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Fun Birthday Craft Ideas for Kids

Mini Halloween Pumpkin Craft Using Toilet Paper Roll

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Fun Birthday Craft Ideas for Kids

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We are here with some fun birthday craft ideas for kids. If you’re preparing for your kid’s birthday, you’ll love making these crafts using paper and clay!

If you’re searching for an easy & simple clay craft for beginners to do at home, you’re in the right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of easy & simple clay crafts like let kids enjoy playing with this paper ice-cream craft, amazing 3d paper birthday cake, make your friends jealous with this paper candy bag, and enjoy your summer vacation with these fun clay ice-creams cup crafts, etc.

Every kid loves and awaits birthdays eagerly every year. The thing which comes to our mind when I say birthday would be cakes, chocolates, birthday party decorations, gifts and some more. As the craftwork listed here is simple and easy, it’s perfectly a kid’s material to work on. Go through each art and craftwork, some may tempt you to think differently and make your own craft design which is a good sign for your creativity. I hope you’ll enjoy these posts.

Fun Birthday Craft Ideas for Kids

Fun Birthday Craft Ideas for Kids

Let Kids Enjoy Playing this Paper Ice-Cream Craft

Let Kids Enjoy Playing this Paper Ice-Cream Craft

Every kid and why not even adults too love to eat ice creams. Always this craze for ice cream never fades. This craft teaches you paper ice cream craft which is super easy. Be ready with construction papers and a black marker. Otherwise, you can do this craft with just white paper and crayons. If you are using colorful construction papers then cut in a circular shape at different sizes. If you chose yellow color then you need 2 shades of yellow and cut light yellow in small & yellow in bigger than light shade. Paste those 2 shades one after another as shown in the image, just do some twists in the papers as shown in the image and repeat this process. Now overlap those petals. Here 5 petals are used for one flower, paste white circular paper at the center, and draw eyes & mouth on that. I’ve mentioned cream as flower petals for just denoting them. Do this twice in the same color or in different colors. Use green or brown paper for the cone. With just two folds we are ready with the cone. Now paste those circular papers above the cone. Stick the ice cream on a white sheet and make some designs besides that. Ta-Da! we are done with ice cream. Unfortunately, we can’t eat this!

Amazing 3D Paper Birthday Cake

Amazing 3D Paper Birthday Cake Easy & Simple Clay Craft For Beginners

The thing which will immediately come to our mind is cake when I say Birthday. Some kids who are very fond of princesses and barbies will look to make cakes with craft items. I’ve seen some kids, who used to make cake and chocolate setups for their toys. If your kid also falls on that list then show this craft to your kids and let them try this for their teddy or princesses. Just be ready with cardboard or paper, colored pencils, and scissors. Now cut the paper or cardboard in an arc shape and repeat this process twice or thrice in lesser size. Paint those in different colors and draw designs with a black marker. Cut the cardboard or paper into strips and star-shaped. Color them and stick them at the top of the cake. You are ready with the awesome cake now!

Make Your Friends Jealous with this Paper Candy Bag

Make Your Friends Jealous with this Paper Candy Bag

Candies are special to all kids and I remember my school days as we used to go around all classes to give chocolates if it is a birthday. Why we are giving chocolates if it is any good news? By giving sweets (chocolates) we are sharing our happiness with others. Be happy and make others happy. Just collect some candies in a bag and give that to your close friend as a gift or give it to a stranger to make new friends. Don’t go with the same flavor of candies, try different colors and flavors to get a good mix. Use a red ribbon to tie or add that as a design after tying the bag.

Make a 3D Paper Ice Cram for Your School Projects

Make a 3D Paper Ice Cram for Your School Projects Easy & Simple Clay Craft For Beginners

Once again we are at making ice cream craft but in a different version. This is the combo of drawing and craft work. And this gives the 3-D look, isn’t it? Draw a cone shape and color it with a light shade of brown color and draw lines with a black marker. Otherwise, paste the cone template and then trace lines on that. Cut the circle shape in a colorful construction paper twice and attach those 2 with glue then fold the interior one to give a look of 3D. Repeat this process in different colors and in different sizes and place them above the cone (not in the hierarchical order) randomly. Now fill the extra spaces with any designs (here heart shape is used). The beauty of the craft is not just copying the instructions or guidelines, it’s recreating the art. Try it in your own style and share it with us.

