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Types of Disasters Flashcards – Printable Matching Activities for Kids


Types of Disasters Flashcards – Printable Matching Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

In this edition of flashcards, we bring to you these natural and man-made disaster matching games for you to educate the students about the different disasters that take place naturally or as a result of human actions. There are several flashcards each of which contains an image of either a natural or man-made disaster and the phenomenon that is responsible for it. You can use these flashcards to educate the kids about each of the different disasters by using our cues and after that, you can ask them to separate the disasters based on if they are natural or man-made. For example, a volcanic eruption is a natural phenomenon whereas humans are responsible for global warming.

Use the following facts as cues to educate kids in the classroom.

  • Volcano- Volcanos can be described as an opening in the crust of the earth that is filled with extremely hot lava.  It is to be noted that not all volcanos are active, there are several dormant volcanos too.
  • Earthquake- Earthquakes can be very disastrous. These cause severe damages in very little time. An earthquake manifests itself by shaking up the ground.
  • Floods- Floods are another natural disasters that can cause severe destruction. It can be caused by heavy rainfall or a dam failure.
  • Cyclone- A cyclone is accompanied by heavy rainfall, heavy storms.
  • Tsunami- Tsunami is a series of waves in a water body caused by the displacement of a large volume of water. These can be very destructive and often result in floods.
  • Hurricane- Hurricane is another type of storm. Also known as a tropical cyclone, if a storms’ maximum wind speed reaches 74mph it is dubbed as a hurricane.
  • Global Warming- Global warming is one of the biggest threats to humanity. It refers to the heating of the earth’s climate system due to several human activities that increased the concentration of the greenhouse gas levels in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Avalanche- Avalanche is another disaster that humans are responsible for. It can be defined as a mass of snow, ice, or rocks falling suddenly and rapidly down a mountainside.
  • Drought- Drought refers to a time when a particular area or region experiences below-normal precipitation. It results in places with no water access, soil moisture, and groundwater.
  • Blizzards- Blizzards refer to severe snowstorms. These can carry winds upwards of 35mph and reduced visibility.
  • Meteorite- Meteorites are rocks that fall from outer space. The sheer velocity of the impact can cause massive destruction. One such meteorite to hit the earth was the Chelyabinsk meteor which is estimated to have caused over $30 million in damage.

Types of Disasters Flashcards

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Types of Disasters Flashcards

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Types of Disasters Flashcards

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Activities for Kids
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