect over the hand draw slightly curved lines and your artwork will be ready! In minutes you can make it!

Fall Leaf Print Project For Grade 4th

Image Source/Tutorial: The Crafty Class Room

These colorful fall leaves have original color and texture, don’t they? Make this stunning fall leaf artwork project with just your fall leaves from the garden and some paint! This project is best for all grade students to show it off or to make something creative! Decorate them as you like and you can even use this hack to decorate your boring walls to brighten them up! Bring that fall season inside your room!

How To Make Q-Tip Dot Day

Image Source/Tutorial: Ms.Lumpkin’s Art Room

Learn to make those colorful circles by making dots all over! This a perfect artwork craft for your little one! It is not only simple to make but also not costly at all! With just using colorful paint, some sticks, cotton, and paper you can create this artwork at home! You can also create fabulous paintings by learning this artwork and hanging them over the wall as home decor!

Creative Optical Art Tricks For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: A Messy Art Room

Whoa! Look at this astonishing artwork! Trick everyone with this optical art by making 2D art that will appear in 3D! You can make it in minutes Using easy supplies like crayons and sketch pens! Isn’t it amazing? We know that’s why we brought this for you from A Messy Art Room to let you flaunt in front of everyone! Put this artwork over the wall and let everyone get lost in it!

Peacock Feathers From Colored Pencil Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Itty Bitty

Peacock feathers! Everyone is so crazy about them! Why won’t they be? Just have a look at this artwork the peacock feathers are colorful and the texture is so beautiful! We can say the peacock is one of the most beautiful creations of nature! Learn to make this artwork in minutes by using just pencil colors and demonstrate it to everybody like an artist!

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Tessellations Craft Simple Lessons For Grade 4th

Image Source/Tutorial: Carden

Teach to make this tessellation artwork to your little one! You can create more beautiful, creative, and unique tessellation artworks by using this one as a reference! Your imagination is the limit! This artwork will surely bring a smile to your kid’s face and will also keep the little artist motivated towards exploring his/her inner creativity!

Fun Animal Crafts With Pipe Cleaner

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft Be 9

Cute little animals just by a pipe cleaner?!! Yes, you heard it right! Create your own little animal with us only by using pipe cleaners! You can also create a little zoo of your own and play with it! This is a perfect way to develop your kid’s fine motor skills and it also helps in keeping the kids away from the screen for hours by playing with their own little animals!

Chemistry Art Lessons For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Blue Fly Studio

Do you want to shock everyone with cool science artwork? Then this is the perfect fit! Unlike all science experiments, this is not at all costly and can be done with just paint, water, paper, and the key element salt that’s it! Create this cool artwork in minutes and flaunt it in front of your friends and family! You will also get to the knowledge of science with it, an educational art!

How To Make Paper Origami Dragon

Image Source/Tutorial: Art For Kids Hub

Kiddos love to play with toys so we brought you this amazing origami dragon which your kids will surely love! All you need is origami paper you can create your own toy to play with! Make these amazing dragons of different colors and sizes and rock on! Also, teach your friends to make them, and then all of you can have a dragon fight just like the one in How to train your dragon!

Kindness Rock Painting Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Source Point

Make your kiddos learn about positivity with these kindness rocks! They are perfect for making the day meaningful using some creativity! Your kids will have an impact on this creative artwork and will value morals and ethics! Decorate these in their rooms to make them feel proud and also provide a daily positive motivation when they look at it! Stay positive!

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Simple Graffiti Art Projects For 4th Grade

Image Source/Tutorial: Art Land

Everybody is definitely crazy about graffiti artwork! And do you want to bang on showing off your graffiti artwork to your friends and family? We know you do, so this amazing graffiti artwork will do the work for you! Learn to draw your name fabulously and frame it in your room! All you need are the most basic supplies i.e. sketch pens and a paper and you will surely rock this artwork with your own hands!

Thanksgiving Turkey Art For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Createful Kids

This Thanksgiving make this beautiful and colorful turkey on your own and flaunt it in front of your family! This tutorial will teach you to paint a turkey in minutes and like a pro! Look at those colorful feathers and the blue body of this realistic turkey! You will need acrylic paint and paper or canvas for this artwork! You can also gift this artwork to your loved ones on Thanksgiving to make them feel special!

Fun Line Landscape Painting Ideas  For Home

Image Source/Tutorial: Sarah

Whoa! Look at this beautiful and unique drawing! The textures in this landscape are beautifully done! This artwork is the perfect way to enhance the creativity within you and will surely help to develop your art skills! Make this fantastic artwork project and score the best in your class! This may look a little bit complicated but trust us with this tutorial it will be a piece of cake!

Coffee Filter Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Bins

Stun everyone by making these lovely eye-catchy flowers by just using coffee fillers, sketch pens, and pipe cleaners! This craft can be a wonderful home decor! You can make these realistic flowers in no time with the help of this tutorial! You can also make these flowers in different colors as you like! Put them in a vase or hang them over the wall to brighten it up! This craft will surely bring a smile to everyone’s face!

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Easy Fish Drawing: Art For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Mr.Jhonson

You can teach your little one to make this fish drawing to explore the little artist within themselves! Develop your kid’s fine motor skills and make them feel proud of their artwork! Using a black marker and a white sheet of paper you can make this artwork and afterward, you can color it of your own choice!

Landscape Drawing For Small Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Toy Toons

Make this easy landscape drawing and show it off to your friends and family! This colorful drawing can be made by a child of any grade in minutes by using some easily accessible supplies like sketch pens and paper! You can learn to shade in this way with the help of this tutorial and you can also give this painting your touch to make it unique by using different shades of colors, your imagination is the limit!

Kandinsky Tree Art Lessons

Image Source/Tutorial: Admire Design

This Wassily Kandinsky Artwork is an admirable drawing that you can make! The circles’ composition is a composition of the year 1926! Learn to make this unique historic artwork with us and also stun everyone with its origin! These colorful circles can be made of different colors and sizes as you like! Hang it over your wall to intensify the attractiveness over your wall!

How To Draw a Bird

Image Source/Tutorial: Art For Kids Hub

Learn to draw this amazing Native American bird to enhance your creativity and knowledge in minutes! Kids love to explore the things they make, you can increase their knowledge with this bird and teach them about America! This bird also looks like it’s gleaming due to its color choice of it, the blue color dignifies the bird’s appearance and structure!

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Spongebob Squarepants Art Lessons

Image Source/Tutorial: Art For Kids Hub

Are you a fan of Spongebob square pants? If yes, then this artwork is the best artwork you will ever make to make you happy! By using sketch colors and white paper you can make this amazing artwork that will gleam in your artwork collections! Learn to draw your SpongeBob like a pro!

Easy Paper Weaving Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Crazy Art Class

Make your own paper-weaving craft in minutes! With just 4 easily accessible supplies i.e. 2 pieces of paper, scissors, and a ruler! You can also laminate this craft and convert it into a table matt! Make this paper-weaving craft of different colors! This craft is also full of fine motor skills as weaving is not an easy task!

I hope you like our list of  Art Projects for 4th Grade and will surely try to make them. If you like our ideas and want to read more crafts ideas, Keep visiting our website for the latest DIY ideas and other creative stuff for kids, parents, and teachers. Please let us know in the comment section which Art Project you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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