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Creative Activities For Toddlers

Creative Activities For Toddlers

Kids Activities

Creative Activities For Toddlers

Activities for Kids

As every mother knows, it’s difficult to keep your child entertained for lengthy lengths of time. Children’s attention spans are famously short, making it difficult for their caregivers or parents to relax. If you want some time to yourself while also helping your child progress, having some activities planned for your child is extremely important.

Children’s activities must be carefully chosen because what they do throughout their formative years determines a large part of their mental and intellectual development. A brain-working workout that also intellectually stimulates the youngster can have a significant impact on their development. As a result, it is critical that parents carefully select the activities that their children participate in.

If you are in search of some good activities for your kids then you arrived at the right place. We have some activities for you and your kid!

Creative Activities For Toddlers

Creative Activities For Toddlers

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Super Easy Sensory Play Activities For Toddlers

Super Easy Sensory Play creative Activities For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun A Home With Kids

Please be careful while performing this activity with your toddlers, it requires constant supervision. Add a piece or two of ice to a container and offer it to your baby to explore while he or she is on the ground on a mat or towel, or in a high chair. If they’re hesitant, show them how to touch it and/or shake it about in the container. You can also persuade them to sample a bite.

Water Tray Play Activities For 2-Years-Old

Water Tray Play Activities For 2-Years-Old

Image Source/Tutorial: Learn with Play at Home

Through this activity, your baby is learning fine motor skills, coordination, the things that float, eye tracking, and many more things.

Fill baby’s high chair tray with around 1cm (or less) of water and allow him or her to touch and play with it. The water is scarcely visible to Baby, yet it is there. It’s time to take a closer look. Baby enjoys splashing about! This is a study of water’s properties. Add a few milk bottle caps to the mix. Like a small air-hockey table, they float and glide across the surface. Grasping the milk bottle tops can be difficult because touching them causes them to float away quickly.

Re-use Lysol lid Activity For Preschoolers

Re-use Lysol lid creative Activity For Preschoolers

Image Source/Tutorial: Dabbling Momma

It’s time to repurpose and reconsider items that are about to be discarded. The lids on the Lysol containers are one of the items that can be reused. They’re the ones with the flip-up lids that ‘click’ into place when you close them.
You can create Tiffany a car out of a cardboard box and traffic lights out of the lids. Toddlers enjoy flip books in which they can raise a flap to see what’s underneath. These books encourage participation in learning while also assisting the youngster, similar to a game of peek-a-boo. These Lysol lids resemble book flaps in appearance.

DIY Sensory Ball Activity For 2-Years-Old

DIY Sensory Ball Activity For 2-Years-Old

Image Source/Tutorial: School Time Snippets

A child’s first three years of life are a period of fast growth and development. As children go from infants to toddlers to preschoolers, they have the ability to process large volumes of data and turn it into useful knowledge about the world.
These squishy, softballs can also be used as a sensory education aid to help children learn about size and color.

Fine Motor Skills Activities For Kids

Fine Motor Skills creative Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Laly Mom

When you’re looking for a fun activity for your kids, Velcro rollers are ideal! It helps to strengthen your child’s finger and hand muscles. Your 15-month-old will be able to squeeze, pull, stack, and investigate it, while your 3-year-old will appreciate a new material to build with and manipulate.

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Edible Sand Activity For Toddlers

Edible Sand Activity For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Happily Ever Mom

What if you don’t have any sand? Why not get the kids involved in making this taste-safe play sand?
We don’t want to encourage the children to consume sand. However, because this is created using household goods, you won’t have to worry about a small child sampling a smidgeon.
This “sand” can be eaten.
However, it isn’t so high in salt or sugar that the baby will want to keep eating it. There is no need for a blender. It has a nice feel that small fingers would like.
Like moon sand, it keeps its shape well, so you can create little “castles” out of measuring cups. And I’m guessing you already have both of these ingredients in your pantry.

DIY Sensory Board Activity Idea For Toddlers

DIY Sensory Board creative Activity Idea For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun at Home with Kids

For quite some time, your baby has been busy exploring the world around him. He had been absorbing in everything through his senses since he could open his eyes and take his first breath. They are enthralled by the new sensations they are having on a daily basis, from seeing and hearing to touching and tasting. However, we must ensure that they are exposed to a sufficient number of these sensations.

We can provide kids with more opportunities to touch and feel new things in a variety of ways. Creating sensory or busy boards is one of them!
Making a sensory board also helps to keep the items on the board in place, reducing the chance of your baby or toddler putting something in their mouth. If there are any objects that could cause choking, you should still keep a watchful eye on them.

Homemade Fingerpaint Activity For Toddlers

Homemade Fingerpaint Activity For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun At Home With Kids

If your child is tiny enough to eat a little of whatever paint you’re using, try this Homemade Edible Paint.

