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Learn To Draw Animals Drawings


Learn To Draw Animals Drawings

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Looking for some ideas on drawing cats and dogs. Here you will find what you are looking for. We have prepared some beautiful sketches for your toddler to draw and practice. The sketches are on cats and dogs. Your kid will learn to make beautiful and worthy sketches of cats, and faithful dogs. Drawing animals make a person learn about them too. 

The sketches are drawn below, ask your toddler to make the drawing with the help of the illustrations given below.

Learn To Draw Animals Drawings

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Draw A Traditional Cat

Learn To Draw Animals Drawings Draw A Traditional Cat

The picture above is a bold portrait of a pet cat. The cat has a formal collar which makes it look formal. The cat is looking satisfied, she has black stripes on her head and tales. The sketch will look even more professional once colored. A “meow” is written in Chinese in the picture. The cat might be Chinese as she is speaking Chinese. Cats have a total of 18 toes. Five each on the front limbs and four each on the hind limbs. She has a calm face with a satisfied smile. Your toddler will be able to draw the cat as it’s simple, enjoy sketching the cat.

Draw Three Pupps

Draw Three Pupps

Puppies are the cutest animals. They are fluffy, they’re floppy, and sweet.  It’s hard to resist petting them. Puppies are super adorable, but in addition to their sweetness, they are fascinating. There are three puppies drawn in the picture. The first puppy is winking at us. Oh! So cute, we don’t find this in reality. The other one is looking at us. The third one is smiling. Puppies can smile and they do when they are happy. All the three puppies are wearing red collars with a small bell. Your kid will be able to draw the above picture. Happy sketching!

Draw A Loyal Dog

Learn To Draw Animals Drawings Draw A Loyal Dog

Dogs provide us with love, companionship and are always there when we need them. They are great. Dogs are the man’s best friends for more than thousand of years. The dog drawn has large ears. Dogs don’t sweat like humans rather they hang out their tongues to maintain their body temperatures. Dogs are great swimmers and enjoy swimming. Their most useful skill is that they have 40 times more smelling power than humans. Due to this ability, they are used in the army, and in detecting diseases as well. Draw a dog with the help given above and do a suitable coloring.

Draw A Slumbering Cat

Draw A Slumbering Cat

A cat can sleep for around 13 to 16 hours a day. If you have seen a cat you might have seen them sleeping. The cat in the above picture is resting. She has black stripes on her back, head, and tail. Cats are good companions, and great pets, that’s why there are more than 500 million pet cats around the world. They can jump 6 times their height, and can sneak through the most congested space. Unlike pet cats, stray cats generally avoid humans and don’t like to be touched. Your toddler should draw it and add it to their art collection.

Draw A Kitten

Learn To Draw Animals Drawings Draw A Kitten

Your toddler might have asked you to buy a kitten. No one could resist petting a kitten, and everyone must have held a kitten once. With their big eyes and whisker they have the ability to attract any human being. A kitten with big eyes is ready to eat her meal and is asking for food in the image. Kittens are born deaf and blind and can’t walk until 2-3 weeks old. They need food every 3 to 4 hours. Kittens are born with blue eyes, the pupils change color as they grow. You will be able to draw the above sketch.

Draw A Kitten With A Bow

Draw A Kitten With A Bow

 WOW! A kitten is all ready to go on a fashion show. This is a beautiful sketch and your toddler should be able to draw it with ease. It will be fun art to add to their collection. The eyes of the kitten are pretty and they have a spark of innocence. The bow tie is making the sketch an overall professional. The yellow stripes and pinkish ears are somewhat comical. Kittens are cute and remain kittens only for 2-3 months. Have fun with your kid making the kitten.

That’s all for today, we learned to draw dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. We learned so much new and factual information about them as well. Drawing and sketching bring out creative ideas, and sketching animals enables children to learn about them too. 

That’s not it, we have a lot more art and craft activities, which is a lot more exciting and beneficial for children. Please give us a comment and share these activities with others too.

Keep visiting, Keep Growing! Thank you!

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