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Snowflake Crafts and Activities For Kids


Snowflake Crafts and Activities For Kids

Do you spend a lot of time indoors these days and need some fun crafts to pass the time? When you’re looking for a bit of fun and color in your day while keeping with the winter theme, these snowflake crafts for kids are perfect.
We’ve compiled these snowflake crafts for preschoolers (and older kids as well) that enhance fine motor skills, scissor skills, concentration, and more. As a bonus, they are easy to make to add a touch of winter to your home after Christmas.
You can make one of these snowflakes today with your kids and your craft supplies!

Simple Snow Filled Fun Craft For Toddlers

Easy To Make Paper Snowflake Craft For Kids

Paper Snowflake Design Is Ready To Decorate! - A Paper Snowflake Pattern Fabrication

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This easy-to-make paper snowflake craft is perfect for kids of all ages! With just a few simple materials, you can create beautiful snowflakes that can be hung up as decorations or used as fun winter-themed art projects.

Learn To Make Home Decor Paper Snowflake Wall Hanging Craft

Learn To Make Home Decor Paper Snowflake Wall Hanging Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This craft is a great way to add a festive touch to your home. With just a few simple materials, you can learn how to make a beautiful paper snowflake wall hanging that will look great in any room. Give it a try today and bring a little holiday cheer to your home!

Creating a Paper Snowflake in a Breeze

Creating a Paper Snowflake in a Breeze

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Creating a paper snowflake is an easy and fun activity for both kids and adults. It requires minimal supplies and can be done in a matter of minutes. Using scissors and paper, you can easily make a beautiful snowflake to display in your home or give as a gift.

Paper Made 3D Snow Flake

Image Source/ Tutorial: Giant 3D Snowflake + Video Tutorial

These Paper Made 3D Snow Flake will be an amazing idea for decoration for Christmas. These are very easy to make and you can spend quality time with your family and friends while making them.

Even they are very easy to make all you need is some paper and a pair of scissors. That’s all! Your Paper-Made 3D Snow Flake is ready.

Designer Snowflakes

Image Source/ Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

Designer snowflakes can be made in a variety of ways. The stained glass look will be achieved by making the design a bit less intricate so that tissue paper can be attached.

Snowflakes made from paper can be used as ornaments or sun catchers. Regardless of how they are used, they are beautiful. You will see the sun through the tissue paper in your window, and you will see your Christmas lights on your tree.

Recycling Snow Flake

Image Source/ Tutorial: greenkidcrafts

Do you know what to do when your kids are in a creative mood during the holidays, but you have no craft planned? From toilet paper and paper towels rolls, you can make these beautiful paper roll snowflakes.

You will likely have the other supplies on hand if you have a box of goodies.

Paper Cut Snowflakes

Image Source/ Tutorial: buggyandbuddy

Here is how to make a simple winter art project by cutting out a paper snowflake. These snowflakes can be made with newspaper and colored with watercolors, starch, and glitter to make them stand out!

They are amazing ideas to add to your room decoration. You can hang them in your room to make it look beautiful.

Snow Flakes With Dryer Sheet

Image Source/ Tutorial: lalymom

Making Snowflakes out of a dryer sheet can be a bit difficult but we can assure it that all the hard work can be worth it. You have to be very careful with the cuttings.

You can do this for school crafts with the help of your parents. I am pretty sure your teacher and your friends will be surprised to see it.

Collage Of Snowflakes

Image Source/ Tutorial: tinkerlab

Do you need an art project your kids can participate in this winter? This snowflake collage activity for kids is the perfect answer to your question.

This colorful collage is a great thing for your kids and they will love to do this a lot as it is not only colorful but also exciting.

Are you and your child making this fascinating collage of snowflakes? Making these collages of snowflakes can become addictive once you get started.

Snowflake Ornament

Image Source/ Tutorial: earlylearningideas

These Snow Flake Ornament will surely be your kid’s favorite snow craft. It is an easy craft but you might need help from your parents for this.

This snowflake Ornament will be a thing to decorate your room and cupboards or even your study table.

Snow Flakes With Wax Paper

Image Source/ Tutorial: thelovelycrazy

We have already seen snowflakes with dried papers. Now is the right time to discuss the snowflakes with wax paper. I am pretty sure that there must be a stack of wax paper in one corner of your room.

Bring them out fold them and cut them into designs, so that whenever you open the fold the snowflakes with wax paper are ready.

Multi Colour Dot Snow Flakes

Image Source/ Tutorial: happytoddlerplaytime

Occasionally, you just need a distraction that will keep your little monsters occupied while you do other things. We have got you covered with this fun and easy-to-assemble Multi Coloured Dot  Snowflake. Perfect for fine motor practice this winter.

All you need is some multicolored dot sticker and rest after some time your kids will make the most wonderful Multi Colour Dot Snow Flake.

