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Hand Outline Cartoon Tree Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Hand Outline Cartoon Tree Drawing Tutorial For Kids


Hand Outline Cartoon Tree Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Activities for Kids

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through each and every step of this unique tree drawing with the easy hack using your hand outline! 

Let’s get ready to have an extravagant drawing journey on making a colorful tree drawing! This amazing and easy step-by-step tutorial will guide you to the same with a hack that will make this art-making even easier! All you will need is some basic art supplies you will already have at home! Unleash the artist in you and create it like a pro! Art is a great way for the kids to engage in a fun learning activity that will drive their motor skills, imagination, creativity, and much more! What are you waiting for? Grab on the benefits and let’s begin!

Easy Hand Outline Cartoon Tree Art

Hand Outline Cartoon Tree Drawing Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Black Marker
  • Sketch Pens


Step 1: Outlining The Hand

Outlining The Hand-Step-by-step instruction guide for children to create a drawing of a hand and a tree

Begin this craft by taking a white circular paper sheet as the base and a black marker. Place your hand in the middle of the base and using the marker outline the hand over it.

Step 2: Drawing A Tree

Drawing A Tree-How to draw a hand and a tree - a tutorial for kids.

Using the marker, draw circular leaves above the finger outlines and make a curvy land below the hand outline, also, make big oval eyes and a curvy smile on the palm part of the outline and make some bushes beside the hand outline over the land.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Hand Outline Tree!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Hand Outline Tree- A kid-friendly tutorial on drawing a hand and a tree.

For the last step, make leaf veins over the tree eaves using the black marker. Now, color the whole drawing with sketch pens as shown in the image.

Tada! Your colorful and happy tree drawing is ready to be admired!

This artwork can be a perfect activity for kids and even for toddlers to do with the help of any adult! The results of this drawing will surely bring smiles to kiddos’ faces and they will love to see it every time! This happy tree will give happy vibes to anyone who looks at it, so, you can even decorate this artwork in the kiddo’s room as it will serve as a great budget-friendly room decor as well! Customize it in the way your kids want! Imagination is the limit!

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