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Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts & Activities for Kids

Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts for Kids

DIY and Crafts

Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts & Activities for Kids

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns when it comes to keeping kids entertained indoors, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the blue skies. The next time it rains, try one of these rainbow crafts for kids and you’ll have a great time no matter what the weather.

With these adorable rainbow crafts for kids, you can explore all seven colors of the rainbow. Children can make easy art projects using construction paper, or 3D rainbow crafts using construction paper for older kids as well.

You can try one or more of these projects with your art and craft supplies. There are ideas for crafting at home and for crafting in the classroom as well. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of the magical rainbow pot, paper cutting, pipe cleaner, popsicle stick frame, thundershower, yarn, rolling pin art, weaving, pinata, yarn cloudy, washi tape, sponge painting, treats, wall sticky, wonderful volcano, sweet and papercraft.

Let’s Begin…

Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts For Kids

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Easy To Make Multi-Colored Water Rainbow For Project

Easy To Make Multi-Colored Water Rainbow For Project

Image Source/Tutorial: KidsArt&Craft

This project is easy to make and fun for kids! With a few simple supplies, you can create a multi-colored rainbow of water. It’s a great project to help kids explore color and add a bit of fun to science class.

Creating a Cloud Rainbow with Simple Paper and Popsicle Sticks

 Creating a Cloud Rainbow with Simple Paper and Popsicle Sticks

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Creating a Cloud Rainbow with Simple Paper and Popsicle Sticks is a great craft for kids of all ages. It’s easy to make and fun to watch come together. With just a few materials, you can create a beautiful rainbow that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Magical Rainbow Pot With Finger Tips

Eye Catching Crafts For Kids Magical Rainbow Pot With Finger Tips

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

The Magical Rainbow Pot is very fascinating.  A beautiful rainbow coming out of a magical pot glitters all around. It will be more amazing when it will be done by your child.

Tell your kids to draw the pot and color it first then tell them to carefully dip their fingers in rainbow colors and make the sweet rainbow. They can also add the trees as shown in the picture. This will be a great idea for craftwork for school.

Paper Cutting Rainbow

Paper Cutting Rainbow

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Making a paper cutting rainbow out of colorful paper is an amazing project for your schoolwork this week. This rainbow craft is a lot of fun for kids of all ages, including younger ones if you do a little prep work first. All you need is paper of VIBGYOR color and cut them to make a colorful rainbow.

Colorful Pipe Cleaner Rainbow

Colorful Pipe Cleaner Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Still Playing School

We have heard about rainbows made with pen and paper, crayons, and small pieces of paper. But have you ever heard of the rainbow made with a pipe cleaner?

Here is a unique idea for your school project. All you need is a pipe cleaner of different colors and arrange it in the way shown in the picture.

I am pretty sure your classmates will be amused by seeing this.

Popsicle Stick Frame

Popsicle Stick Frame

Image Source/Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

Our next topic will be this amazing popsicle stick frame craft. It’s an easy craft to do, and kids will enjoy creating it.
This children’s craft is a great choice if you are doing for school craft or simply want a simple, fun activity to do with your students or children.
This frame can be an addition to the walls because its flower design makes it very beautiful.

Thunder Shower With Rainbow

Thunder Shower With Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Inspired Mama

Stuck inside your room on a Sunday morning because it is raining outside? No need to be sad you can have fun at home as well by making Thunder Shower with Rainbow.

Bring out some cotton, straws of VIBGYOR color, and a plastic plate. Cut the plastic plate in half and add pieces of cotton to it for the clouds. For the thundershower, cut the straws into small pieces and attach them by string to the clouds as shown in the picture. Then your Thunder Shower With Rainbow is ready.

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Rainbow Yarn

Rainbow Yarn

Image Source/Tutorial: Paper-and-glue

Another amazing idea is this rainbow yarn.  This is a perfect art piece that your mother will surely like to aad on her showcase.

Ask your mother to give you some Yarn of different rainbow colors take a cardboard and cut it in a rainbow shape. Then wrap the cardboard with this yarn and you are ready to show it off.

You can even wrap the yarn in patterns.

Rolling Pin Art In Rainbow Shades

Eye Catching Crafts For Kids Rolling Pin Art In Rainbow Shades

Image Source/Tutorial: Preschool Inspirations

The rainbow rolling pin art project is always a favorite when we do it in conjunction with our annual rainbow theme. The little ones and the big ones can both do this easily, and the results are always lovely.

Even better, it’s a gross motor skill and process art combination! Your child can do it on their own or with a friend.

Rainbow Salts

Rainbow Salts

Image Source/Tutorial: Babbled Dabble Do

Salts of Rainbow color will surely be the most fascinating one. Not only for kids but also for adults as well.

