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Newspaper Wall Hanging Decoration Ideas

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Newspaper Wall Hanging Decoration Ideas

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If you’re searching for newspaper wall hanging decoration ideas for kids to do at home, you’re in the right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of newspaper wall hanging decorations like Ganesha wall hanging decoration craft using newspaper, how to make doll craft, DIY wall mounted candle holder craft, easy wall hanging craft tutorial with flower vase, and wonderful wall hanging craft using waste newspaper.

We all love decoration in our houses, offices, tables, etc. Decors need to be attractive and if it’s less expensive or hamade that too if from waste or less material then it’s a wonder right?

Wall hangings are very popular from a very ancient age. People love to hang many things for decorating. These days people are making such beautiful handmade wall hangings that you cannot imagine a waste material can be turned into such a beautiful thing. There are hundreds of ideas, processes, and things you can create and use in your wall hangings just you need to think about it a little creatively. Or else you can take ideas from the internet. Several viral videos are there for making these kinds of stuff. The main thing is it’s less expensive and looks aesthetic.

Newspaper Wall Hanging Decoration Ideas

Newspaper Wall Hanging Decoration Ideas

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Newspaper Wall Hanging Decoration Crafts For Festival

Woolen Wall Hanging Art & Craft Idea Using Newspaper

Woolen Wall Hanging Decoration Art & Craft Idea Using Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Get Craft Ideas

We all have seen our grandma, mom, and many other people weaving woolen shawls, mufflers, caps, etc. Nowadays people have started to make creative things using these wools with various home decor items. Look at the below image, it’s a wall hanging made out of wool. people these days have so many creative ideas inside them.

Diwali Decoration Wall Hanging Craft Using Newspaper

Diwali Decoration Wall Hanging Craft Using Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Simplecraftidea

Diwali is a festival where lights, sweets, Diyas, and firecrackers are the main elements. In India, we all love to celebrate Diwali and love to decore our homes too. Many people come up with great home decor ideas like these newspaper wall hangings. You can check out this beautiful idea and try it too.

Ganesha Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Using Newspaper

Ganesha Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Idea Using Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Kraft Tale

Irrespective of any religion we all are aware of Lord Ganesha. At any beginning of anything, we all take blessings from him only after we start, as we consider his blessings the good luck for us. Here have a look at the beautiful newspaper art of Lord Ganesha. The eyes seeing it would be definitely stuck on this.

Newspaper Wall Hanging Decoration Ideas For Home

How To Make Doll Craft With Newspaper

How To Make Doll Craft With Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Chitra’s Paradise

In childhood, we all made paper dolls, but not so perfect. But nowadays people have so many potential ideas that will blow your mind. Look below how cute and beautiful these paper dolls are looking. Even people fail to identify that is it made up of paper or anything else because of its aesthetic and fine looks. It’s best for home decor or any event decor too.

Wonderful Wall Hanging Craft Using Waste Newspaper

Wonderful Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Idea Using Waste Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: The Channel 46

A colorful leaf made up of paper is so beautiful that it can hang on a wall and nobody will ever find that it’s made up of paper. Take colored paper or color the old newspaper and then fold them tightly with any stick or toothpick then just fold till the end and stick up. Collect a bunch of these then start sticking them with any stick or something to give it a leaf shape, for your help you can see the picture below and make it like that.

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Butterfly Wall Hanging Decoration Craft For Room

Butterfly Wall Hanging Decoration Craft For Room

Image Source/Tutorial: Punekar Sneha

Paper wall hangings are the products that are best out of waste. After reading the paper we can make numerous things with those old newspapers. Art and craft have several craft ideas with these newspapers. You just need to think creatively and you can create several things from it.

Easy Wall Hanging Craft Idea Out Of Waste Newspaper

Easy Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Idea Out Of Waste Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Art

Nowadays these types of flower or circular wall hangings are on very much trend. People are making it in so many different ways. You can find numerous videos and short clips of making this kind of wall craft.

DIY Wall Hanging Home Decoration Craft Idea

Image Source/Tutorial: Hacks Land

Wall hanging craft ideas, every house has something hanging on the walls to give the walls a beautiful look and to fill the walls with beauty. Many people like to buy luxurious wall hangings just to hang on their walls. People these days buy wall hanging of so high prices. Look at the Chris cross pattern and those beautiful flowers can anyone find that it’s made either out of newspaper or ice cream sticks? Those who cannot afford expensive wall hangings try to hang something made by themselves. You can also try this and make your wall beautiful!

Paper Butterfly Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Idea

Paper Butterfly Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Idea

Image Source/Tutorial: Chitranshi’s Craft World

These craft ideas are mainly given to children to make the best out of waste. Can you see those cross patterns, the butterfly, and the most beautiful vase with flowers? Colorful butterflies and green leaves.

Newspaper Craft With Butterflies & Flowers

Newspaper Decoration Craft Ideas With Butterflies & Flowers

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Craft Idea

Material Required:

  • Old Newspapers
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Acrylic colors
  • Threads

The process for this is also very easy as you just have to roll and glue the newspaper then paint them with any color you like after that stick those in the cardboard one by one as shown below after that decorate it as you like.

