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How to Make A Colorful Paper Cube

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How to Make A Colorful Paper Cube

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Let’s make a mathematical craft today! You must be wondering right what it should be! Today you’re going to make a paper cube. This process will be filled with fun and educational information. Let us know first what the cube actually is! You must hear it in the geometry part of maths. Some of you also might know the proper definition! But we don’t go to that hard study part as we are here to have fun! Right! But you must know about it simply as then you can really understand it! The Cube is a three-dimensional figure which has 6 square faces, 8 vertices, and 12 edges. There are many cube shapes you can see in your daily life like dice, sugar cubes, casserole, solid square tables, milk crates, etc.

Now it is understandable right! So, today we are making this fun and Kids will love it. Without wasting any time, Let’s get it!

How to Make A Colorful Paper Cube


  1. Eight 20*20 c.m. color papers. ( There must be two same color pages of each)


  1. Take a 20*20 c.m paper, fold it from down, top up in a rectangular shape, and unfold it.
  2. Fold it sidewise left to right in a rectangular shape and unfold it. There must be four same square fold lines made.
  3. Follow the fold line in the middle and fold the page from the left side by making a straight line-like shape into the fold line. The same will be done to the right side as well and then unfold it. There must be twelve same rectangular fold lines made.
  4. Fold the left’s top corner and the right’s bottom corner like a half triangle into the side fold lines of each side and fold the sides with these triangles straightly.
  5. Place it like a rectangular shape on the desk, where the folded triangles must be at the up and bottom.
  6. Unfold the bottom straight fold, not the triangle fold, then fold the upside of the page like a triangle shape at the left side into the bottom part’s fold line. Then unfold it.
  7. Fold the downside’s right portion samely, then place the upper fold part over it.
  8. Put the other side part under the bottom fold part. Fold it in the middle. It will look like a rotated flat rectangular plane.
  9. Follow these steps and make another seven rotated rectangular plane with the other color pages.
  10. Take four of those shapes, but the one edge into the other page and make it a square but every part should have different colors.
  11. Follow these edges one into another and at last, it will make a beautiful cube.

Your cube is ready for a throw! As you can see this process requires only color pages which are always available in our house. Without throwing or wasting those pages you and your kid can make this educational and playful thing easily that also helps your kid. The size of this cube is never limited. You can make as big as you can and many of them. These cubes are usually bought from the shop but other than that you can make this process and make them which can save them money as well. You can use them for study, playing and decorating rooms. So, Grab your stationaries and make this colorful cube!

Activities for Kids
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