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Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers

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Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers

Activities for Kids

Pom poms are so much fun. Do not they drive you crazy? The beautiful colors feel so attractive. Think about how much the kids will get attracted to these colors. These round colorful balls are so easy to find in the market and they make art and craft look so easy and wholesome. Colors attract kids and these colorful pom poms will always fascinate your toddler to work with or play with.  Not only art and craft but so many other activities too can be performed using pom poms. In this article we will provide you not only with the craft ideas but also with ideas comprising on how these pom poms could be used to play indoor games. For example, some fun activities such as matching the colors, and color drop activities as collecting the similar colored pom poms separately, or creating an ice cream craft with the pom poms, sorting the pom poms, and much more. It has always been an ordeal to keep a toddler entertained for a long interval of time with the same game or source. Hence, we are here! with plenty of ideas for you and your young one.

Age preferred –

In this article, we have provided ideas for children up to 5  years of age.

Materials Required –

  1. beautiful colorful pom poms
  2. adhesive like glue
  3. craft papers for performing various artwork
  4.  jars or boxes for activities such as color drop etc.
  5. scissors

Following are a few tips on art and craft with some activities using pom poms.

Happy Crafting to you!

Pom Poms Activities For Toddlers

 Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers

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Pom Basket Push Play For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Learn With Play At Home

This is simple and easy work for toddlers and preschoolers. Every child likes spongy and soft toys so pom poms fit the best here. It comprises the activity of pushing the pom poms into the basket. This helps the fine motor skills, patience, and concentration of kids. If you have baskets with holes then you don’t have to work on them. Just placing and pushing the pom poms by your kids will get to take place. If you don’t have then chose one and punch holes in it. This craft work is playful rather than artwork so this would replace the mobile timing of your kids. Kids these days play games with only mobile phones than the physical world, so make your kids work and live more in the physical world instead of mobile.

Color Learning Using Pom-Pom

Image Source/Tutorial: The Pleasantest Thing

This is not a craft work, rather it is a learning part for toddlers. If you wanna teach your kids the names of the colors by using a soft play tool then you can o with this method. The things needed for this are pom poms, a container, colored paper, and glue or tape. Paste the colored papers on the lid of the container, if your container hasn’t had a lid then stick the papers on the body of the container. Now it’s your part to teach the colors to your kids. Ask kids to place the same colored pom poms in the respective container. This teaches your kids to learn color as well as a way of organizing things.

Pom-Pom Simple Hat Making For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Living Montessori Now

You need to ready with red pom poms and white paper. And scissors and glue are the basic ones for craftwork so have that in your craft bag always. The white and red are a wonderful combo ever and this color combination reminds me of Christmas. Draw and cut the white paper in a long hat shape as shown in the above image. Otherwise, you can download it online if your kid won’t like others interfering in their work. Because there are some kids who won’t like to interfere in their work, I belong to that category. Draw the lines in the cat where poms should be pasted. Here 3 layers have been arranged and if you like to decorate some more then do it.

Color Match Fun Game For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Image Source/Tutorial: The Pleasantest Thing

Just ask your kids to move the pom poms to the respective side using the same colored clothing pins. The joy for kids is playing and seeing things colorfully. This is purely for toddlers and preschoolers to play and learn. You may think what can be done with this is only pom poms and clothespins. Develop games by yourself and teach your kids through that. Like Have the pom poms at various sizes and ask them to arrange them in ascending or descending order which will teach your kid what is ascending and descending before they get to know in the math class. If there are more kids then keep the race or color match. That is who is matching the colors first. Managing the kindergarten kids is a very tedious job to do, so assign them an interesting game like this.

Pom-Pom Blow Game For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: The Pleasantest Thing

You need colorful pom poms and colored cardstock to play this game. This game will energize your kindergarten kids for sure. And in the winter season kids couldn’t go out to play so try this game at your home as an indoor game. Place the colorful cardstocks on the wall with a slight bend like the football goal net stanchion. Now empty the bag of colorful pom poms and before you start the game, tell them the rules of the game. That is they should make the pom poms reach the corresponding cardstock to get a goal only by blowing it. So let them crawl down on the floor to blow and they’ll love this game for sure.

Pom-Pom Hockey Game For Preschoolers

Image Source/Tutorial: Learning 4 Kids

Bag of colorful pom poms, cardboard tube, tape, and a paper plate. This is for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Make a square or circle shape using white tape on the floor. Pour colorful and different-sized pom poms on the floor. Cut the paper plate into a quarter of its size and paste that on the cardboard roll using the tape to act as a scoop. Now instruct kids to fill the drawn shape using pom poms by only using scoops and not by hands. Run this as a competition and see who wins. You can conduct this in two ways, one is just filling random colors and sizes and the other is only filling the same colors or equal sizes using the scoop.

Ice Cream Pom-Pom For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: One Time Through

Have you ever noticed that “kids will replicate what their parents do”? In that way, I’ve played with my friends and cousins in my childhood cooking food using the play kits and even with sand. Play this with your little cutie pie. So here I’m sharing the ice cream store making using pom poms, cups, spoons, and sprinkles. Place the cups and fill them with colorful pom poms and pour sprinkles on them. Try some narrow strips of color and white paper on it. Make cup ice creams and cone ice creams and play by creating a menu for your ice cream parlor. Make your kid explore the business world by just creating the types of ice creams in your shop and their amount.