Prints from these can be lifted and made into suncatchers, but as the project, they are ephemeral, lasting only a couple of days before curling up. While the process of creating art and lifting print was fun, we found it engaging as well.

Textured Rainbow Suncatcher

Textured Rainbow Suncatcher Eye Catching Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Toddler Time

Children of all ages will enjoy making this rainbow suncatcher craft with contact paper! For spring or St. Patrick’s Day, create rainbow art that’s textured and beautiful!

This will be a brilliant idea for school crafts as well as for your wall decoration. I am pretty sure everyone will praise you a lot for this.

Rainbow Making With Tissue Balls

Rainbow Making With Tissue Balls

Image Source/Tutorial: Crayons And Cravings

Rainbows are your children’s favorite? If so, this rainbow craft is the perfect craft for them. Besides being easy to make and fun for kids to do, this rainbow craft is also very affordable. This is also the kind of kid’s art project that will take some time to make, which makes it an excellent rainy day activity.

Weaving Rainbows

Weaving Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Day With Grey

Stuck at home on a rainy day with your annoying children?

It is fun for a toddler, preschoolers, and kindergarteners to weave rainbow papers together.

Depending on their needs, they had a slightly different cardboard loom. Trust me, it will be the quietest in your house all day because your kids will enjoy this activity. On a rainy day inside, this is the best idea.

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Rainbow Mickey

Rainbow Mickey

Image Source/Tutorial: Grace Giggles And Naptime

Mickey Mouse Club House is probably your kid’s favorite show on T.V. You might get irritated because they watch that show all the time.

We have an idea for you by which you can keep your kids away from T.V for a while and they will enjoy it as well. This Rainbow Mickey is a perfect idea. Give them some pieces of cotton and a plate and seven different colors of the rainbow and tell them to do it as shown in the picture.

Leafy Rainbow

Leafy Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Grace Giggle And Naptime

You love the pop of color, right? Once the leaves start to turn here, just do this colorful take on the classic painted leaf craft! This leafy Rainbow is a great activity and science lesson all in one!here’s nothing easier than this activity to do with your preschooler and big kids together

Rainbow Pinata

Rainbow Pinata

Image Source/Tutorial: Made With Happy

With these super easy mini rainbow pinatas, you’re sure to have a blast at your child’s birthday party. Plus, they add a great flavor to your party!

As a Party Craft for a Rainbow Party, St. Patrick’s Day party, or Cinco de Mayo party, this colourful Rainbow would be perfect!
If you are a pinata lover then this one would be your first choice.

Yarn Cloudy Rainbows

Yarn Cloudy Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

This is the cutest option we have for you. Yarn-wrapped clouds and rainbow color shower is an amazing choice.

Take some cardboard cut them into cloud shapes and wrap them with white yarn. Add some googly eyes and for the face add some detailing. For the shower bring out all the seven colors of yarn and attach it to the cloud and then your Yarn Cloudy Rainbows are ready.

Rainbows & Unicorn Craft

Rainbows And Unicorn Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft Bits

Most of us love unicorns and rainbows. We dream of living in a world of rainbows and unicorns as well. Alas! That is not possible. But we can make rain unicorns and rainbows on our own.

Take a paper cut in the shape of the unicorn and add the detailing of the unicorn, as shown in the picture. Cut seven colors of rainbow strips and add them to the unicorn and then your Rainbow Unicorn is ready.

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Colorful Rainbow Washi Tape

Colorful Rainbow Washi Tape Eye Catching Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

This rainbow washi tape craft is perfect for spring kids’ crafts since it uses both rainbows and washi tape. Whether you make it as a stand-alone Colourful Rainbow Washi Tape craft or turn it into a cute rainbow greeting card, your washi tape rainbow will be sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Make this simple and cheerful rainbow washi tape craft with colourful washi tape of seven colors of the rainbow!

Colorful Bird Feeder

Colorful Bird Feeder

Image Source/Tutorial: Made With Happy

If you’re looking for a fun craft stick craft, then we’ve got this fun popsicle stick bird feeder. Make it for spring or go camping with the kids.

Adding a fun pop of color to your yard while making a fun Summer DIY project for the kids, the Popsicle stick bird feeder is both fun and colorful. Birds can use this feeder in the winter as well as in the spring. It is perfect in your yard all year round!

Sponge Paint Rainbow

Sponge Paint Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Momeh

Sponge painting is always kids’ favorite.  So here is a great drawing for them.

This might also help them in their school’s craftwork take a sponge add the rainbow colors on it sponge it on the paper and draw the rainbow on the paper as shown in the picture. Then draw the magical pot and add some glitters to it. For the clouds use some pieces of cotton. Your Sponge Paint Rainbow is ready.

