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Easy Flower Drawings For Kids


Easy Flower Drawings For Kids

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Searching for beautiful art on flowers? Here, this is the correct place for all the excitement. Let’s use this excitement and energy in the right direction and do some productive activities. As you know we will draw various sketches on flowers like roses, morning glories, lotus, and sunflowers. The sketches will provide a lot of talent and skills to kids and it becomes your responsibility to take your toddler through this article.

Easy Flower Drawings For Kids

The Beautiful Morning Glory

 Easy Flower Drawings For Kids The Beautiful Morning Glory

This is the most astonishing flower we will ever find. This flower signifies love, affection, or mortality. This flower blooms early in the morning and the flowers start to curl a few hours before the sunset. The plant grows very fast, has a characteristic twining habit, therefore this plant finds several uses in households. This sketch depicts a  beautiful morning glory in full bloom, The sketch has a lot to teach kids, we can see some leaves have three partitions, the twining characteristic is also shown by curly stems, there is a bud that is about to bloom and the most beautiful flower. This flower can be found in blue, purple, red, white, and yellow, therefore this sketch can be colored in any of the mentioned colors. Make your kids draw this sketch and adore the beauty of this flower.

The Unique Lotus Flower

The Unique Lotus Flower

The more muddy and opaque the water, the more beautiful the Lotus flower is when it emerges. Likewise, when we are under an uneasy situation and we hustle and struggle to find a solution and try to get over to a problem we are facing, we come out with flying colors. Lotus flowers are found in many different colors like pink, white, red, blue, purple, and yellow and they grow in shallow and murky waters. This sketch of the lotus plant is very elaborative, that depicts a beautiful Lotus flower, surrounded by a lotus bud, and lotus leaf. A Lotus plant has very large leaves, and the flower itself is very large. A Lotus flower represents the purity of body, mind, and spirit. The flower is pink in color with various petals. Kids can draw this sketch if they draw with concentration and passion.

Lotus Flower Revisited

 Easy Flower Drawings For Kids Lotus Flower Revisited

This is almost the same sketch to draw for your kid, but this sketch is colorless. This image depicts an outline of the lotus flower, the lotus bud that is about to bloom, and the lotus leaf. If kids like then this sketch can be colored with a different color like, red, yellow, blue, purple, and white. In Hinduism, it is said that each human is the spirit of the sacred lotus. It represents eternity, divinity, purity, and is widely used as a symbol of life, fertility, and ever-renewing youth. Lotus has lots of medicinal benefits for which it is used. Kids can draw this beautiful lotus and a masterpiece to their art collection.

Pretty Pink Rose

Pretty Pink Rose

The pink rose represents feminity, refinement, sweetness, and elegance. Gifting a pink rose to anyone represents gratefulness, joy, gentleness, and happiness. This sketch is the precise representation of a pink rose, it shows a blooming rose flower, with the stem, and leaves. This sketch puts more light on how to draw rose flowers, and how to show various petals of a rose flower easily. A rose flower has numerous petals, that have a lot of beauty, sweetness, and elegance. The rose flower is used to make perfume fragrances. Rose flowers are also used in various cuisines for their fresh fragrance. This sketch is elaborative and suitable for kids to draw and color.

Elegant Red Rose

 Easy Flower Drawings For Kids Elegant Red Rose

Roses are one of the three flowers mentioned by name in the Bible. A rose flower is admired because of its beauty, deep fragrance, and easy cultivation. There are around 100 different species of roses. A rose flower can be found in many different shaded of white, yellow, pink, burgundy, violet, orange, and red colors. The red rose symbolizes love, affection, romance, and passion. This sketch of the red rose depicts a beautiful red rose flower, its spiky stem, and a couple of leaves. This sketch will make kids learn to draw and color beautiful rose flowers.

Rose With Petals

Rose with Petals

This rose flower sketch has a motive to teach kids in drawing a rose flower that has many petals. This sketch elaborates on the upper part of the rose and shows a detailed picture of a rose. There are no colors in the sketch because we want kids to color it, as we have practiced earlier, in the last two sketches, so it will be now easier to draw and color it. Kids can learn so many things when they draw a rose flower. They learn to draw petals, leaves, and stems. They learn to color them with different colors. They learn a lot about drawing coloring.

