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Telling Time Activities for Kids

Telling Time Activities for Kids

Kids Activities

Telling Time Activities for Kids

Telling time is a not-so-hard activity for adults, but when it comes to teaching small kids how to tell time, it is quite difficult. It is important to learn time for small kids as it is essential in everyday life. Knowing and telling time is a very important skill. This is the most basic foundation skill that every kid needs to learn as it will help them in every corner of life. Almost everything requires time like cooking, scheduling plans, and even examination time plays a very important role.

It is important to teach children the concept of time, the meaning of hours, minutes, and seconds and make sure they can tell time from both digital and analog clocks. At first, it will be a little confusing but children will progress with time. Summer holidays are coming and it’s the best time to make small kids learn about the time and the working of the clock. Here are some of the DIY-telling time kindergarten activities for kids which will help them to learn in a better and more fun way. The material required to perform this activity is not so expensive as you only need some crafting papers, colors, scissors, glue, and a little bit more crafting items that are easily available. So make these summer holidays more fun and productive by making your little kid learn about time.

Telling Time Activities for Kids

We are here with time-telling activities and clock crafts for kids like diy clock, past the hour, match up, snowman printable clock, rush hour game, build a lego clock, lessons, and sundial summer activities.

Telling Time Activities for Kids

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DIY Clock Craft For Teaching Time

DIY Clock Craft For Teaching Time Telling Time Activities for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Natural Beach Living

Reading time can be a challenging task for the kiddos, but no more! This paper clock activity is a hands-on fun activity for the kiddos to make as well as it will let the kids master the time telling in no time! You will love the frequent results as your kid will be smart enough to tell the time instantly! This activity is pretty easy to make and doesn’t require spending a single penny! All you need is to invest some time and you will engage your kids in a fun learning activity!

How To Tell Time Past The Hour

How To Tell Time Past The Hour

Image Source/Tutorial: Around The Kamp Fire

As you know kids are always curious about the space! So, this time-telling space activity will be the perfect fit for your kiddos to learn to tell time with their interest involved! This is a fun activity kids will love to engage in and will be the best classroom learning as well! This can also be practiced in the math groups as a fun strategy to involve reasoning and number learning and recognition! The instant impactful results will definitely shock you just try it out! Blast off to hour space! Today!

Easy Time Telling Activity For Kids

Easy Time Telling Activity For Kids Telling Time Activities for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Teaching Special Thinkers

Do your kids baffle in time telling? Well, no more with this fun learning time-telling activity! Most of the textbook’s learning doesn’t involve anything about time and this is the most crucial task to learn! This activity will let the kids learn all the aspects of time and it is working too, also the connection between the minutes, seconds, and hours! Your kid will tell time like a champ after practicing with this amazing activity and you will be stunned by the results!

Time Activities For Kindergarten

Time Activities For Kindergarten

Image Source/Tutorial: Primary The Me Park

Learn the time to the hour and a half hour with this amazing craft for your little ones! This clock crown will definitely bring a smile to your little one’s face and he/she will wear it all the time! This crown-making will be a fun hands-on sensory activity for the kiddos and it will unleash their creative side creating this unique crown and customizing it too! Your kids will definitely learn to tell the time and you will be loving the results! This will be a crafty learning exercise using devices in this electronic generation!

Telling Time Match Up Craft Ideas

Telling Time Match Up Craft Ideas  Telling Time Activities for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: The Stem Laboratory

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Time-telling match-up will be the perfect fit for you to teach your kiddos to tell time! It is a recycled craft of your mere water easter eggs! All you have to do is, write the time on one part of the egg and make its clock on the other part, now, jumble all the parts and let your kid match the right parts! Isn’t it fun?! It will precise all the hard work for you to teach time telling with just some easily accessible supplies and spending only some of your busy hours! This can also be the activity for homeschooling!

Snowman Telling Time Printable Clock

Snowman Telling Time Printable Clock 

Image Source/Tutorial: Kindergarten Worksheets And Games

Look at this adorable clock! These are some fun printables for your kiddos to master time-telling! They are attractive and the kids will be keen to learn from them! You may have noticed kids don’t usually take an interest in such learning topics unless there’s something unique to it, so this craft of learning will be a perfect fit! This is budget friendly as you just have to print them out from your computer then hand them over to your kid and wait for the stunning results!

Rush Hour Game For Kids

Rush Hour Game For Kids  Telling Time Activities for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Enza’s Bargains

Rush hour game! Let the kiddos have a blast playing this amazing game and also engaging themselves in learning time-telling! Through this game activity, your kid will master time-telling in no time! You will be stunned by the results! This is also a sensory play for your little ones right at home in a budget-friendly way! You can set up this game in minutes and your kids will play it for hours! This can also be the fun afternoon activity in the boing hours without engaging themselves on their devices!

How To Build A Lego Clock

How To Build A Lego Clock

Image Source/Tutorial: Stir The Wonder

Legos are always a fun game for the little ones! They love to create something unique every time based on their imagination! Let’s create a Lego clock and practice time-telling! There are always fun ways to let the kids be involved in learning with their interests involved! This will be a wonderful math manipulative for kids in school or homeschooling! They will definitely learn time-telling like a pro! Try it out today to make your kids even smarter!

Time-Telling Lessons For First Grade

Time Telling Lessons For First Grade Telling Time Activities for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Miss Giraffes Class

Say bye to the boring time learning and shake hands with a fun way! Time telling is the most crucial skill a kid should learn so Miss Giraffes Class has brought to you this fun alternative! The kiddos won’t get baffled anymore in time telling with this amazing activity! Put up questions for the kiddos and let them answer them during the activity! You can raise questions to the level of their intelligence and level as well! All you need is a clock printable, clay, and a sketch pen for the activity!

Simple Sundial Summer Activities For Kids

 Simple Sundial Summer Activities For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Paging Super Mom

This is a free printable template to make a sundial craft for your little ones! You can also make t on your own with the reference of this article! This will be a perfect learning project in the summer holiday for the kids! They will learn to tell the time through it and also will be engaged in a hands-on sensory activity by making this craftwork and also customizing it to their creativity and imagination! Unleash the kid’s creative side in the bright summer afternoon time with a fun learning craft!

I hope you like our list of  Telling Time Activities for Kids and will surely try to make them. If you like our ideas and want to read more crafts ideas, Keep visiting our website for the latest DIY ideas and other creative stuff for kids,
parents, and teachers. Please let us know in the comment section which Telling Time Activity you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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