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Easy Carrot Drawing Step-by-step Tutorial For Kids

Easy Carrot Drawing Step-by-step Tutorial For Kids


Easy Carrot Drawing Step-by-step Tutorial For Kids

Activities for Kids

This easy step-by-step tutorial shows kids how to draw a cute cartoon carrot in just a few simple steps. With the help of this tutorial, children can create their own carrot drawings with ease.

This tutorial brings to you the painting of carrots being just uprooted from the field. These carrots are no ordinary carrots but happy, pleasant, smiling ones. Adding expressions and faces to the carrots will make them more appealing. One of these carrots even wears spectacles to correct its vision. And you will be using your own fingers as a stencil to create the shape of the carrots. We will be using sketch pens and marker pens to make this painting. The same pens that your teachers use to write important points on the whiteboard in the classroom. It is extremely simple to make and beginner friendly. So, collect all the material required, and let’s get started.

Simple Carrot Drawing For Kids

Easy Carrot Drawing Step-by-step Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • A white sheet of chart paper
  • Orange marker pen
  • A black sketch pen
  • A pencil
  • Marker pens in different shades of the color green
  • A pair of scissors


Step 1: Working On The Sheet Of Paper

Working on the sheet of paper- A Simple Guide to Drawing Carrots for Children

Take a sheet of paper and cut a circle out of it. Place it on the table and taking a black sketch pen, start making drawings on it. On an area covering a quarter of the sheet at the bottom, draw outlines of bushes across the sheet, also looking somewhat like cloud linings. See the picture below for reference.

Step 2: Drawing The Outlines Of The Fingers

Drawing the outlines of the fingers- How To Draw Carrots Easily - Step-By-Step for Kids

Place your left hand on the sheet with your palm below the bush lines and your fingers, above it. Now, outline your fingers on the sheet below using a pencil as shown in the picture below. The outlines should be wider than the fingers and connected halfway on the sides. This shall serve as the ground beholding the carrots.

Step 3: Outlining The Finger-lines

Outlining the finger-lines- Carrots - Drawing for Kids Made Easy

Take a black sketch pen and outline the finger lines you made in the previous step. See the picture below for reference. These shapes shall serve as our carrots.

Step 4: Making Some Leaves On The Carrots

Making some leaves on the carrots- Drawing Carrots - A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids

Using the same sketch pen, draw three small ovals at the top of each carrot. These three ovals shall be connected at the bottom as shown in the picture below. These shapes shall act as the leaves of the carrots.

Step 5: Coloring The Carrots

Colouring the carrots- Drawing Carrots - A Simple Tutorial for Children

Take the orange marker pen and start coloring the carrots by drawing vertical lines throughout the carrots. See the picture below for reference.

Step 6: Coloring The Leaves

Colouring the leaves- Carrot Drawings - An Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Kids

Take the darkest green marker pen that you own and color all the leaves you drew earlier. Now, using a light green marker, draw the same cloud linings in the middle of the ground outline you drew in the first step. See the picture below for reference.

Step 7: Making One More Green Lining

Making one more green lining- Carrot Drawings for Kids - A Tutorial with Steps

Take a green marker two shades darker than the previous one and make another cloud lining below the black outline of the ground as shown in the picture below. Color the area beneath the lining in the middle using a shade darker than the pen used in the previous step.

Step 8: Coloring The Rest Of The Ground

Colouring the rest of the ground- Drawing Carrots - An Easy Tutorial for Kids

Color the area between the line you drew in the previous step and the line in the middle, with the darkest green marker that you own. Finally, color the area between the black and the green outline with the lightest green marker that you own.

Step 9: Make Some Faves On The Carrots

Making some faves on the carrots- Kids Learn to Draw Carrots - Step-by-Step Instructions

Take a black sketch pen and make a mathematical,’lesser than’, and a,’ greater than’ (><) sign on the carrot lying on the extreme left. Place the signs right next to each other. Now, draw an inverted 3 below these signs as shown in the picture below. Moving on to the next carrot, draw two curved lines next to each other and a heart below them. See the picture below for reference.

Completing All The Expressions

Completing all the expressions- Drawing Carrots for Kids - Step-By-Step Guide

Draw some teeth in the heart you just drew and move on to the next carrot. Draw two small round eyes with lashes and eyebrows as well as a curved line below the eyes. Now, moving on to the final carrot, draw a pair of spectacles and a little,’V’, below it. See the picture below for reference.

This completes our painting with its smiling carrots and solid ground beneath. You learned great sketching and coloring skills in this tutorial. You can hang it on the walls of your room or paste it into your art book. You can also submit it as an art project in school. Thick of more such original ideas to paint and create art out of. Keep practicing the skills you learn in these tutorials and keep progressing with your art and craft. We will be back with more innovative skills and techniques. Till then good luck and goodbye.

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