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Learning Pit Activities Flashcards – Free Printables


Learning Pit Activities Flashcards – Free Printables

So many students wait for the last moment to study and think they can prepare everything before an exam. They may succeed but that is not the right strategy, teachers often give the kids some important questions before the start of an examination. Students after going through the important questions and the topics score good marks in the examination. But the question remains, are they learning the concept or they’re just passing the examination? For more long-lasting learning, the learning has to take place with proper strategies and at the proper time.

In this edition, we have brought flashcard sheets relating to “LEARNING PIT STRATEGIES” for the young learners. Most kids forget after learning the topic, but that forgetting truly helps the child to increase consciousness. It’s kind of intuition that the kid needs, he just needs to put the right strategy at the right place.

Learning Pit Activities Flashcards

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The first sheet below has strategies like- Chunk It Down, Lean on Past Success, Think Creatively, Ask for Help, Try Again, and Positive Self Talk. Teachers and parents can help the children apply these strategies by assisting and encouraging them to build a studying schedule to plot out how they will analyze pieces of topics, and by modeling out small pieces of class time every day for inspection. Anyway, the plan is to make the kid have a decent strategy to work hard.

Learning Pit Activities Flashcards- 1

Learning Pit Activities Flashcards

The second sheet has strategies like Learn from Mistakes, Re-read the question, Consult the Classroom Resource, Have a Go, Ignore Distractions, and Stay Focused. The parents can just kind of go through the topics and explain to the children and make them revise whatever they have learned in the school. The key is not to make the kid get stressed, and if the child makes mistake, then help him by correcting the mistake. By making the kid do these, the parents are changing the way that knowledge is collected so that it’s more comfortable for the kids to understand.

Learning Pit Activities Flashcards- 2

Learning Pit Activities Flashcards

The last sheet has strategies like Take a Short Break, Take some Deep Breaths, Visualize yourself Doing it well, Stick to it, Brainstorm, and Ask for Feedback. When the strategies are accomplished, keep the children in check that whether they are understanding the topics and are revisiting their books and subjects and also addressing their issues and queries with their teachers. Once they learn how to do this they will excel with ease.

Learning Pit Activities Flashcards- 3

Learning Pit Activities Flashcards

So, download these free printable flashcard sheets now.

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