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Easy Flower Drawing & Coloring for Kids

Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids


Easy Flower Drawing & Coloring for Kids

Activities for Kids

Welcome back, we are here with another interesting article full of ideas and creativity. Flowers are one of the most attractive and charming parts of the plants. Plants are green in color, but flowers make them more attractive as they are full of bright colors. Flowers bring happiness everywhere. They are used to represent love, friendship, respect, etc. Flowers are made up of many different types of parts like sepals, petals, stalks, stamens, ovaries, etc.

If you’re searching for easy flower drawing & coloring for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of easy flower drawings & colorings like easy baby pink lily, and venus flytrap flower.

Nature has bestowed us with millions of different species of flowers. We will be drawing some of the flowers in today’s article. So, let’s get started without wasting any time.  You need Some supplies including a pencil, paper, colors, etc.

Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids

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Baby Pink Lily Flower

Baby pink lily flower Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids

This is a lily flower and this one is pink in color. Although lily doesn’t only have this color, it’s found in nature with a wide variety of colors like white, orange, red, purple, yellow, etc. It is a beautiful flower with a good aroma. Its nectar is sweet and this is the reason most insects get attracted to them. This flower is very common and famous in the world. Some Lilly flowers are small in size and some might be large, their size depends on the species they belong to. You can find lilies almost everywhere around you like gardens, mountains, forests, marshes, etc. In the above drawing, you can observe that one lily flower has bloomed well while the other two are closed and they’re about to bloom. You can try to draw this flower in your drawing books or art books. The difficulty level for this one is medium and this is best suited for the kids in age group 8+. You can color it with any other color of your choice.

Red And Pink Flower

Red and pink flower Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids

Kids try to guess the above-given flower. This flower is the dahlia. These flowers have tiny and delicate petals. This flower has good importance during weddings. This flower is also blessed with many bright colors like red, green, yellow, orange, etc. Due to this reason, this flower has been used for the manufacture of dyes. This flower depicts elegance and dignity as well. The difficulty level for drawing this flower is between easy and medium level. You can trace it on your drawing or art books. This drawing is suitable for kids in the age group 8+.

Venus Flytrap

Venus flytrap Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids

Venus flytrap is a plant that is a carnivore in nature.  It traps the insect inside it and then digests it. It is even able to digest small animals. The leaves of this plant are hinged and it possesses some white-colored flowers. If any insect comes close to it, it closes its leaves and traps the insect inside it, and then engulfs it. This plant has roots, but they are bulb-shaped. This plant originated in the United States of America. This plant also flowers during spring. Kids, do you know? These plants can even digest the human flesh. Its leaves possess some hairs and if anybody comes in contact with these hairs, it traps the same inside it and eats it. This drawing has a difficulty level between medium and tough. So this one is suitable for the kids of age group 9+. Color it well!

Easy Flower

Easy flower Flower Drawing Ideas For Kids

This flower is very easy and simple to draw. You can draw it with your free hand. Drawing is a skill and practice makes it perfect. Start with drawing simple things, once you’re done with that then move to a higher level of drawing. This flower is simpler than all the above given drawing ideas. Colouring is an important part of the drawing. The beauty of your painting depends on the way you will color it. So it is one of the crucial steps of the drawing. Always choose that combination of colors that will look attractive. Look at the above image, we have used two shades of green color to give it a realistic look. You can draw this in the same way as we did on your drawing or art books. The difficulty level for this one is very easy and this drawing is suitable for the kids in age group seven-plus. Best of luck!

This article has come to an end here. These were some of the flowers that you can try to trace. Beauty is where flowers are so, beautify your art or drawing books with these flowers. All these drawings are not that much difficult. You can go for them. Using bright colors is a must because they bring life to a flower. Do share your personal experience while drawing with us in the comment section below. Also, share your feedback with us. Thank you!

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Activities for Kids
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