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Shape Craft Ideas for Kids

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Shape Craft Ideas for Kids

See the world through the lens of shapes as you bring these craft ideas to life. From square-shaped birds to triangular reindeer, these crafting projects blend enjoyment and education.

Explore the realm of Shapes through these Craft Ideas for Kids. Integral to art and craft, shapes help to develop a child’s spatial awareness and cognitive abilities, often sparking imagination and innovation in them. There are countless shapes in the world, which represent many things in our daily lives. Let us delve into the world of Shapes with these creative and fun Craft activity ideas.

There are many fun and easy shape craft ideas for kids! One simple idea is to cut out shapes from construction paper and glue them onto a piece of paper or cardboard. Another idea is to use paper plates to make shape collages or masks. You can also use cardstock to make 3D shapes, such as paper pyramids or paper cones. If you want to get really creative, you can even try making shapes out of playdough or clay. Whatever materials you use, your child is sure to have fun exploring shapes and creating their own masterpieces!

Amazing Shape Crafts For Kids

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Easy Square Shape Bird Craft For Toddlers

Easy Square Shape Bird Craft For Toddlers Shape Crafts for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Family Fun

All you need to make this cute boxy bird is a googly eye, scissors, glue and Craft Foam or Construction Paper in any two colours. Guide your child in identifying and naming these shapes while cutting and pasting them together to create this paper version of our charming feathered friends. This activity will familiarise them with shapes and birds while exercising their fine motor skills. Children in the age range of 2 to 6 years are likely to derive the most enjoyment from this activity.

Fun And Easy Circle Shape Crab Craft For Toddlers

Fun And Easy Circle Shape Crab Craft For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Grab the opportunity to teach your children about marine life with this easy Crab craft for toddlers. Red and blue paper, googly eyes, and a marker are all you need to reproduce these thick-shelled creatures on paper. Enjoy quality bonding time while sharpening the shape recognition skills of children aged 2-4 years, as you fold your circles into semi-circles, paste them and draw the crab’s angled limbs.

Cute Oval Shape Bird Craft For Preschoolers

Cute Oval Shape Bird Craft For Preschoolers Shape Crafts for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Don’t you just love the sound of birds chirping and the sight of them flying freely in the sky? Teach your kids how to make their own paper bird with this simple, educational bird craft. You will only need popsicle sticks, construction paper (colours of your choice), googly eyes, glue and scissors for this budget-friendly activity which, by the way, makes for great fine motor skills practice as well! Do this with your preschoolers and witness their delight in crafting!

Simple Shapes Paper Cutting Craft For Kid

Simple Shapes Paper Cutting Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: In The Bag Kids Crafts

Introduce children to the craft of paper cutting with just three materials – paper, a pair of scissors and glue. This activity helps in learning shape names, colours, and size differences while enhancing scissor skills with basic shapes. Let your children work their creativity to the full as they create a craft masterpiece which can be used to decorate the walls of your residence. The activity is recommended for children from the ages of 3 to 13 years, with the complexity of designs increasing with age.

Cool Shapes Cutting Tree For Toddlers

Cool Shapes Cutting Tree For Toddlers Shape Crafts for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: No Time For Flash Cards

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With this all-season activity, let your child capture their daily observations of trees and release them onto paper. Re-use any old colourful paper you have lying around the house for this activity (although brown paper is a must!). Just provide the shapes and glue and let your child’s creative juices flow onto the paper. Ideal for children ages 3 and up, this activity is beneficial for advancing manual dexterity and developing hand strength. So without further ado, grab your glue-paper-scissors and engage in this hands-on experience with your child!

Square Shape Snowman Paper Cutting Craft For Toddlers

Square Shape Snowman Paper Cutting Craft For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun Learning For Kids

Herald the winter season with this Melted Snowman Shape Craft that allows for endless possibilities. There are no rules or restrictions so get creative with its white appearance and make it uniquely your own! With scissors, glue sticks and construction paper of multiple colours, let your child make their own version of a melted snowman. This activity is a good fit for children at the ages of 3 to 12 years and boosts creativity, confidence and cutting-gluing ability in kids.

Colourful Paper Cutting Different Shapes Train Craft For Kids


Colorful Paper Cutting Different Shapes Train Craft For Toddlers Shape Crafts for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Arty Crafty Kids

Bring 2D shapes to life as you manufacture a Paper Train with your children! Ideal for ages 5-14 years, this activity requires colourful paper, scissors, a glue stick and lots of patience, as you will be assembling the train from scratch. From honing your child’s problem-solving skills to improving their hand-eye coordination, this craft idea will prove remarkably fruitful in your child’s learning journey.

Easy Paper Shapes Halloween Witch Craft For Kids

Easy Paper Shapes Witch Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Preschool Tool Kit

For the occasion of Halloween, make these spooktacular paper Witches by employing simple shapes of circles, triangles and rectangles. Toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids can practice their scissor-cutting abilities by cutting out simple shapes and glueing them into the required formation. This simple activity is guaranteed to make house decorating for Halloween extremely enjoyable. Start making them now!

5 MIN Easy Paper Mouse Shape Craft For Kids

5 MIN Easy Paper Shape Mouse Craft For Kids Shape Crafts for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Abcs Of Literacy

Get ready for some creative fun with these cute, pointy-nosed paper Rats! As your child cuts the different shades of paper into the required shapes and glues the different body parts together, his/her muscle strength, dexterity and hand-to-eye coordination will see considerable development, among others. Engaging in dialogue about these furry creatures or the names of the shapes will also boost the learning process. This activity is appropriate for children between the ages of 4 to 8 years.

