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Colorful Animal Drawings For Kids


Colorful Animal Drawings For Kids

Activities for Kids

Do you often wonder how to teach drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute ideas to draw like Dinosaurs, Wolf, Dog, Giraffe, Pikachu, Snake and Zebra.

Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

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Colourful Animal Drawings for Kids

Drawing Handprint Giraffe Picture for Kids

Drawing Handprint Giraffe Picture for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This fun handprint giraffe picture is perfect for kids! It’s easy to make and only requires a few materials. Kids can use their own handprint to make the giraffe’s body, then paint and glue on the details. It’s a great way to bring out their creative side and have fun while making art!


Colorful Animal Drawings for Kids Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are no longer found on the earth. They got vanished from this planet some hundreds of years ago but they are remembered till now by everyone kids as well as adults. We also call them ‘dino’. Let’s try to draw this dino on your sketchbook and colour it gracefully to make it more attractive. Here in the image, only 3 Colours have been used to make it impressive.


Colorful Animal Drawings for Kids Wolf

The image itself shows how bad this wolf looks and it’s very hungry and can attack any innocent animal to fulfil its hunger. The main focus has been given to its teeth. Its teeth are very sharp especially the canines and it can tear anyone as it is hungry. Draw this in your sketchbook and do shading for the body using pencil so that its body looks grey. Fill in the other colour by looking into the above picture.


Colorful Animal Drawings for Kids Dog

Dogs are very friendly, faithful and loving creatures on the earth. They are the best pets and are loved by everyone. Look at the image and see how cute and innocent this dog looks. Two different shades of yellow have been used to give it quite a nice look. You can use crayons as well as pencil colours, the choice is yours. It’s better if kindergarten kids use crayons as they can hold crayon pencils well in their hands.


Colorful Animal Drawings for Kids Giraffe

Kids get fascinated when they look at any giraffe because of its tallness. Giraffes are very tall and they have attractive spots on their body. They are yellow and possess some black spots all over their body. Try to draw this giraffe in your sketchbook and colour it properly. We can draw it by tracing the outline of our hands. Focus on the above picture and then start drawing it.



This character doesn’t need any introduction as it is one of the important cartoon characters and Pikachu has received much love from kids. You will love to draw this character in your drawing book. Colour it well and you’ll get good grades. Look at the eyes of the Pikachu, they are glowing brightly. Cheeks of Pikachu are very cute and chubby.



This creature is not usually loved by anyone due to its cruel nature but if it’s about drawing it then we all will be ready to draw it because it is very easy to draw. A few zig-zag twists and curves are made and the snake is drawn. A straight line in the above image represents the tongue of the snake. Snakes possess long and narrow tongues. Colour this snake with any of your favourite colours.



Zebra is that animal that has those black and white strips. On roads, we see zebra crossing and there we observe Black and white lines and it has been given name also due to this animal. Zebra looks like a horse but the house doesn’t possess any strips. Draw this zebra on your drawing book and highlight it in black stripes. Here we have used bluish-grey colour to denote it’s the nose.

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Activities for Kids
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