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Newspaper Wall Hanging Craft Idea At Home

Newspaper Wall Hanging Craft Idea At Home

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Craft Idea

See those vibrant colors, small mirrors, and its made of old newspapers. People these days love to create new things from old things and love it when that things come out good. You just need newspaper, glue, some mirrors, etc decorative items. You can decorate it as you want. You can even add many more things to make it look more beautiful.

Creative Wall Hanging Craft Idea With Newspaper

Creative Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Idea With Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Craft Idea

These types are used for kids’ craft ideas because they are at their initial stages and love to create new things and crafts. In Kindergarten, playschools focus on these activities so that they develop their skills and creativity. Not many materials are needed, just some papers, glue, paints, and threads.

Beautiful Wall Decoration Newspaper Craft

Beautiful Wall Decoration Newspaper Craft 

Image Source/Tutorial: Handimania

See these papers folded given a circular form and all the combination of small and big circles combined together and forming a particular design. You can make any design of your choice, any color, any type you want. Isn’t it looking beautiful the combo of purple and white just with newspaper? Try it out!

How To Make Newspaper Wall Hanging Craft

How To Make Newspaper Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Hobby Ideas

A wall hanging with all the names and characters of the family members looks cute, right? your children would love to create these types of hangings. In schools also they can give these types of projects to see the child’s capability and skills.

DIY Wall Mounted Candle Holder Craft

DIY Wall Mounted Candle Holder Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Punekar Sneha

Material Required:

  • Old newspaper
  • Glue
  • Very thin but hard stick or something
  • Scissors
  • Black paint
  • Black sheet

Looking quite an aesthetic right? These days black color home decoratives are on trend and it really looks so classy that you cannot disagree. After seeing it anywhere you will feel yourself making something or decorating something like that in your own home too or any workplace.

Newspaper Wall Hanging Flower Vase Decoration Ideas

Handmade Wall Hanging Decoration With Newspaper & Flower

Handmade Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Ideas With Newspaper & Flower

Image Source/Tutorial: 2-Minute Crafts

Learning these days are very easy We have YouTube Google and many more things to learn and enhance our skills. Just look at the wall hanging below, it’s such an easy and beautiful wall hanging. Using just a few things you can also make these kinds of wall hangings and it will give your walls such an aesthetic look that people will keep on appreciating your war hangings.

Easy Paper Flower Decoration Craft In Heart

Easy Paper Flower Decoration Craft In Heart Shape

Image Source/Tutorial: Being Artistic

Whoever sees it will be amazed at its beautiful look. See how beautifully the heart is decorated it is made out of paper creativity and design. You can also make this just with paper glue and other necessary things. You can decorate your house with such things that will add beauty to your walls and every person looking at the wall will be stuck there for minutes. These types of things are nowadays on trend and are gifted to loved ones. Basically, these are handmade so people love to have this kind of thing with them.

Easy Wall Hanging Craft Tutorial With Flower Vase

Easy Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Tutorial With Flower Vase

Image Source/Tutorial: Kidsartncraft

We all use to throw ice cream sticks after finishing the ice cream but some people are very smart they made such a great, creative and beautiful idea out of these waste things too. Joining them in this pattern create such a good form and looks so beautiful too.

DIY Wall Hanging Newspaper Craft Using Rose Flower

DIY Wall Hanging Newspaper Craft Using Rose Flower

Image Source/Tutorial: Julia DATTA Crafts 

Look at those roses! Looks real and one would feel in love with these artificial flowers. Just with paper and glue, you can make fantastic wall hangings. You can add leaves, branches anything of your choice and color. Make flowers of your choice it will attract people’s attention. Try them out!

Simple Newspaper Wall Decoration Craft For Kids

Simple Newspaper Wall Decoration Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Hometalk

These types of vases are very commonly found in homes. Some carry flowers, plants, etc. Looks very beautiful on a clean wall, it adds beauty to the wall. Simple and sober. Easy and inexpensive to make.

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Flower Vase Wall Hanging Craft Using Newspaper

Flower Vase Wall Hanging Craft Using Newspaper

Image Source/Tutorial: K4craft

I know you might be thinking that it’s looking like a wooden or plastic vase wall hanging so why does the heading say it’s a vase out of newspaper? but wait it’s really a vase made out of paper rolls. You can also make them very easily just use your old newspaper, some paint, paintbrushes, and glue, and then go on.

Newspaper Flower Wall Hanging Craft For School

Newspaper Flower Wall Hanging Decoration Craft Ideas For School

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Craft Idea

These frame wall hangings are made out of paper rolls, can you believe that? People get shocked when it’s revealed to them as every person doesn’t look the things the same way. These types of crafts are usually given to 10-15 year children to check their ability to get creative things out. Many people make these frames and stick their pictures then gift them to their loved ones. And seeing a handmade gift adores one’s emotions and heart.

We hope you like our list of Newspaper Wall Hanging Decorations and will surely try to make them. Read more crafts ideas at our website if you liked our newspaper wall hanging decoration ideas. Please let us know which Newspaper Wall Hanging Decoration you like the most in the comment section.

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