Triangle Paper Shape Reindeer Craft For Kids

Triangle Paper Shape Reindeer Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft Corner Diy

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Welcome the festive cheer of Christmas and the joy of winter holidays, with this cute paper Reindeer craft for kids. The only supplies you need to collect for this project are brown, black and red construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, glue and sticks. Sing your favourite carols while engaging in this activity and watch your child create priceless memories, develop crafting skills and foster a love for art. Though children aged 3-6 years are expected to enjoy this activity most, artistic expression has no age limit. Let the holiday joy and artistic creativity shine through in this heartwarming craft!

Circle Paper Shape Apple Craft For Preschoolers

Circle Paper Shape Apple Craft For Preschoolers Shape Crafts for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Non-Toy Gifts

Make this fruit-tastic masterpiece with your child as you explore the world of fruits and shapes. This hands-on paper Apple craft idea is easy to make, requiring only construction paper, scissors, glue and black paint. Tailored for preschoolers, this activity packs a wealth of learning opportunities. As the children cut, glue and design their own scrumptious apples, they explore colours, shapes and textures, fostering their cognitive and creative development while enhancing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Start reaping these benefits by building this memory now!

Circle Paper Shape Penguin Craft For Toddlers

Circle Paper Shape Penguin Craft For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Momeh

Adorable meets education in these round paper Penguins crafted out of elementary geometry shapes! One of the most adorable birds on the planet, these cute, waddly creatures are surprisingly easy to make, with just paper, scissors, googly eyes and a glue stick. An exciting winter craft project for children aged 2-6 years, this activity is expected to improve your child’s fine motor skills and increase their attention span along with their scope for creativity.

Different Paper Shapes Rocket Craft Activity For Preschoolers

Different Paper Shapes Rocket Craft Activity For Toddlers Shape Crafts for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple Everyday Mom

Launch yourself into an intergalactic crafting adventure with this Rocket craft activity! Can you believe that this cool Space Rocket is made from the basic shapes of rectangles, triangles and circles? With the complete supplies of coloured paper, scissors, glue, paint and brushes, you can also make it with your children (ideally aged 3-14 years) following the steps in the tutorial. This activity is sure to improve your child’s shape identification skills while generating greater interest in the world of shapes and the world beyond Earth.

Funny Paper Shapes Robot Craft For Preschoolers

Funny Paper Shapes Robot Craft For Preschoolers

Image Source/Tutorial: 123 Home School4 Me

This fun paper Robot craft provides an exciting opportunity to instil shape and colour recognition in children aged 2-6 years. An engaging and enjoyable activity that uses materials that you already have at home – construction paper (white and colours of your child’s choice), scissors, glue or tape, googly eyes – this activity lets your child exercise their creativity and develop their fine motor skills. Grab this opportunity and watch your child make incredible progress in their crafting skills.

Different Shapes House Craft For Kids

Different Shapes House Craft For Kids Shape Crafts for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Family Fun

Build a house of shapes with your pre-schooler using just three supplies! Encourage them to envision their dream house and build it together using Craft Foam or Construction Paper in various colours, Scissors and Glue. While promoting a fun bonding and learning experience, this activity can also play a vital role in enhancing manual dexterity and strengthening creative power in kids. So without further ado, let the crafting begin!

Common FAQs Related to Shape Craft Ideas for Kids

Why is it important to teach kids shapes?

Shapes are the building blocks of our physical world, and so it is important for children to learn about them from a young age. By understanding the basic shapes, children can begin to make sense of their surroundings and start to see the world in a more structured way. This knowledge can also help them with problem-solving and spatial awareness. Additionally, learning about shapes can be a fun and engaging activity for kids, as they can explore the many different ways that shapes can be used in the world around them.

What do children learn from learning about shapes?

Children learn about the different properties of shapes when they study them in school. They learn about the sides, angles, and vertices of shapes, and how to identify them. This knowledge helps children understand the world around them better, and can be used in everyday life. For example, when children see a square, they know that it has four sides and four angles, and that the sides are all the same length.

What is the best strategy to support children in learning about shapes?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best strategy to support children in learning about shapes will vary depending on the child’s individual needs and learning style. However, some general tips that may be helpful include providing opportunities for hands-on exploration with a variety of shapes, using songs and games to make learning about shapes fun and engaging, and helping children to understand how shapes are used in the world around them.

What shapes do children learn first?

Children learn about shapes early on in their lives. The most basic shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles, are usually the first ones that they learn. As they get older and their cognitive abilities develop further, they begin to learn more complex shapes, such as rectangles, hexagons, and octagons. By the time they reach school age, most children have a good understanding of a variety of shapes and can identify them with ease.

What is the purpose of shapes?

The purpose of shapes is to help us understand and organize the world around us. They are the building blocks of all the things we see, and they help us to see relationships between objects

What is Learning about shapes called?

Learning about shapes is called geometry. Geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogues.

What are the skills of shapes?

There are various skills that shapes can offer. For example, shapes can help with spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and problem solving. With regard to spatial awareness, shapes can help children understand how objects occupy space and how they relate to other objects. Fine motor skills can be developed by tracing and drawing shapes. Problem solving skills can be honed by figuring out how to fit shapes together or how to make a certain shape using other shapes. Ultimately, shapes can provide a foundation for many different kinds of skills and knowledge.

Why shape is important in our life?

Shape is one of the most basic parameters that we use to describe and categorize objects in our everyday lives. It is an important attribute that helps us to identify and recognize objects. For example, we can easily tell the difference between a ball and a cube based on their shapes. Shape also plays a role in how we interact with objects; we can pick up a ball more easily than a cube, and we can roll a ball but not a cube. In short, shape is an important characteristic that helps us to understand and interact with the world around us.

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