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Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners


Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners

Hello little soldiers! Let’s dig into these amazing animal drawing images and try out the skills. There are sketches of bunnies, lions, pandas, mice, Peppa pigs, rats, hedgehogs, Pikachus, and dinosaurs. Please keep scrolling and try the sketches with your young one.

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Animal Drawing Ideas For Kids

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners

Simple Bunny Sketch

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners Simple Bunny Sketch

This cute bunny is offering its carrot and wants to spread happiness. This lovely sketch of this happy bunny is what kids need to draw. Kiddies would be very happy to draw this as this is so engrossing and simple sketch. The bunny has its ears down, there is gratitude, respect, and kindness on its face. Carrots make you healthy, consisting of vitamins, fiber, and calcium that lead to overall health. By offering this carrot, this bunny is spreading awareness among kids to be healthy, fit, and fine.

Cute Baby Panda Drawing

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners Cute Baby Panda Drawing

This image is the cutest of all that shows a cute baby panda waving at us. This sketch is an example of creativity and imagination, that will make kids think and understand these animals in a better way. By practicing this sketch kids can learn the method to draw and express the positive side of everything. Pandas are an endangered species, they are found mostly in Asia. These creatures vary in color ranging from black and white to brown and red. Make yourself familiar with the divine qualities of Pandas and their habitat by making this beautiful sketch.

Rat and Ball

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners Rat and Ball

Another interesting sketch is here for kiddies to play with. This image shows a cute rat that is playing with a huge red ball. This image is representing the side of the animal kingdom that is not seen in real life. The rat is winking, and offering to play and enjoy with him. This sketch is simple, it requires only the construction of a beautiful circle and the cute fluffy mice behind it. With a few tries, kiddies can draw it. The rat is giving a message that it has been too long since kids have not played outside, he misses them see playing, kicking the ball, and running around the field.

Peppa’s Party

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners Peppa's Party

Kiddies should be familiar with this character who is a little pig known as Peppa. In this image, she is drawn from the days when she threw a party for her friends on her birthday. The sketch includes her with a party hat on top, helium balloons, and a party whistle. She likes to play with her friends a lot, she is just a kid and likes to go on different adventures with her friends every day where she comes across new learnings that are not taught in school. This sketch is an inspiration to many children out there who wants to be like her.


Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners Pickachu!

If your kid is familiar with Pokemon, then this sketch is meant for them. Make this cute little Pikachu, and indulge in the spark of lightning. Pikachu is a fictitious animal in the series Pokemon Go! It has abilities like producing electricity and moving at a fast speed. Besides, the most adorable feature is the cuteness of this character, it has pointed ears, cute cheeks with a red circle, and a zig-zag tail. Besides, it is the main character of the animated series. This sketch has no colors, ask your kid to color it in its respective colors.

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Spikey little HedgeHog

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners Spikey little HedgeHog

Have you seen a hedgehog before? I am sure you have, these little creatures have the cuteness overload. They are irresistible to adore, as they are irresistible to sketch. These creatures have a coat of small spikes that they use as a defense against predators. They have an amazing ability to turn into a spooky ball if they are frightened or annoyed. They are very useful animals as they are fond of ants, and small insects so they find a job in the backyard cleaning it with bugs and insects. This image is colorless, so kiddies could color it with likable colors to make it look attractive.

The Good Dinosaur

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners The Good Dinosaur

Here is a simple dinosaur that kids would be interested to draw. This dinosaur is known as T-Rex in short form. They were generally aggressive species of dinosaurs, but these days they are shown as more soft and kind as in this sketch. It’s better to show the good part of every picture, especially among kids, to spread positivity, kindness, and love. The dinosaur is shown with its well-known features like the spikes at the back, its long and strong tail, short forehands, and a big mouth with sharp teeth. As always it’s the responsibility of the maker to color the art at the end.

A Sleeping Cat

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners A Sleeping Cat

This image shows a cat sleeping peacefully. Cats are a symbol of luxury, desire, and passion. They are known to keep themselves clean and tidy all the time. This cat has stripes on her body, and the tail and head are covered with stripes. Those little whiskers and sleepy eyes are filling the emptiness ate the head area. A cat is a very intelligent and reserved animal, she only spends time on herself, and unlike a dog, she does not do any unnecessary tasks. This sketch lack colors that is making it look less admiring, so kids can fill the desired colors. Make your child start making this sleepy cat, and fill their art book with it.

Sharing is Caring

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners Sharing is Caring

A well-known quote: “Sharing is Caring”. This image depicts it well. If humans fail, animals are there to set an example. This sketch is about two monkeys, the monkey on the right-hand side is sharing food with his friend. Monkeys have a measured intelligence close to a baby human, they can perform basic calculations, solve puzzles, and respond to emotions, feelings, and actions. The sketch is bold, exact, and meant to be drawn. This sketch brings out the moral values lacking in today’s society. Kindness, love, care, and respect for each other, are some of the qualities required for the peaceful existence of all life on Earth.

Wool and Sheep

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners Wool and Sheep

A sheep is the producer of wool. A sheep is the symbol of peace, security, harmony, and innocence. A sheep and a wolf, are the two elements that are compared by human behavior. A wolf is considered to be an element, that disrupts peace, causes disaster, and spreads sorrow. On the other hand, a sheep is an element that spreads love, peace, care, and kindness. This sketch is a source to make kids understand the difference between the two, and point out what is a sheep and what is a wolf. This sketch is simple and precise and could be drawn by kids.

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The Cute King

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners The Cute King

This sketch speaks of something else, this lion does not at all look like a king of the jungle. He might be the future king, he will be the king after his father has retired. This is a cute sketch that speaks of the innocent and soft side of the ferocious creature. Lions are friendly, but at the same time dangerous too. The distance between humans and animals is no longer a mystery, as the human population is increasing so so is the population of animals is decreasing, both are getting closer and more familiar with each other’s habitat. May the efforts for peaceful existence be successful, otherwise, that time is not far when we’ll be only seeing them in pictures.

Three Rats

Easy Animal Drawings For Kids And Beginners Three Rats

The last and the most simple sketch to sum up everything. This is on three rats, very close friends who got lost in this big world. The sketch shows three positions of mice that are quite reasonable, as mice use their senses to travel and detect objects. Due to their poor vision, they rely on their hearing and smelling abilities to detect their surroundings. The most amazing fact is that these creatures can squeeze through a 6mm hole. Make your kids draw this simple yet informative sketch.

Take time to explore other topics as well which will not only make you spend quality time with your kid but also will polish their skills.

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