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Recycled CD Crafts for kids

Recycled Crafts

Recycled CD Crafts for kids

Making something beautiful out of useless things is the best ever!! It brings out your intelligence and creativity. Compact disks become wasted easily. Even a small scratch can make them stop working. There will be so many compact disks at home thrown at the corner without any use. Do something out of these disks and let it be a super cool activity. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of recycled cd crafts like making a maze game from an old cd case, beautiful designs of flower & animal love, hovercraft by cd & balloon, cd decorative & frames, cd ride rubber band car, music by the wind & catching the sun, and hanging turtle from cd.

Recycled CD Crafts for kids

Recycled CD Crafts for kids
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Make A Maze Game From An Old CD Case

Recycled Make A Maze Game From An Old CD Case For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Bkids.Typepad

There are many of us who are fanatics of the movie maze runner and it is a thrilling experience to come out of a maze or to find a way. This maze can be easily done using cd and it can be a group game. Create different mazes and the target is to make the ball. Come out of the maze. The maze can be so complicated and it can be made in different ways. The game can be made so interesting. It just requires an old cd and nothing else.

Flower Love

Flower Love

Image Source/Tutorial: Plastiquem.blogspot

Flowers can be made of anything and everything. But the best way to do it is to use compact disks. It looks glowing and it will be so creative. Project-based learning is prevalent everywhere in schools. It makes parents confused state about doing projects and it is a tougher job to make new projects. Ideas become so expensive during these times when projects are assigned. During such days do projects of your own creativity and make kids happy.

The Cd Frames

Recycled Cd Frames Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Instructables

Photo frames can be made of simple things. The covers of the cd can be used to make photo frames and it is lovely to look at. The frames look like glasses and it gives a much effect. Even drawings can be kept inside it. Kids can make different drawings and it is super cool to look at. These can be kept to exhibit the drawings of cute kids.

The Big Project: Make A Hovercraft By Cd & Balloon

Recycled Big Project Craft Make A Hovercraft By Cd & Balloon For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Minieco

The big balloons and cd can make a super cool craft. This hovercraft can be made easily. We wonder seeing that balloons can do wonders. The color combinations can make it extra special and it will be a wonderful craft to look at.

The Cd Decorative

The Cd Decorative

Image Source/Tutorial: Let The Children Play

Old compact disks can be used as decorative and so many things. This collage can be made so attractive and interesting with your full effort. Things like quilling paper rolls and newspapers can be used to fill up the spaces and it will look complete and satisfied. It can be kept on the walls and it looks attractive.

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The Cd Ride: Make A Rubber Band Car

Recycled Cd Ride: Make A Rubber Band Car Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts By Amanda

Cars are the most lovable toy by children. It is loved by all generations. Make a cool car using old compact disks. Just four CDs are enough and your car is ready for a picnic. Small kids love playing with this kind of stuff.

School Time: Make Pretty Mobile

School Time: Make Pretty Mobile

Image Source/Tutorial: Sewing School

Kids are bored of the usual online classes and they expect something new and creative from our side. They don’t feel to listen to classes while sitting at home and in the surrounding. Make them feel at school by doing this kind of thing and they start enjoying their online classes. A school feels pops into their mind. Let them color these crafts and they love doing it.

Weaving Fun

Recycled Weaving Fun Cd Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Make It A Wonderful Life

Weaving is a kind of fun activity. The old compact disks can be weaved with yarn and it looks like decorative or wall hanging. The weaving can be done easily by kids. Practice this kind of activity. Extracurricular activities are more important than academics. They define you.

Photo Showroom

Photo Showroom

Image Source/Tutorial: Young House Love

Old cd cases fill up the place at home and remain useless at the corner. It can be used to showcase photos of us and kids. The photos look beautiful when they are stuck on these old cases. Arrange them in the increasing age and it will be a memory for us.

Music By The Wind

Recycled Music By The Wind Cd Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Hooligans

Is there someone who hates windchimes??? They will surely hate music then. The music made by the chimes is so pleasant to hear and has a separate fan base. Watch the CDs move as the wind comes and make cool music. It can be gifted to someone you love and it remains the most loved gift ever.

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Catching The Sun

Catching The Sun

Image Source/Tutorial:

Suncatchers are so attractive and it waits for the sun. It is so glowing and it is so nice to look at. These Suncatchers can be made easily using old CDs and old beads. It can be kept hanging under the sun and it will make a pleasant feeling for all of us who are tensed by our daily routine.

Collection Box

Recycled Collection Box CD Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Imagination Box

The collection box is a basic thing for all of us. We love collecting small things like flowers, leaves and so many things. These can be kept in old cd cases and exhibited. Make these and make it a memorable collection.

Love = Art

Love = Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Instructables

Have you seen your friends draw paintings and got inspired by them??? Now start from the basic things. Draw simple paintings like this one. It is so simple and it can be done easily by beginners. It can be used as a hanging or decorative or something else.

The Breaking Task

Recycled The Breaking Task Cd Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Intuition Physician

Even broken CDs can be made into something more valuable. These can be used as a border for the collage tiles. The CDs can be broken into small pieces with the help of adult people and kids can stick them according to their wish and it looks glowing.

Animal Love

Animal Love

Image Source/Tutorial: Whimsy Love

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Hanging Turtle From Cd

Recycled Hanging Turtle From Cd Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids and Glitter

What kind of animal can you make from a CD?

What are the animals you can do with CDs? Let it be an open challenge for the kids and it will be a fun task. Do different animals with old CDs and the animals can be made to race among themselves. Let’s see who does it well

Beautiful Designs

Beautiful Designs

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts By Amanda

Various designs can be made from the old compact disks. The CREATIVITY of each one of us can be brought out by this kind of thing and different ideas can be brought out from each of us. The designs are loved by all of us and they will be used to hang on the walls.

The Bean Art

Recycled Bean Art CD Crafts For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Mini Matisse

Art is of different forms and styles. Even a small thing can bring out the creativity in us and make us feel proud of our own output. A variety of beans can be made into real art and they can be displayed in an old cd case.



Image Source/Tutorial: Library Arts

Robots make the future. It is the rising technology. If you know more about robots, you can make a better world. Start from the little thing. Make these robot crafts from old items. Kids love it.

What are you waiting for?? Make cool things can enjoy life. Do something innovative and you will surely have a pleasant feeling yourself. Write your comments in the comment section. We will be waiting for your feedback. Happy crafting.

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