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Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers

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Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers

Hype your little ones up with these easy craft activities using soft and colourful Pompoms. Try out many new and diverse ways of crafting with your toddlers by exploring these simple, budget-friendly ideas together.

Lead your children into novel sensory experiences with these easy Pompom craft ideas for toddlers.  These fun activities can be integrated into their playtime to make valuable bonding experiences. Along with several educational benefits, these craft ideas are beneficial in exercising the young minds of your toddlers to develop creativity, imagination and concentration along with training their hands for fine motor skills.

Pom pom are so much fun. Do not they drive you crazy? The beautiful colors feel so attractive. Think about how much the kids will get attracted to these colors. These round colorful balls are so easy to find in the market and they make art and craft look so easy and wholesome. Colors attract kids and these colorful pom poms will always fascinate your toddler to work with or play with.

Not only art and craft but so many other activities too can be performed using pom poms. In this article we will provide you not only with the craft ideas but also with ideas comprising on how these pom poms could be used to play indoor games. For example, some fun activities as matching the colors, or color drop activities as collecting the similar colored pom poms separately, or creating an ice cream craft with the pom poms, sorting the pom poms and much more.

It has always been an ordeal to keep a toddler entertained for a long interval of time with the same game or source. Hence, we are here! with plenty of ideas for you and your young one.

Age preferred –

In this article, we have provided ideas for children up to 5  years of age.

Materials Required –

  1. beautiful colorful pom poms
  2. adhesive like glue
  3. craft papers for performing various artwork
  4.  jars or boxes for activities such as color drop etc.
  5. scissors

Following are a few tips on art and craft with some activities using pom poms.

Happy Crafting to you!

Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers

 Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers

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Fun Pompom Push Activity for Toddlers

Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers DIY Pom Pom Basket Craft For Toddler

Image Source/Tutorial: Learn With Play At Home

Add a new game to your children’s playtime with this fun Pompom push activity for toddlers! You can make this toy with a bunch of Pompoms and any empty basket or used (and cleaned) milk cartons and cereal boxes. With its eco-friendly and recyclable nature, this activity is very easy to make but what’s even better, is that it is a greatly engaging game that builds up a child’s concentration and patience as they attempt to push the Pompoms through the holes to stay right in the middle. So grab any container (with holes) and do this activity with your child today!

DIY Pompom Craft Ideas For kids

Pom Pom Color Drop Activities For Busy Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: The Pleasantest Thing

DIY pompom crafts make great projects for kids of all ages. With just a few simple materials, kids can create all kinds of fun pom pom projects, from garlands to finger puppets to wall hangings. These craft ideas are sure to keep children entertained and creatively inspired.

Dr. Seuss Pompom Cat in the Hat Craft

Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers Montessori Pom Pom Activity For Kids - Cat In The Hat

Image Source/Tutorial: Living Montessori Now

Bring your favourite childhood storybook character to life with this simple Dr. Seuss Pompom Cat in the Hat craft. This unmistakable red and white hat has a legacy of its own that goes beyond time. Dive into this legacy with your children by reading the timeless book and making this iconic Hat together. With only red Pompoms, white paper, sketch pen, glue and scissors, you can create everlasting memories with your children today. Enjoy!

Fine Motor Colour Game

Pom Pom Fine Motor Color Game Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Pleasantest Thing

Fine Motor Colour Game is an educational and fun activity designed to help children develop their fine motor skills. It’s a great way to introduce colours to young children in a fun and interactive way.

DIY Pompom Ice-Cream Making for kids

Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers Pom Pom Ice-Cream Shop Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: One Time Through

Does your child have a sweet tooth and love everything ice cream? Well, surprise them with this activity today! Make your own ice cream in your own ice cream shop at home with just Pompoms, paper cups and other creative ingredients as mentioned in the tutorial. Although a large twist exists, that you won’t be able to eat this scrumptious looking dessert, the fun hands-on experience of creating these treats will give your children as much joy as eating them, if not more.

Creative Pompom Collecting Play Activity

Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers Pom Pom Storage Craft Ideas For Kindergarten

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Who knew that with the creative use of only two materials, one can create one of the most playful, yet educational activity for kids? All you need is an empty plastic bottle and a plethora of soft Pompoms. Simply put, this activity teaches children to gather all their scattered Pompoms into one storage unit, but the creativity of instructions makes it most engaging. Tell your child to arrange the Pompoms by their size, colour, or other characteristics to give it a new educational twist each time they play this game.

Colourful and Stretchy Polka Dot Pompom Slime

Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers Polka Dot Slime Activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun At Home With Kids

Manufacture your children’s all-time favourite playthings at home including the beloved gooey Slime! Add a bunch of colourful Pompoms to the concoction and make your very own Polka Dot Pompom Slime. Grab some bottles of clear school glue, liquid starch, and Pompoms (check the tutorial link for the appropriate quantity). If you want to make it with your child, make sure to do it with children who no longer put things in their mouth and know not to touch their face with their hands.

Easy DIY Pompom Egg Shakers craft

Homemade Egg Shakers Craft Ideas For 4 Year Olds

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun At Home With Kids

Tickle your toddlers’ musical senses with this colourful and creative activity where we create Egg Shakers using Pompoms and Rice. This activity will take them on an exciting journey of sensory exploration, with the tiny rice grains and soft Pompom balls their toddler hands will have to manoeuvre into the plastic eggs, and the sound produced by the finished product. To be done with a pinch of caution for children who might consume the materials, but this activity is bound to be enjoyed by all.

Stick-on Magnet Pompoms Fun Home Activity

Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers Pom Pom Rainbow Art & Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Sew Fantastic

Discover the magic of indoor games with your toddlers within the four corners of your own house today! Using just magnets, Pompoms and glue, transform the 2D printable templates (provided in the tutorial link) into 3D immersive experiences that will drive away boredom and welcome smiles as bright as the sun on your children’s faces. Improve your child’s counting, colour matching and instruction following capabilities with this fun and exciting Stick-on Magnet Pompoms craft.

Easy Pompom Sticking Activity for Toddlers

Pom Pom Sticky Learning activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: I Can Teach My Child

Say goodbye to boredom with your kids by introducing these fun DIY crafts and games at home. For this activity, you will need only 3 materials – masking tape, contact paper, and colourful Pompoms. Add your own set of rules or twists to this indoor activity to make it as creatively challenging and engrossing as possible. Children from ages 2 to 8 may enjoy this activity the most but older children are also encouraged to put their thinking caps on and play this while making the game’s difficulty higher for themselves.

Sticker Bath Toy with Small Pompoms Craft Game

Pom Pom Sorting Activity For Kindergarten

Image Source/Tutorial: Powerful Mothering

Children seeking new challenges and games can be introduced to this simple Sticker Bath Toy with Small Pompoms craft game. With minimal requirements and demands, this game exercises a toddler’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which are accompanied by important cognitive developments as well in the fields of attention, concentration, identification of colours, shapes and sizes. With your children between ages of 2 to 4, grab any old sticker bath toy and some small pom poms to let the crafting begin!

I hope you like our list of Pom Pom Activities For Toddlers and will surely try to make them.
If you like our ideas and want to read more crafts ideas, Keep visiting our website for the latest DIY ideas and other creative stuff for kids, parents, and teachers.
Please let us know in the comment section which Pom Pom Activity you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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