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DIY Newspaper Costume Ideas

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DIY Newspaper Costume Ideas

If you’re searching for DIY newspaper costume ideas for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of DIY newspaper costume ideas like fancy dress costume craft for competition, DIY newspaper frock design with belt & crown, Halloween costume craft, newspaper shirt craft for boys, beautiful princesses dress, costume design for a fashion show, and handmade flower dress design.

Craft is all about creating something beautiful out of something you thought was totally useless. A great way to teach your kids about recycling and great pastime activity. Crafts can be made out of anything-papers, tissue paper, popsicle sticks, even newspaper. Yes, you heard it right, the newspaper. You can make photo frames, flowers, wall hangings, and many other crafts and art out of newspaper. Ever imagined a dress made out of newspaper? Yes, there are outfits created out of newspapers. If you think these creative newspaper dresses can be made only by fashion designers, then you are wrong. You can DIY an outfit out of newspaper. So, if you have a pile of newspapers collected in your house or office, then don’t throw them away. Instead, make this awesome and interesting DIY newspaper costume.

DIY Newspaper Costume Ideas

DIY Newspaper Costume Ideas

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DIY Newspaper Costume Dress Idea

DIY Newspaper Costume Dress Idea

Image Source/Tutorial: Pinterest

Satin dresses, cotton dresses, etc are cool, but have you ever thought of trying this super cute newspaper costume? You can wear this newspaper costume to any party. The newspaper dress gives you a very vintage vibe and looks creative. You can try making this outfit from Pinterest.

Beautiful Princesses Dress Craft With Newspaper

Beautiful Princesses Costume Dress Craft Idea With Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Hative

If you’re looking for a princess vibe dress, then you can try this newspaper outfit idea by Hative. It’s beautiful, gives you retro vibes, and is perfect for runaways and parties. The dress looks very complex to create, but it’s no rocket science. Grab your newspaper, needles, threads, and your creative mind and follow the step-by-step tutorial.

Easy Newspaper Shirt Craft For Boys

Easy Newspaper Costume Shirt Craft Idea For Boys

Image Source/Tutorial: Jinxykids

This newspaper shirt is crafted by Jinxy Kids and is cute and frugal. Boys will love trying this new shirt because it gives a very funky yet elegant look. This newspaper shirt is just so perfect.

Awesome Paper Costume Craft For Fancy Dress

Awesome Newspaper Costume Craft Idea For Fancy Dress

Image Source/Tutorial: Pinterest

If there is someone in your house who loves Disney princesses, then you should try this dress idea. This newspaper costume idea came from Pinterest and looks gorgeous. You can wear this dress and act as Cinderella’s stepmother or recreate another character of your choice, but with a twist.

Amazing Dress Clothing Idea With Newspaper

Amazing Dress Clothing Idea With Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Forum Xcitefun

If you love dresses with ruffles and off-shoulders, why not add some creativity to this dress? This amazing newspaper dress idea by Forum Xcitefun is perfect. Use newspaper instead of normal fabric and look at the wonders that happen. It’s just so retro and elegant.

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Cute Dress Design With Newspaper

Cute Costume Dress Design Idea With Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Hative

If you are looking for some adorable dress ideas, then Hative has it. This newspaper dress is not only gorgeous but also looks adorable. Wear it to any fashion show or party and all eyes will be on you

Creative & Unique Costume Design For Fashion Show

Creative & Unique Newspaper Costume Design Idea For Fashion Show

Image Source/Tutorial: Fashion Art Trend

Fashion shows are just so creative. It is a festival to celebrate creativity. As fashion shows are all about creativity and being artistic, this newspaper dress from the fashion art trend is it. It’s beautiful and unique.

Pretty Cool Dress Craft Idea With Newspaper

Pretty Cool Dress Craft Idea With Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Toxel

Ballerinas are just too pretty, and their dresses are the prettiest. Pastel colors and ruffles make it look beautiful. Have you ever wondered how a newspaper ballerina dress is made? This newspaper dress by Toxel looks pretty, gorgeous, and cool.

