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Tree Day And Night Sketch Pen Drawing Artwork

Amazing Tree Day And Night Scenery Drawing Artwork


Tree Day And Night Sketch Pen Drawing Artwork

This amazing artwork displays an eye-catching tree in both day and night. The details of the picture bring out the bright colors and textures of the tree, making it a captivating piece of art. Enjoy the magical beauty of nature with this special drawing.

Who said you want actual paint to paint art? To create the scenery artwork all you need is watercolor markers of different colors. This activity is suitable for both kids and adults. Color blending skill which is a crucial and basic one in the art and craft world is taught through this artwork.

DIY Amazing Tree Day And Night Scenery Sketch Pen Drawing

Amazing Tree Day And Night Scenery Drawing Artwork

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Materials Required

  • White chart
  • Colorful water marker


Step 1: Canvas and painting

Canvas and painting-Fascinating Tree Illustration Artwork of Day and Night

To do this artistry take a large white chart and cut it out in your desired shape and size. Make sure its size is well enough for the artwork as this is a replica of canvas for our artwork.

Then draw a line at the center to divide it into two halves, and start coloring the top right quarter space with a yellow colored marker. Keep in mind that the blending of colors should always start with lighter shades and gradually increase the shades to darker ones.

Here let’s start with light yellow for the first quarter followed by orange in the middle and red in the last quarter. These color combinations bring out the warmth of the daylight as well as the seasons like spring and summer. Remember to leave a less than quarter of space for the tree drawing.

Step 2: Coloring the Other Half

Coloring the Other Half-Incredible Tree Landscape Artwork of Day and Night

Similarly, on the other side of the half, shade the top left quarter with a dark blue(which is a paler shade compared to purple) followed by a purple shade in the middle and pink at the end quarter. Contrary to the previous color combinations these colors exhibit the cool seasons’ chillness of both winter and nighttime. As we did before leave a space of less than a quarter for the tree art.

Step 3: Shading the Tree’s Base

Shading the Tree's Base-Remarkable Tree Picture of Day and Night

This step is an important part of this artwork. Take a black marker and shade the space we have left for the Tree at the bottom of the canvas. This is going to be the Tree’s base.

Step 4: Sketch the Tree’s Stem

Sketch the Tree's Stem-Incredible Tree Art of Day and Night

Now using the same black marker trace the center straight line neatly for the stem part as displayed in the image given below.

Step 5: Drawing the Branches

Drawing the Branches-Spectacular Tree Painting of Day and Night

Coming to the interesting part of this artwork, draw branches and branchlets in different directions on both sides. Follow the patterns as shown here.

Step 6: Perfect Branches For The Tree

Perfect Branches for the Tree-Magnificent Tree Artwork of Day and Night

Make sure the drawn branchlets are spread widely and neatly to make the tree appear impressive.

Step 7: Dot the Leaves on the Branchlets

Dot the Leaves on the Branchlets-Marvelous Tree Drawing of Day and Night

Let’s sketch the leaves with dots and tiny scribbled circles. These scribbles provide movement to the art piece.

Step 8: Covering the Branchlets with Leaves

Covering the Branchlets with Leaves-Stunning Tree Art of Day and Night

Draw scribbled circles on the branchlets on both sides. As well as draw random clusters of leaves in some places especially where the branches meet the stem and the branchlets. Add extra detailing like grasses to add produce movement in the art.

Step 9: Drawing Flying Birds

Drawing Flying Birds- Exquisite Tree Sketch of Day and Night

Draw more details like birds flying in the dusk. A flying bird is drawn just by connecting the two crisscrossing curved strokes. Draw several birds at the top right side which represents the evening sky.

Step 10: Adding Some Stars

Adding Some Stars-Impressive Tree Portrayal of Day and Night

On the opposite side, place tiny dots of glowing yellow stars in the night sky. Scatter half of the sky with random star dots.

Tadda! Here is the masterpiece Scenery of Day and Night with a Tree and is ready for appreciation

Tadda! Here is the masterpiece Scenery of Day and Night with a Tree and is ready for appreciation

Dangle this to decorate your plain walls.

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