A Wise Sunflower

Easy Flower Drawings For Kids A Wise Sunflower

This cute little flower is waiting for your kid to draw him and provide it with lots of different colors. The sunflower is a symbol of joy, happiness, loyalty, adoration, focus, warmth, and healing. This sketch of the sunflower is depicted comically that shows a happy little sunflower. Sunflower teaches us to be motivated and joyfully, and always put ourselves towards the light of truth to express ourselves to the world. Just like sunflower faces itself towards the sun and becomes the most beautiful flower in the orchard. This sketch shows a beautiful and smiling sunflower with its leaves as its small little hands. We need only a clear perspective to see our beautiful world. This sketch has a lot of positivity to fill your child with, make sure they draw it with joy and happiness.

Different shapes of leaves

Well, we are here discussing flowers but this one is for leaves. Flowers look incomplete without leaves. If we are drawing any flower, it becomes necessary to draw the leaves as well. In the above image, we have given different types of leave ideas that are very simple and easy to draw. You can try to draw all of these then check which one will be the easiest to draw and go for that one. We have kept a minimal difficulty level so that kids of any age group will try to draw this one without any problem. Leaves are usually green in colour so you can fill the leaves with the green colour or any other greenish shade. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+.

Different types of flowers

We have drawn four different types of flowers. If you wish you can draw anyone out of them or all of them. The choice is all yours. These flowers are very nice and beautiful. Moreover, these are easy to trace. All of them have almost the same stalk but leaves vary a little bit. One out of four flowers is the sunflower. Every Flower has different shapes of petals. Try to draw them one by one. Once you’re done with the drawing then try to fill them with some beautiful bright colours of your own choice. For sunflower, use yellow and brown colours only. Kids do you know, sunflower gives us oil as well. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.


What are blossoms? So kids blossom are the flowers that are usually grown on the trees and bushes. Whenever you see any flower on a tree, you can call it blossoms. The above drawing is of the flowers that are on tree branches. Green coloured circles are the buds of the trees. The flowers are pink in colour and look beautiful. This drawing has been done using a painting brush and some water or poster colours. It’s a kind of stroke painting. This drawing is of medium difficulty level as you’re not using any pencil here. You have to use paintbrushes here. So this type of drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 9+. This type of paint needs good practice first.

Purple flower

Nature has bestowed us with many different colours of flowers in the world. We have tried to draw purple coloured flowers as shown in the above image. It’s very simple to trace and you can draw it within a few minutes. You have made small flowers but clustered them together. The stalk is simple, so are the leaves. If you like any other colour, you can draw the same flower but can fill it with any colour other than purple. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+. For colouring, you can use crayons. Even pencil Colours also work well.

Little flowers

Tiny flowers are small in size but they are more beautiful. Kids, you can grow tiny flowers in small flower pots in your rooms as they don’t need large space like that of a lawn. All you need to place the pot in proper sunlight and you need to water it daily. The flowers shown above are small but attractive ones. You can also draw them easily. All needed is watercolours or poster colours, chart paper or any sheet of paper, and paintbrushes. If you’ll focus on the above drawing, you can see we have represented all the petals together in just one oval shape and the stalk is a stick. Brushes are a must for this type of painting. The difficulty level for this drawing is medium. You made need to practice it once or twice before drawing the final one. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 8+.


Roses are one of the most famous flowers. These are red. But some roses can be pink or white. Red roses are the most beautiful of all. It represents love. We celebrate Rose day also, on that day we give a rose to the one we love the most. Roses are not only beautiful but they have a very soothing fragrance. Rosewater is used in many eatables as a flavouring agent and also for skin glowing purposes. In the above image, we have drawn four different shapes of roses. You can draw any one of them which you will find much simple. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.


Dandelions are the name of the plant on which yellow coloured flowers grow. You can find them anywhere like in parks, lawns, forests, gardens etc. Kids get more attracted to their bright yellow colour. Dandelions belong to the same family as that of the sunflower. Sunflowers are also yellow. This piece of drawing is the easiest one. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+.

These sketches of flowers are not only meant for drawing, but also to provide a beautiful sense of belonging, positivity, happiness, and joy we get from flowers. Planting flowers, and caring for them is the most important activity that a child should perform to be attached to our mother nature and its wonders. I hope that this sketch has brought a lot of joy and happiness to your kid. With a positive thought, I wish your child good luck.

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