Play Dough Pom-Pom

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

The things needed to make this craft are pipe cleaners, googly eyes, play dough, and different colored pom poms. Place all your needed things on one plate or sheet which will reduce your time searching the things. Preparing the materials in advance is a good habit. This activity helps fine-motor skills. Using play dough make the head and body of the animal which they wished to recreate and add pipe cleaners for the tail, and nose. Finally, place the googly eyes and now you can see the complete structure of play dough. After you have done this, ask your kiddo to give the details of those animals like their habitat, what they eat and how they live. If you plainly give this task, they won’t do but if you assign this with their hand-eye coordinating and engageable craft then they’ll do this, Test it.

Playing And Learning Bottle Pom-Pom

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

The activity here is simple and fits toddlers and preschoolers. Things needed are colorful pom poms and transparent plastic bottles. When I was a kid(I don’t know what is pom poms that time) I used to fill and play with jelly balls in a transparent bottle which will enlarge when it gets soaked in water. After it attains its size with different colors of jelly balls in the bottle, it’ll look adorable. Here it is color pom poms and you can make your kid engage in the learning part too. Ask your kid to count when he/she drops a pom pom in the bottle, ask to place the same colors of pom poms, ask to drop two pom poms at a time, and teach the multiples of 2.

Fun Play With Pom-Pom

Image Source/Tutorial: One Time Through

Materials required are a huge number of pompoms say 50(approximately), a kitchen strainer, and wooden skewer sticks. The process is simple. Pour all the pom poms in the strainer and insert the sticks in one side of the hole and pull out another side and repeat the process until you’ve filled the all holes as shown in the above image. Now turn the strainer upside down and start to pull out or remove the sticks one by one. The game here is collecting the pom poms when removing the sticks. Who has more pom poms wins the game or you can play vice versa. Game rules are just made by us so customize your game situation and winner.

Pom-Pom Slime For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun At Home With Kids

Things needed are clear glue, liquid starch, and pom poms, say(30). The fun craft here is making the slime with pom poms in it and playing with it. If your kid is not old enough to understand not mouthing then go with edible slime and the link is embedded in the page. Mix glue and liquid starch, mix well and add pom poms when you get the right form of the mixture. If you have any doubts about the process then go with the links given on the page.

Easter Egg Shaker For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun At Home With Kids

This craft is for toddlers and preschoolers. If you have a different age set of kids then ask your older kid to make a craft gift for his/her Lil one. You need rice, liquid watercolor, pom poms, plastic easter eggs, and a large tray or box. First, make the color rice by mixing rice and liquid watercolor so you will get one color of rice and do the same process for other colors too, to get a mixture of various colors. Once you got a variety of colors, mix those to get colorful rice. Now place the pom poms and plastic easter eggs above the rice. Fill the empty plastic easter egg with the colorful rice half the egg so that the rolling of colored rice can be seen when your Lil one shakes that. Place the colored rice in each of the colors separately and place the same color of pom poms above it with an easter egg.

Pom-Pom Rainbow Fun Activity For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Image Source/Tutorial: Sew Fantastic

It’s a rainy day! and children can’t go out and play. So parents might have been thinking about what fun and learning activities can give to their kids. Then you are on the right page. This is a simple activity for your kid. You should get ready with a rainbow or numbers template. You can easily download the template which is given in the link below the image. Things needed are template, magnet, and pom poms. Place the magnate on the pom poms. Place the template on the plate which should attract magnate. Now ask your kid to match the pom poms on the corresponding colors.  In this way, you can teach colors, numbers, flowers animals, and more. This helps fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination.

Pom-Pom Learning Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: I Can Teach My Child

As I’m a mathematics student, this reminds me of the Venn diagram part in set theory. Things needed for this activity are masking tape, contact paper, pom poms, and a black marker. Tape the contact paper on the window and start making the pattern. Make an alternative pattern of say red and blue. Using a black marker draw a Venn diagram and name it as little or big. Teach the concept of a Venn diagram to your kids in a simple way like this. So if their teacher starts to introduce this concept in the classroom your kid will stand out as he knows already this concept. Instruct your kid to place big-sized and small-sized pom poms on the circle labeled as big and small respectively. In the center(intersection) place medium-sized pom poms. You can go in another way of color combination. Like, name one circle as yellow and another as red. The mixing of these 2 colors gives orange so this is the center (intersection) piece. The same goes with red and blue giving violet, yellow and blue giving green, and so on.

Pom-Pom Squish Bag

Image Source/Tutorial: Parenting Chaos

This is for toddlers Try this in your home, for sure they’ll love this. Ingredients needed are sandwich bags, pom poms, glitters, tape, and dish soap. Empty the plastic bag and fill one-fourth of the bag with soap and water. Pour the glitters and then the pom poms into it. Seal the bag tightly with tape and squeeze the excess air out. That’s it! let them(toddlers) play with this colorful pom-pom bag by squishing it. By doing so, bubbles and foams will arise with will entertain kids. This helps in tuning the fine motor skills of the kiddo.

Pom-Pom Fish Activity For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Powerful Mothering

This is for toddlers and it is nothing but placing the colorful pom poms in the fish’s body. If you have this board with you then your kid part is just placing the pom poms. If not then cut the cardboard and paint with the color you want. Then ask your kid to stick the pom poms on that. Making kids sit and concentrate on one work will be really tough job to do. These kinds give them interesting and hands-on exercise works them so their hand-eye coordination and convergence of concentration will get increase.

Hope you have gone through all the craft posts and enjoyed them! We wish to try these crafts at your home and come up with innovative craft ideas. Stay tuned to k4craft to get more craft ideas for kids and adults. Visit other craft ideas by clicking here so you’ll get invited into the world of craft ideas where you can find different craft ideas for all age categories.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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