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Easy Animal Drawings for Children of Age 4-8 Year

Easy Animal Drawings for Kids


Easy Animal Drawings for Children of Age 4-8 Year

If you’re searching for easy animal drawings for children of age 4-8 years to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of easy animal drawings like a little bunny with a huge carrot, an innocent lion, a cute dog with a bone, and two humped-camel.

Easy Animal Drawings For Children of Age 4-8 Years

Easy Animal Drawings For Children of Age 4-8 Years

Little Bunny With Huge Carrot

Easy Animal Drawings for Kids Little Bunny With Huge Carrot

Rabbits are one of the most cheerful and playful animals. They keep hopping and jumping from one spot to another. I love watching these little unstoppable white creatures hopping around. They make us feel more alive and boost our energy levels. The favorite diet of rabbits is carrots. They love eating carrots. Petting rabbits is one of the best decisions you can make for your energetic child. Kids and rabbits make a perfect duo.

So grab the plain white drawing sheet and let your kid shows their creativity by making this easy drawing of a cute bunny standing on a huge carrot.

Innocent Lion

Easy Animal Drawings for Kids Innocent Lion

ROARRR!! says the king of the jungle. Lion is the boss of the jungle and the strongest of all other animals. Lion may not be as large as a giraffe or as giant as an elephant but the wisdom of a lion is surely highest than other animals, and that’s the obvious reason why we call him the king.

We have brought this extremely cute lion drawing which is so attractive and appealing to the eyes. I can’t believe that this lion is so cute. Your kid will love drawing this amazing drawing of a lion and will feel like a victory to create the jungle king on their own. Sparkling eyes, wagging tail, and cute sitting gesture, perfect drawing for your kid.

Cute Dog With A Bone

Easy Animal Drawings for Kids Cute Dog With A Bone

Dogs are our favorite pet animals and we all cant just deny it. Dogs are the most loyal animal and they are symbols of pure selfless love. The sacrifice they make for their owners is incredible. Dogs are the cutest and also very playful pets.

This amazing and super-duper easy cute little puppy is a superb drawing idea for kids. Draw a little dog and a bone in his mouth. The shiny eyes of the dog will make the drawing more attractive and appealing. Fill in the drawing with appropriate colors to get a fully prepared drawing of the dog.

Two Humped-Camel

Easy Animal Drawings for Kids Two Humped-Camel

Camels are found in deserts and are called the ship of the desert. camels have the capability of surviving in the harsh dry conditions of desert areas and can survive without food and water for over a week. they have big bodies and large eyelashes which help them to protect themselves from the scorching heat.

This two-humped camel is an easy drawing idea and can be drawn by children who are preschoolers or grade 1 and above. they will get to know about the ecosystem of deserts and the animals living in those harsh climatic conditions. colors can be used to beautify the drawing further.

We hope you like our list of Easy Animal Drawings and will surely try to make them. If you liked our easy animal drawings for kids, read more crafts ideas at our website. Please let us know in the comment section which Easy Animal Drawings you like the most.

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