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Easy Peacock Drawing From Hand Outline Artwork Tutorial For Kids

Easy Peacock Drawing From Hand Outline Idea For Beginners


Easy Peacock Drawing From Hand Outline Artwork Tutorial For Kids

This tutorial will show you how to draw a peacock starting from a hand outline. It is easy and perfect for beginners. Make your own beautiful peacock drawing by following a few simple steps!

Today, we will learn to make the most beautiful bird we all believe! Yes, you guessed it correctly! A peacock! Let your kiddos make a peacock on their own and let them be proud of their creation! This peacock drawing tutorial will guide you to the very simple steps to make a peacock using your hand outline! From drawing with a pencil to coloring and finishing, everything will be covered in this article! Flaunt your drawing skills in front of your friends and family with this peacock drawing! Let’s make it!

DIY Peacock Drawing From Hand For Kids

 Easy Peacock Drawing From Hand Outline Idea For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • White Paper Sheet
  • Pencil
  • Black Marker
  • Colored Sketch Pens
  • Yellow Paint Pen


Step 1: Outlining The Hand/Palm

Outlining The Hand/Palm- A Simple Way to Draw a Peacock Outline for Newcomers

Let’s begin this craft by taking a white sheet, and cutting it out into a circle using scissors. Now, place your palm in the center of the circle and using a pencil outline it.

Step 2: Making A Peacock

Making A Peacock- Sketching a Peacock Outline: An Easy Technique for Novices

Take on a black marker and start tracing over the pencil. Now, make a peacock drawing as shown in the image and let the 5 finger outline be its train.

Step 3: Coloring The Body, Face, Antennas

Coloring The Body, Face, Antennas- A Beginner's Guide to Drawing a Peacock Outline

Using a yellow paint pen, color the body of the peacock, its face, and the antennas above its head. See the image for reference.

Step 4: Coloring The Feathers

Coloring The Feathers- Getting Started with Peacock Outline Drawing for Beginners

Using the red sketch pen color the inner circle of the feathers and using a dark blue sketch pen color its outer circle.

Step 5: Coloring The Train Of Peacock

Coloring The Train Of Peacock- Drawing a Peacock Outline: A Simple Concept for Beginners

Color the train of the peacock using a light blue sketch pen.

Step 6: Coloring The Wings And Beak

Coloring The Wings And Beak- How to Draw a Peacock Outline with Your Hand: A Guide for Newcomers

Color the wings of the peacock with a pink sketch pen, as shown in the image. Using a red sketch pen color then beak.

Step 7: Adding Details To The Feathers

Adding Details To The Feathers- A Hand-Drawn Peacock Outline for Beginners

Using a brown sketch pen, draw small lines on the finger surface and over the feathers.

Step 8: Making Ground And Grass

Making Ground And Grass-A Step-By-Step Guide to Drawing a Peacock Outline for Beginners

Using a light green sketch pen, make a slightly curved ground and some grasses over the top of it. Color the ground wholely.

The Final Look Of Your Peacock!

The Final Look Of Your Peacock!- An Easy Way to Draw a Peacock Outline for Start-Ups

Voila! Your peacock drawing artwork is ready in no time! Hang this artwork over your wall to show it off to everyone! This brings to an end the tutorial, hope this article helped you out, and do leave a like and a comment to share your drawing journey through this artwork! Also, share this article with your friends so that you can have a competition who can make the most beautiful and unique peacock!

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