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Awesome Rainbow & Flower Painting Art For Kids

Awesome Rainbow & Flower Painting Art For Kids


Awesome Rainbow & Flower Painting Art For Kids

This article provides an easy step-by-step guide to help kids create beautiful Rainbow & Flower Painting Art. Perfect for young aspiring artists, this tutorial includes tips and tricks to make sure your artwork looks amazing.

Welcome to the world of awesome rainbow and flower painting art for kids! Painting can be a great way to introduce children to the creative process, and this type of art is perfect for young artists. With bright colors and simple shapes, these paintings will inspire your child to explore their imagination and develop their artistic skills. From basic techniques such as mixing colors to more complex blending, your child will be able to create stunning works of art. So get out your paints and get ready to create a masterpiece!

How And Easy To Make Awesome Rainbow & Flower Painting Art For Kids

Awesome Rainbow & Flower Painting Art For Kids

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Material Used:

  • White sheet
  • Acrylic paint
  • Earbuds
  • Paint brushes
  • Wooden sticks

Instructions: –

Starting Off With Impressive Circles – Step 1

Cool Art To Make A Rainbow Painting Using CrayonsAwesome Rainbow Art & Flower Painting Art For Kids

Take a wooden stick with a circular end for impressing circles on the sheet.

Impressing Yellow Circles – Step 2

Simple Art To Make Flower Pattern Idea For KidsAwesome Rainbow Art & Flower Painting Art For Kids

Put yellow acrylic on the circle part of the wooden stick and impress it on the paper. Make four circles, as we are making four flowers. Rest it for a few minutes and let it dry.

Using Paint Brush For Making Petals – Step 3

Easy To Make Flower Painting Art Using Acrylic Paint With Brush

Now, take a paintbrush and use purple color or whichever color of the petal you want and start making petals by smoothly moving them from outwards towards the yellow circles.

Making Petals on Another Flower – Step 4

Homemade Painting Creativity Idea With Watercolors

Do the same thing on the other flower using the same color.

Changing The Color Of The Petals – Step 5

Easy To Make Colorful Flowers Using WatercolorsAwesome Rainbow Art & Flower Painting Art For Kids

Now, wash the brush off and use different colors for the other two flowers to make them look more beautiful. And let it rest for a few minutes to make it dry.

Using Earbuds in Making Flowers – Step 6

Perfect Art To Make Bubble Sunflower Using Earbud

After the paint has become dry, take an earbud and dip it in the orange color. After dipping it in the color bring it towards the yellow circles and make small dots on it to make it more realistic. Repeat it on other flowers also.

Upgrading Your Creativity Level – Step 7

DIY Colorful Flower Art Painting Idea For KidsAwesome Rainbow Art & Flower Painting Art For Kids

Now, it’s time to upgrade the painting, for that you need to take another paintbrush dip it in acrylic paint of different colors and make little thinner petals between two big petals.

Changing The Color Of The Flower – Step 8

Decorative Flower Painting With Watercolors Idea For PreschoolersAwesome Rainbow Art & Flower Painting Art For Kids

After completing two flowers of the same color, change the color of the paintbrush for the remaining flowers.

Making Stem of The Flowers – Step 9

Awesome Colorful Flowers Painting Art Idea For Kids

Change your brush, dip it in the green color, and make the stem of the flowers. Slightly move the brush from the inwards of the flowers towards the outwards.

Making Leaves For the Painting – Step 10

Art Process To Making Flowers With Leaves Craft For Children

Start off making leaves from the green colored paintbrush.

Using Green Color for Leaves – Step 11

Cool Art To Make Flowers Pattern Painting Idea For Kids

After completing with stems, make leaves on every stem and make two leaves for each flower.

Making a Rainbow – Step 12

DIY Project Rainbow Flower Painting Idea For KidsAwesome Rainbow Art & Flower Painting Art For Kids

To make a rainbow for your nature painting pick a big brush and put different colors on it using a small brush.

Slightly Moving the Brush – Step 13

Cute Colorful Flowers Painting Art Using Paint BrushAwesome Rainbow Art & Flower Painting Art For Kids

Now slightly move your brush from left to right in a semicircular form.

Rainbow is Ready to Shine – Step 14

Rainbow Art Flowers Craft Idea For Kids

This is how your rainbow will look.

Giving a Final Touch – Step 15

Beautiful Rainbow Flowers Art Project Idea Using EarbudAwesome Rainbow Art & Flower Painting Art For Kids

Now, if we have a rainbow then we must have clouds. So, to make clouds take a wooden stick with small circular ends and dip it in the blue paint. After dipping, impress it on the ends of the rainbow for the final touch.

This is The Final Look of Your Painting – Final Steps

Cool Art Rainbow Sunflowers Painting Craft Idea For Kids

So, finally, you are done with the painting and the final view left you surprised. You can easily make such kinds of paintings using acrylic colors. Children of any age can try making this beautiful painting.


What kind of art supplies do I need to paint rainbow and flower art?

You will need acrylic paint, paint brushes, a canvas, and a pallet.

How do I mix the colors for the rainbow?

To mix the colors for the rainbow, you will need to mix together the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) to create the secondary colors (orange, green, and purple).

What are some tips for painting flowers?

When painting flowers, it is important to use light and dark colors to create a 3D effect and use different brushstrokes to create texture.

How do I create a rainbow and flower painting on a canvas?

Begin by sketching out the design of your painting on the canvas using a pencil. Then use the colors you have mixed to paint in the rainbow and the flowers.

What kind of brush should I use for painting flowers?

A small round brush is ideal for painting flowers.

This rainbow and flower painting art for kids is a great way to get children engaged in expressing their creativity and exploring their artistic side.

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