Snow Flake Craft For School

Image Source/ Tutorial: ohsosavvymom

Kids as young as three years old can make this winter preschool snowflake craft. Children can practice their fine motor skills by using glue sticks and cotton swabs. You can also work on simple, multiple-step directions while learning this craft.

It is very simple to do cut some strips and glue them together in the form of a snowflake. Now dip some cotton swabs in white color and put white dots all along. Now your Snow Flake Craft For School is ready.

Icy Flakes


Image Source/ Tutorial: buggyandbuddy

These icy flakes are an amazing idea for your house decoration in the winter season. and it is quite simple to do.

Take some sticks to dip them into white color. Take some white tissue roll them into tiny white balls and attach them to the body of snowflakes. Now your icy flakes are ready to hang on your house walls.

Snow Flakes With Cardboard

Image Source/ Tutorial: tinkerlab

This is a common snowflake craft in schools. Kids of all ages can do this. This is a simple craft and very easy to make. All you need is some cardboard and cut into small pieces roll one cardboard and attach the other pieces as shown in the picture.

You can also add some detailing to the cardboard.

Messy Snow Flakes

Image Source/ Tutorial: thepinterestedparent

These messy snowflakes are a great craft for all kids. Even for toddlers, it is a great craft. All you need is some colors. Take some colors and paint the paper with them. Then wash your fingers and trace draw snowflakes.

Taa Daa! Your Messy Snow Flakes are ready to go to school with you for your drawing classes.

Ornamental Snow Flakes

Image Source/ Tutorial: creativejewishmom

Crafts in the winter (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) sound good, so snow is a given, right? You could make some pretty snowflakes with cardboard and yarn. This is a simple project, but of course, you could add glitter, some sequins, pipe cleaner details, or anything else you have in your craft box! It’s an easy decoration to hold us over until spring if you make a mobile or hang these in a doorway if you use cardboard that’s blank on both sides.

Snow Flakes With Pipecleaner

Image Source/ Tutorial: frugalfun4boys

This is a very creative recycling idea. All you need is some pipe cleaner. They can be older ones.  Bring them out and make them in the shape of snowflakes. Twist them and they are ready to hang on the walls of your room. or your mother’s cupboard.

Cottony Snow Flakes

Image Source/ Tutorial: notimeforflashcards

Do you remember that stage when everything gets thrown off the table? When does the trash gets thrown out? What happens when Baby-Zilla wipes out a nativity scene in a single visit? This is exactly what is happening right now. It’s entertaining. So it’s time to reuse all the pieces of cotton.

If you know a few tricks, you can avoid cleaning up gobs of glue from the floor, your baby’s mouth, or your hair while making this classic craft.  This snowflake craft for toddlers was a big hit with her. She points to it every day and asks to touch it in the window.

Snow Flake Window

Image Source/ Tutorial: kindercraze

It is that time of the year when the windows are covered with snow. So it is brilliant to cover the school window with artificial snowflakes. Add some colorful tissue paper on the side of snowflakes. Do the sides of the windows and the snowflake window is finally done.

It is a great way to surprise your mother this winter morning.

Snow Flake Spray Paint

Image Source/ Tutorial: littlebinsforlittlehands

This is a very easy and fun-loving art for the kids. All you need is paper, a paper cutting snowflake, and a brush with some colors on it. Keep the snowflake paper cutting on the paper. Spray the color on it then pick up the paper cutting and your snowflake spray paint is ready.

Foam Based Snow Flake

Image Source/ Tutorial: innerchildfun

Snowflakes are wonderful pieces of art gifted by nature. All you need is a foam spray. Spray it in the form of icy snowflakes and your foam-based snowflake is ready to design your room.

This is a perfect idea to design the walls of your rooms before Christmas. You might have some colors on it to make it very beautiful.

Snow Flakes With Water Colour

Image Source/ Tutorial: earlylearning.momtrusted

Watercolors are always your kid’s favorite. They love coloring everything with colors. So here come their favorite snowflakes with watercolor.

These great snowflakes look like they appear by magic when you paint them when using the watercolour resist method!  You can make a garland with them, or you can use them as gift tags!

Spongy Ice Flakes

Image Source/ Tutorial: brilliantlittleideas

While your kids are stamping, keep them busy for 10 minutes.

Like me, you might need just a few minutes to regain your sanity. Let’s take a few seconds to collect our thoughts. Let the ringing in your ears subside for a moment. In that case… These Spongy Ice Flakes are a great idea for that.

There are so many snowflake crafts for kids this winter that you can create. However, you don’t have to make everything yourself. I love these easy-to-use craft kits because they’re so easy to use! Now it’s your time to do these crafts.

So now quickly comment which one is your favourite and do follow our website for such articles.

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