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How to Make Paper Bird

Paper Crafts

How to Make Paper Bird

Activities for Kids

Beautiful and colorful bird crafts you will enjoy making. Simple and easy folding paper craft. It takes very minimal time and its end result is amazing. Kids can also help in making these with different color papers. These beautiful crafts can also be useful for house decoration. It’s a good piece for decoration even your kid will love playing with it as well as enjoy making it. Here are some step by step procedure for making this pretty colorful bird craft with paper and for this you will not require a lot of things, you will only need a few things with you and you are all set to make it.

It’s a good craft for decorating your space, even you will enjoy making it. Kids will also learn from it as well as like making it. Give it a try and the end results will be great. You can also teach these crafts to your kids and let them decorate their rooms with their colorful bird crafts and even they can make these for their friends and gift it to them, they will surely going to love making it and sharing it with others.

Also they can teach their friends how to make these pretty looking bird crafts with paper. Do give it a chance and try it and enjoy it making with your kids, you both going to love the end result.

Colorful Bird Craft

Materials Required:

  • Colorful papers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • marker


  • Draw a circle of 21*21cm and cut it out with the help of scissors.
  • Now fold it into half.
  • Take another small circle for the head and paste the eyes on that circle.
  • Take a small rectangle shaped paper and fold it from the middle.
  • Now after folding, cut from the middle of the bottom to the upper edge then you will get a triangle shape.
  • Paste it below the eyes.
  • Take 2 small rectangle pieces of paper and paste it on the head.
  • Take the bigger circle which was folded in half and take 3 pieces of rectangle papers and paste it together and with the help of a pen curve the tip of the papers.
  • Now paste those wings and the head on the body.
  • Take more 3 rectangle pieces for the tail and paste those at the end of the body.
  • Now take another rectangle shaped paper and fold it and cut it in  U shape.
  • Paste it below the wings and with the help of a marker just draw the basic things.

Your colorful bird is ready for decoration. It’s very easy to make and does not take a lot of time. It’s a good piece of attraction, you can decorate it to flaunt your space. Try it and you will definitely going to love the end result. It’s a easy and simple way of attraction. You can put it anywhere for decoration and it will not disappoint you and you will need very less time for making it.

Activities for Kids
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