Enjoy Your Summer Vacation with These Fun Clay Ice-Creams Cup Crafts

Enjoy Your Summer Vacation with These Fun Clay Ice-Creams Cup Crafts


This covers the part of ice cream and cupcakes in an easy way. Corrugated cardboard, paint, and dough are needed to make this craft. Cut the cardboard into a pot or cup shape and paint them with a color. Instead of the plain surface of cardboard, use corrugated sheets as shown in the above image. Using play dough add designs in various shapes like in the given image. With ease and peace, we are done with the beautiful ice cream and cupcake crafts. This is absolute for kindergarten and school kids so ask them to try this and for sure they’ll love to make this craftwork.

Enjoy Playing with These Clay Popsicle Ice-Cream in Summer Vacation

Enjoy Playing with These Clay Popsicle Ice-Cream in Summer Vacation Easy & Simple Clay Craft For Beginners

A cup and cone-shaped ice creams are lovable by many people, always this stick ice has a special place for a few people like me. To make this stick ice we need just two things. They are craft sticks and colorful play dough. Above the stick, apply the dough- add the colors when you make the dough- and then spread some small balls or stick-like structures from the dough and spread them over the ice cream dough. If your background is black as shown above then throw some colorful doughs beside the ice creams.

Colorful Clay Fruit Craft For Kids

Colorful Clay Fruit Craft For Kids

This is another candy craftwork. Here the candy is made with sticks and colored paper rolls or with play dough. Finally, like the real chocolates, place them inside the transparent cover and add pink-colored designs at the ends to make them real candy. Being set these as a base, create new craftworks and share your ideas on any social media platforms to showcase your creativity and talent.

Colorful Clay Candies Craft For Fun

Colorful Clay Candies Craft For Fun Easy & Simple Clay Craft For Beginners

It’s a simple and easy craft for kids. If your kid is good enough at drawing then leave the entire part of this craftwork to them otherwise, help them in the drawing and scissoring work and leave the lay dough to them. The things required are black cardboard or felt, play dough, white and yellow paper, cloth, a black marker and color sketches. Draw and cur jar shape in the white paper which is easy to make as the shape is rectangular with a smooth edge. Now work on the jar by drawing and cutting the yellow paper. Using a marker, draw lines in the jar. Before pasting the jar and the lid, place the cloth in between them. Now place the colorful play dough or you can also go with slime. With black background makes it more beautiful.

Make 3D Ice Cream to Fool Your Friend

Make 3D Ice-Cream to Fool Your Friend

Rather than drawing and painting the cone, we are making the ice cream in a 3D effect in easy steps. Be ready with your ice cream cone template or make your own cone by drawing and coloring. This may seem easy if you use template papers. With some turns of paper, you can complete this craft. Use different colors and drawings in the template as shown here. Finally, place the strawberry and stick paper cut at the end. Design the background with simple patterns or designs.

3D Paper Juice Glass Craft For Kids

3D Paper Juice Glass Craft For Kids Easy & Simple Clay Craft For Beginners

This juice craft work shows creativity and smoothness, isn’t it? This craft challenges drawing, creativity and craftwork. All you need is colorful construction papers, straws, and watercolors. In construction paper or in cardboard, make the outer glass structure as shown above. On the other hand, draw paintings as the juice is full of ice cubes and some small bubbles. By folding in an organized way make the construction paper as shown in the image makes a nice look.

I hope you enjoyed these craft ideas for your kids or school kids if you are a teacher. Don’t stop yourself from just reading this, always the best thing is “action”. So do these crafts in your home, comment below your favorite one, and list down what are the memories or ideas it brings while working on these things. Visit our website by clicking here where you can find many such posts for both kids and adults.

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