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How to Make a Winter-themed Paper Mug Craft

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How to Make a Winter-themed Paper Mug Craft

The Winter season is the best time to grab a warm mug of hot chocolate and go about your business. So, why not customize our DIY decorations for Christmas accordingly?

Today’s article brings you a step closer to achieving this. It’s time for you to bring out your colorful sheets of paper and get ready to dazzle up your home decorations.

How to Make a Winter-themed Paper Mug Craft?

Materials Required:

  1. 200 GSM A-4 sized paper sheets
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. Gluestick
  4. Sketch pen


  1. To begin making your paper mug craft, take an A4-sized 20 GSM paper sheet of your choice of color. Fold it in half.
  2. Now, using your scissors cut the paper in half, taking the folding crease as your reference.
  3. Make another slight fold horizontally on the remaining half paper so that the folded side looks like a rectangle.
  4. Cut this strip off as well.
  5. On your remaining larger rectangular piece of paper, make slight vertical folds on each side.
  6. Bring out a pair of googly eyes. (you can also make these on white paper and then color inside with a black pen to represent eyelids). Paste them on the front side of the paper.
  7. Using a black sketch pen, make a smile and eyebrows as well, to complete the face look of the mug.
  8. Take another a4 200 GSM paper, preferably of a different color, and cut it in half as well.
  9. Paste your previously made cup lookalike on this new paper in such a manner that the folds made on the side of the paper become bases while the rest of the front side is curved and we’re left with a hollowed-out mug figure.
  10. Remember the rectangular strip we cut off in steps 3 and 4? We’ll be using this to make the handle of the mug. Make equally distanced slight folds on the strip.
  11. Apply glue on the outer side of the folds and then paste them on the mug prepared earlier, giving a curved look to the handle.

Your winter-themed paper mug craft is now all-ready! Put it up for display and decorate it in any manner you’d like.

In order to do your Christmas decorations right, check out more similar DIY ideas on the K4 Craft website. This is simply the beginning. There is so much more in store for you. All you have to do is giddy up your Christmas spirit and be ready to tag along with us on this ride as we present even better craft ideas for the season to you.

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