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Sea Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids


Sea Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids

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Have a look at these Four different drawing ideas which are very easy and simple to draw. Gain better knowledge of art by starting your drawing series with these.

Sea Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids


Easy Drawing Ideas Octopus

Look at this cute jellyfish, which would give your child the motivation to draw and doodle. Jellyfish is an aquatic animal and is found in the cold waters of the ocean. Go and grab your Sketch pens and start drawing this cute picture. This activity is given to boost creativity.



A snail is known for its different textures and different colors. Snails can be found in a wide range of environments, including ditches, deserts, and depths of the sea. Look at this very simple snail drawing in the picture above and start doodling.


Lobsters are sea animals. These are found deep inside the sea. They live in burrows inside the seawater. They are golden in colour. Lobsters have long bodies and 10 legs. They have a tail also that help them to swim deep in water. A pair of front legs are pointed. Lobsters are eaten by humans. They are good to taste. Draw this lobster on your artbook and fill it with colour. First, draw it with a pencil and then outline it with a sketch pen. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+.

Sea horse

Sea horses are sea animals. They are usually yellow, golden, red or pink. They are named sea horse because their head resembles that of the animal horse. Kids, you can see the sea horse in an aquarium. They are not very big. Their nose is called a snout. They don’t even swim well in water. You can draw this horse-headed seawater creature on your art books or drawing books. Use any type of colour to fill it with like crayons, pencil colours, sketch colours etc. This type of drawing is suitable for kids of age group 8+.

Cute Fish

Easy Drawing Ideas Cute Fish

Have a look at this simple and easy drawing of fish in the picture above. Her big and beautiful eyes are attention-grabbing. Go and grab your Sketch pens and start drawing this beautiful fish. Let me know in comment section if you liked this drawing.



The picture says a lot without saying. Look at sharp fins of this fish. That is the beauty of art and craft. It will help you express your creativity without saying a word and will also boost your confidence. This drawing is easy to make even for kids.


One feature of this creature fascinates kids toward it. Yes, we are talking about their shell. When I was a kid, I wondered can I pull a turtle out of its shell. Well, may I tell you, kids, that no we can’t do that? Like we have a skeleton system made up of bones to support the body, the same work is done by the shell for the turtle. They are the oldest creatures found on the earth. You can try to draw this on your drawing book or art book. Fill your drawing with Colours properly. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group eight plus.

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