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DIY Fun Hedgehogs Fall Leaf Crafts Tutorial For Kids

DIY Fun Fall Leaf Crafts Tutorials For Kids

Fall & Autumn

DIY Fun Hedgehogs Fall Leaf Crafts Tutorial For Kids

Activities for Kids

Get creative with the changing of the seasons with these easy and fun fall leaf craft tutorials perfect for kids! From turning leaves into art to using the leaves to make homemade cards, your kids will love these crafty ideas.

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to get your kids involved in crafting this fall? Look no further! This article offers a variety of DIY fun fall leaf crafts tutorials for kids. From making leaf crowns to creating adorable leaf animals, there is something for everyone to enjoy! So grab some leaves and get creative with these easy and fun tutorials!

Fun Fall Leaf Craft Activity For Kids To Make

 DIY Fun Fall Leaf Crafts Tutorials For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Green and White Sheets
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Fall Leaves
  • Glue
  • Black Marker and Colored Sketch Pens
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Step 1: Drawing Strips Over A Rectangular Sheet

Drawing Strips Over A Rectangular Sheet Tutorials on how to make enjoyable Fall Leaf Projects for Youngsters

Let’s begin with his craft by taking green-colored paper and cutting it down into a rectangle. Draw equal thin strips over the paper using a pencil and apply double-sided tape on one larger side of the rectangle.

Step 2: Cutting Down The Strips

Cutting Down The Strips Ideas for Creative Autumn Leaf Crafting for Little Ones

Using scissors, cut down the strips. Make sure to cut by leaving some gaps in the tape.

Step 3: Pasting The Strips Over A White Paper

Pasting The Strips Over A White Paper Parent-Child Crafting Fun with Autumn Leaves

Paste the strips over a white A4 size sheet from its larger side with the double-sided tape over the green paper.

Step 4: Rolling And Bending The Strips

Rolling And Bending The Strips Instructional Leaf Crafting Activity for Kids

Take A marker, and roll the strips individually by bending them around the marker. Make sure to make them look uneven.

Step 5: Pasting A Fall Leaf For The Body Of Hedgehog

Pasting A Fall Leaf For The Body Of Hedgehog Creative Ways to Make Fall Leaf Crafts with Children

Take a leaf and paste it above the rolled strips on the left side to make a hedgehog, using a glue.

Step 6: Detailing The Hedgehog

Detailing The Hedgehog Parenting and Crafting: Autumn Leaves for Kids

Detail your hedgehog by making its spikes over the leaf using a black marker and making its eyes with black and white paper and sticking it over using glue.

Step 7: Completing Detailing Hedgehog

Completing Detailing Hedgehog Guiding Kids on DIY Fall Leaf Crafts

Complete the spikes of your hedgehog all over and above the leaf and draw its legs below it.

Step 8: Detailing The Spikes

Detailing The Spikes Parental Assistance with Fun Fall Leaf Projects for Kids

Using an orange sketch pen make dots over the spikes and again using a black marker draw little spikes over the dots to make them look realistic.

Step 9: Making 2 More Hedgehogs

Making 2 More Hedgehogs Fun Projects with Autumn Leaves for Kids

Make 2 more hedgehogs behind the 1st by following the same steps mentioned above.

Your Leaf Hedgehog Crafts Is Ready!

Your Leaf Hedgehog Craft Is Ready! DIY Projects with Leaves for Kids this Fall

Complete your craft drawing by making a sun with a yellow sketch pen and pasting clouds with blue paper and making their facial expressions with black marker.

This article has outlined some creative and fun DIY Fall Leaf Crafts Tutorials for kids that are sure to bring out the creativity in your little ones. This concluding remark is that these DIY Fall Leaf Crafts Tutorials are sure to be a hit with your kids this season! Have fun crafting!

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