Wonderful Rainbow Volcano

Wonderful Rainbow Volcano

Image Source/Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

With simple household items and common kitchen ingredients, kids can make this rainbow baking soda volcano experiment.

With just a few items you probably already have in your kitchen, such as baking soda, food coloring, and vinegar, your kids will love making this colorful rainbow baking soda volcano.
DIY volcano experiments are fun for kids of all ages, and this one is no exception. Kids of all ages will enjoy the process and outcome of this simple science experiment.

Rainbow Treats

Eye Catching Rainbow Treats Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Hello Yummy

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to make your kids a rainbow treat that will make them giddy with excitement when they catch the leprechauns!

Give these St. Patrick’s Day edible gold coins and rainbows that are perfect for friends or class or surprise your kids with leprosy with them!

Maybe it’s what awaits them after they set out of the leprechaun trap.

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Bubbly Rainbow

Bubbly Rainbow

Image Source/Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

Playing with bubbles colorfully, these Bubbly Rainbow are a fun recycled craft for kids!

Bubble art is one of our favorite things to make, and we couldn’t wait to make Bubly Rainbow! Using a bottle bubble blower, we made a twist on the bubble and they made the most beautiful bubbles. We’ve even tried making bottle bubble paintings!

The difference is that this version uses a sock and dish soap instead of a bubble solution. Of course, rainbow bubbles are also made with food coloring! A rainbow forms when you blow out the bubbles and that is a mesmerizing view!

Wall Sticky Rainbow

Wall Sticky Eye Catching Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Toddler Playtime

It is my new favorite activity out of all the contact paper ones we’ve done so far.

Give them magnetic shapes of rainbow colors and tell them to stick them to the wall in the form of a rainbow. The results are stunning and the best part is that the stick wall doesn’t have to be taken down once it’s finished. After you remove the shapes, you can do the activity again later.

Rainbows Are Sweet

Rainbows Are Sweet

Image Source/Tutorial: Gift Of Curiosity

Do you want a science activity that will mesmerize kids (and adults!) of all ages? Are you interested in adding some STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) to your day? If so, this M&M rainbow science activity is perfect!

It will keep you entertained! When the rainbow forms, it will be impossible to look away from it. I hope that you and your children will enjoy this activity as much as we do!

Rainbow Drops

Eye Catching Rainbow Drops Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Imagination Tree

This is a perfect idea for your school project. Bring out the cardboard and some strings and seven colors of the rainbow.

Take the cardboard and cut out the raindrops and the cloud. Stick pieces of cotton on the cloud and color the raindrops with Rainbow colors.  Attach these raindrops to sting and stick them to the cloud.

Now it is ready to go to your school and hang on the school wall.

Rainbow Shamrocks

Rainbow Shamrocks

Image Source/Tutorial: Twichetts

Paper shamrocks in rainbow colors are much easier to make than you might think. Grab some construction paper and let’s get crafty for St. Patrick’s Day!
As with many activities and crafts we do, they often begin as one thing and become something else.

Originally this craft was a paper rainbow, then it evolved into this cute Rainbow Heart. We became addicted to these rainbow paper shamrocks before we knew what was happening!

Rainbow crafts are super easy to make, and your kids will love making them! Decorate your house for St. Patrick’s Day or give them as gifts to family and friends!

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Rainbow Pompons

Eye Catching Rainbow PomPoms Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Craft Room

A new baby is coming to your family tomorrow and you don’t know what to gift him/her. We have a perfect idea for you.

Make these cute little Rainbow pompons for the little ones and hang them above their head so that they can see them all the time and play with them. I am pretty sure they will find these pom poms fascinating.

Rainbow Paper Crafts

Rainbow Paper Crafts

Image Source/Tutorial: Learning And Exploring

Often we have seen little kids love vibrant color and tend to draw and color with it. Now, this is a great idea for them.

Cut the rainbow-colored papers for them and let them draw with them You will surely be surprised to see their masterpiece. That will be amazing and you will keep it in your showcase.

Rainbow Paper Bag

Eye Catching Rainbow PaperBag Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Arty Crafty Kids

To all the little fashionable queens out there, we have great news for you. Here comes the all-new trend of Rainbow Paper Bag. You can take it to your school and show it to your friends.

Take two plates cut one plate into half and stick them together in half one stick some pieces of cotton and on the other visible part of the other plate draw a rainbow and add a string so that you can carry your bag.

All these Rainbow Crafts will not only look food for school projects but also brighten up your home. Your child will surely love these activities as these vibrant colors always catch their attention.

So if you liked these activities follow our website for more such articles.

Don’t forget to comment on which one you loved the most.

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