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Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens


Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens

Activities for Kids

Just glitter pen sketches here. We will explore ideas related to glitter pen drawings, we will learn to make different animals and objects with glitter pens. If your child is going to use glitter pens for the first time, then he will develop basics from here. Just move forward, and keep moving. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of easy drawing ideas using glitter pens like a bicycle to make it easier, a singing bird, a beautiful rose flower, an unpopular tree bird, the crown of the prince, a cute teddy, a clever cat, thumbs up expression, and mouse.

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens 

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Singing Bird

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens Singing Bird

This sketch is of a bird singing a song, a song of freedom, liberty, gratitude, and belongingness. Making this sketch would make kids know that birds can also sing. The song is indicated by tune shapes, drawn right above the bird. A pink glitter pen is used to make this sketch, the bird is simply drawn, with fewer details the drawing is easy and kids will have little or no difficulty drawing this sketch. Describing the bird, it looks like a sparrow singing, generally male sparrows sing to establish territory and to attract females. Make this sketch with the toddler to have fun.

Beautiful Rose Flower

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens Beautiful Rose Flower

Starting off the day with the fragrance of rose means creating good luck for yourself with your choice. Roses are exotic flowers that are mostly famous for their fragrance. This sketch represents a couple of roses to draw for kids. Sketch pens were used to make this sketch, if you want, then glitter pens will also do the work. Glitter pens will make the sketch more attractive to the audience. The red and green combination makes everything eye-catching. A light red filling to the roses will sum up all the efforts, make your kids draw this sketch.

A Bicycle To Make it Easier

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens A Bicycle To Make it Easier

A bicycle is a very useful invention. The inventor must be in urgent need to travel. This model, which is given here was not the first model invented. There were many tries to invent a good-looking and easier-to-use vehicle. After many tries and hardships years, creators are able to create what we are seeing in the above image. A kid will make it with ease, just drawing a few geometrical figures and the drawing is complete. May the child use their bicycle for sketching, that will be the latest invention. As “Necessity is the mother of invention”, a child should keep thinking and inventing.

The Unpopular Tree Bird

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens The Unpopular Tree Bird

When was the last time you saw a bird? Maybe back from work, or during the morning walk. The bird count is reducing day by day, it is a blessing to spot a bird on a tree in a city. At present time everything just goes viral on social media, any nonsense talk, or pranks, just goes viral without any reason, the illogical content is so overrated that important messages rarely reach any person. Just like this bird, her voice rarely reaches any human ears, her calling about the dangers to its species, the lack of food, and the lack of trees and the protection these creatures need is underrated. Kids at their level just need to draw this innocent sketch and make it go viral.

The Crown of the Prince

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens The Crown of the Prince

What about this crown? Isn’t it suitable for your child, who is worthy to wear it, or to make it? This image simply shows a crown and its features. The preciseness in the picture makes it simple to draw. If the image is too simple for a kid then feel free to add features on your own. Many new parts can be added to the crown such as new designs, and patterns, and more gems could be included at the top and front parts. Just rightful creative thoughts could improve this sketch and can add more skills to the child. A pink glitter pen is used to create this sketch.

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Cute Teddy

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens Cute Teddy

This sketch of this cute teddy is so attractive and engaging. Kids would love to draw this sketch, as the teddy is holding a heart, with an innocent face. Kiddies will adore this creature, they would have a toy teddy with themselves, and they can make a sketch of their toy as well. Or, another way could be to add some features of their favorite teddy to this teddy, or take some features of this teddy and their teddy and draw a sketch. Kids have creative minds, they would be able to draw a nice sketch. A blue glitter pen is used to make this beautiful sketch, filling the heart with a red glitter pen. Have fun while making.

Clever Cat

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens Clever Cat

A cat is a very intelligent animal, therefore she is entitled to be clever and smart. Her intelligence is not as much as a dog’s, but she is still a smart animal. As the behavior of a cat is more reserved and cultured than a dog, she knows what to eat and what not, she can clean herself, and be protected in any condition, a cat is considered a smart animal. Keeping a cat can not only add a good companion to the family but can also add a caretaker. Yes, cats are good caretakers of children, their senses are more reserved for toddlers. So this cat is a representation of all the cats out there that need love and care.

Thumbs Up Expression

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens Thumbs up Expression

Try making this sketch with your child. This is a thumbs-up expression, made with a green glitter pen. The perfection in the sketch is a thing to admire. The very nails and the structure of the thumb is a perfect piece of art made by the artist. This sketch is beneficial for kids, as this can be used in many places. Like to include in a comical scene we can use this concept to show a thumbs-up impression and many other places that will make suitable use of this sketch. Make your toddler draw this sketch and have fun.

A Mouse

Easy Drawing Ideas Using Glitter Pens A Mouse

To sum up, everything we are ending with the last picture that is of a mouse, just a simple mouse with a small thin tail. This too is very impressive, like the maturity of the sketch, and the slight details without including many details is a thing to admire and be inspired of. A mouse can also look so pale, in reality, if they were so silent and innocent then the kitchen would require fewer efforts to clean. We will not talk about a mouse and the problems due to it, rather we just will try to draw this sketch.

This is it in this section, carry the fun forward to the next article where more ideas are waiting to be explored. Keep the young mind sharp by exploring new activities being posted here daily. Keep visiting.

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