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Easy Subtraction Flashcards for Kids – Free Printables


Easy Subtraction Flashcards for Kids – Free Printables

Activities for Kids

Subtraction is the terminology used to explain how we deduct one or more numbers from different numbers. Subtraction is also practiced to find the difference between the two given numbers. Subtraction is the opposite of addition. If your kid knows the concept of addition, then subtraction will not be a problem for him. These are just the fundamentals of Mathematics.

Easy Subtraction Flashcards for Kids

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When a kid is learning subtraction, particularly it involves one or two-digit numbers, it helps to visualize the child’s possible solution. These sheets are going to help the child find those solutions. In this edition, we have brought some Flashcard sheets relating to “BASIC SUBTRACTION” for young minds. The first sheet given below has some fascinating subtraction questions which help the child develop his intellectual abilities. For example-  7-5 = 2.

Make the child count backward and find the answer to the question. Or maybe the kid is more familiar with this concept, then allow him to use his own methods to solve the flashcards. If he doesn’t, then start from scratch and help him to understand the concept.

Easy Subtraction Flashcards for Kids- 1

Easy Subtraction Flashcards for Kids

The most important thing to learn is that the kid will always have new challenges ahead of him. It is the responsibility of the parents to assist him along the way. These questions or topics can become irritating because young kids will have to put a lot of concentration into them. But with proper study material i.e., Flashcards and lots of practice, they can use the subtraction questions as the stepping stone for the increase in passion for Mathematics.

Nevertheless, it is very crucial for the child when it comes to mathematical topics such as addition and subtraction. If learned properly, these concepts can make learning fun and entertaining. It is not just essential how far a man has traveled, what matters is, what direction the man has chosen.

Easy Subtraction Flashcards for Kids- 2

Easy Subtraction Flashcards for Kids

Just like the previous sheet, the next set of questions lay the foundation for the rest of the fundamental calculation. Without careful knowledge of the subtraction facts, kids face problems as they try to solve different levels of subtraction questions with bigger numbers. This leads to the child becoming slow, committing more errors, and brings a lack of confidence into account.

In most cases, children master the ability of such concepts at the commencement of first or second grade. Once they understand the basics, they’ll be equipped to work on more difficult mathematics topics like three-digit subtraction.

Easy Subtraction Flashcards for Kids- 3

Easy Subtraction Flashcards for Kids

So, download these free printable flashcard sheets now.

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Activities for Kids
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