Buy plain yogurt. Despite the fact that it was edible, it was an excellent teaching paint because the flavor was not one you’d want to try more than once! Add a few drops of food coloring and stir thoroughly. You’ll have lovely delicious finger paint on your hands!
Make your own green by mixing half a packet of yellow Lemonade with half a packet of blue Blue Raspberry. The colors are bright and colorful, and the yogurt is silky smooth and shiny.

DIY Tugging Box Activity For fine motor

DIY Tugging Box creative Activity For fine motor

Image Source/Tutorial: Laughing Kids Learn

Give a toddler a package of Kleenex or baby wipes, and you can bet they’ll be all over the floor in seconds. It is a natural response for a toddler to pull on items and observe what occurs. They also continue to test theories and experiments no matter how many times they get the same result.

Make a tugging box with this in mind. It’s quite easy to make at home, and it’ll keep your child occupied and learning through play in no time.

Creative Kicking Newborn Play Activity

Creative Kicking Newborn Play Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Can Do Kiddo

Kicking their legs is a simple technique for babies to play in the first four months. Kicking is beneficial to both the body and the mind. It helps to develop the leg muscles. Promotes learning of cause and effect in play activities.
You can purchase yourself several days of helium balloon kicking entertainment for your child! Tie a balloon around each ankle loosely and watch your baby’s face light up as he kicks his feet.

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Fun Cardboard Activity For 2-Years-Old

Fun Cardboard creative Activity For 2-Years-Old

Image Source/Tutorial: Meri Cherry

If you are looking for some fun cardboard activities then try out these amazing ideas. This is the most interesting and requires the most thought.
A long, slender boat was in one of the boxes. Another box contained a sensory board with rainbow-colored rice packets. One box was taped up and cut out in different forms for investigation, while the other was wrapped in ribbon strands.

DIY Snowman Toy Activity For Toddlers At Home

DIY Snowman Toy Activity For Toddlers At Home

Image Source/Tutorial:  Fun at Home with Kids 

This is the best activity you can perform with your child if you’re seeking snowman crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids can make a snowman from the ground up over and over.
It’s an excellent project for honing fine motor skills and critical thinking, as well as a fun way to spend a cold, snowy morning.

Sensory Play Discovery Bottle Toys For Toddlers

Sensory Play Discovery Bottle Toys creative activities For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: The Imagination Tree

Make some fun, interesting discovery bottle toys for babies and toddlers out of recycled and common household materials! These are simple to construct, endure a long time and can be easily changed to provide interesting and engaging sensory play experiences for children.

Recycled Stick Activity For toddlers At Home

Recycled Stick Activity For toddlers At Home

Image Source/Tutorial: Powerful Mothering

If you want to spark your kids’ imagination then recycled stick craft is best for this. Rinse and set aside any remaining wooden sticks for future craft projects. Your kid will love playing and creating different things with these recycled sticks. So, grab some sticks and get ready to do some fun crafts with your kids.

Plastic Egg Scoop Activity For Toddlers

Plastic Egg Scoop creative Activity For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Plain Vanilla Mom

If you don’t want to play with water in the house, this plastic egg scoop game might be excellent for the bathtub.

On the kitchen floor, set up a large plastic under-the-bed container with some water in it. To deal with the inevitable spills and splashes, I placed towels underneath it and tossed in some plastic eggs, a variety of scoops, a sieve, and a few bowls.

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Easy Material Box Activity For Toddlers

Easy Material Box Activity For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: The Imagination Tree

This concept prevents your baby wipes from being thrown away! Look for an old tissue box or a plastic baby wipe tub that has a top hole. Cut some fabric squares and place them inside for the infant to find and pull out one by one.
Exploring textures, strengthening gross and fine motor skills, exploratory play, and boosting creativity and curiosity are all benefits of this practice.

DIY Baby Sensory Book Activity

DIY Baby Sensory Book creative Activity for toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Nurture Store

Making and sharing a DIY baby sensory book is a lot of fun. This version is simple to construct and results in a gorgeous book that you can read with your child or give as a gift.
You’ll need something to utilize as the book’s pages. You’ll want something that’s comfortable for your infant to grip while still being durable enough to withstand some pulling and turning.

Baby Oil Sensory Bag Craft 

Baby Oil Sensory Bag Craft 

Image Source/Tutorial: Play Create Explore

Sensory bags are really wonderful, and it seems like everyone is doing them these days, but in the world of kids’ activities, if everyone is doing something, it’s typically because it’s really cool!
Simply fill a ziplock bag with a large amount of baby oil. Add a few drops of food coloring after that. Finally, a small amount of water should be added.

Tearing Paper Activity For School

Tearing Paper creative Activity For School

Image Source/Tutorial: Chasing Cheerios

This is an excellent activity for honing fine motor skills. Just buy some cheap scrapbook papers and place them in a tub or in anything according to your baby’s convenience and then allow your child to tear them in different shapes and sizes. Your kid will definitely enjoy this activity.

I hope that you had a great time reading these creative activities for toddlers. And if you want more ideas then read more posts and let me know which activity you like the most.

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