Handmade Flower Dress Design Idea Using Newspaper

Handmade Flower Dress Design Costume Idea Using Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Outfit Trends

Flowers and paper just go hand in hand. This newspaper dress idea from the outfit trend is ravishing and looks stylish. On top of that, it’s made up of newspaper and flowers, which makes it look pretty.

Fancy Dress Costume Craft For Competition

Fancy Dress Newspaper Costume Craft Idea For Competition

Image Source/Tutorial: Pinterest

Recycling is in fashion. These recycled costumes are perfect for fancy dresses. Pinterest has a lot of beautiful and unique costume ideas. You can experiment with the patterns and designs until your creative newspaper dress is ready.

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Handmade Newspaper Dress Design For Girls

Handmade Newspaper Costume Dress Design Idea For Girls

Image Source/Tutorial: Shihera Art & Crafts

This newspaper top and skirt idea by Shihera Art and Crafts is perfect for girls. It’s cute and perfect for any fancy dress competition. Add some flowers, colorful jewelry, and bright shoes. Girls will love wearing this dress as it is comfortable and looks pretty.

DIY Newspaper Frock Design With Belt & Crown

DIY Newspaper Frock Design With Belt & Crown

Image Source/Tutorial: Shihera Art & Crafts

This one-shoulder frock design idea from Shihera Art and Craft is adorable and gorgeous. The crown will make your little girl feel like a princess. Perfect for any party or occasion.

Recycled Halloween Costume Craft Idea Step By Step

Recycled Halloween Newspaper Costume Craft Idea Step By Step

Image Source/Tutorial: Instructables

The best part of Halloween is the Halloween costume. If you are looking for a unique costume idea for Halloween, then instructable is here to help out. This newspaper costume is interesting to make and looks amazing. The step-by-step tutorial will be very helpful. So grab your newspapers and sewing machine and get started.

How To Make A Dress Out Of Newspaper

How To Make A Dress Out Of Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: CraftyButt

When you flip through the catalog, you look at the beautiful newspaper dress and wish you could have it. You can make a newspaper dress easily. The crafty butt provides you with this beautiful dress template. With the help of this template, you can make your dream newspaper dress.

Origami Dress Craft Using Newspaper

Origami Costume Dress Craft Idea Using Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Elegant Thrifter

You’ve heard about origami crafts, but have you ever heard of origami dresses? Yes, an origami dress. This dress by Elegant Thrifter is elegant and makes use of newspaper.

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Recycled Newspaper Skirt Craft Tutorial

Recycled Newspaper Costume Skirt Craft Idea Tutorial

Image Source/Tutorial: Guides

You can even make skirts out of newspapers. This newspaper skirt is versatile and can go with a top of any color. Add some pretty jewelry and you are good to go.

How To Make Newspaper Dress Craft Step By Step

How To Make Newspaper Costume Dress Craft Idea Step By Step

Image Source/Tutorial: Instructables

This newspaper outfit idea by instructable is easy to make. With the help of detailed instructions, you can easily make this super pretty dress.

DIY Skirt & Top Craft Idea Using Recycled Material

DIY Newspaper Skirt & Top Costume Craft Idea Using Recycled Material

Image Source/Tutorial: Liv In The Mommy Life

If you are looking for a way to make newspaper dresses for your kiddo without any sewing then liv in the mommy life has something for you. To make This newspaper dress all you have to do is a staple, no sewing. You can add a bow to make it look even more adorable.

How To Make Plazzo Set Using Newspaper

How To Make Plazzo Set Using Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Shihera Art & Crafts

Palazzo sets are very comfortable pieces of clothing. The top and pants can be used interchangeably. As these palazzo sets are made out of newspaper, you can easily pair them with anything or just wear them normally. Whatever way you choose to wear this palazzo set from Shihera art and craft, this piece will look beautiful.

We hope you like our list of DIY newspaper costumes and will surely try to make them. Read more crafts ideas at our website if you liked our DIY newspaper costume ideas. Please let us know which day newspaper costume ideas you like the most in the comment section.

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