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Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids

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Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids

We are pretty sure that you got frustrated with your annoying kids. These 5 minutes crafts from Brazil will surely capture their attention for a while.
As we “virtually” discover different countries, cultures, foods, music, and famous landmarks around the world, we will learn about Brazilian arts and crafts.
Come along on an adventure around the world with Brazilian crafts for kids and lots of fun activities! These 5 minutes crafts will enrich your kids with culture from another country. Let’s get started! Discover all there is to know about Brazil!

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids

Wild Brazilian Bird Nest

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids Wild Brazilian Bird Nest 

Image Source/Tutorial: Art Bar

This Brazilian Bird nest is very easy to make. Maybe the easiest of all. All you need is some newspaper and scissors.
Cut the newspapers into strips as shown in the picture and stick them together in the form of a bowl. There you go! The wild-looking Brazilian nest is ready for you to keep in the kitchen.

Colourful Dancing Ladies 

Colourful Dancing Ladies 

Image Source/Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

Take some filter paper and let’s do some tango! These beautiful dancing ladies are made of filter paper. So cut down the from and the dress from the filter paper add your favourite colour combination and there you have your dancing ladies ready.

I am pretty sure they will look so good on your drawing copy.

Colourful Feathery Masks 

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids Colourful Feathery Masks

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Brown House

What? Collecting colourful feathers is your hobby? Wow! That’s great then we have a perfect idea for you rolled up in our sleeves.

Take a thermocol or a plastic plate cut into half and male a mask just as shown in this picture given below. Colour it up with your favourite colours make sure you use different colours to make it bright and colourful add some designs if you want to. After you are done start sticking the feathers around the mask.

Muffin Liner Parrot 

Muffin Liner Parrot

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Bought too many liners for cupcakes? Don’t throw it away we have a perfect idea to make it use full. Give it to your kids and ask them to make this parrot with the help of these cupcake liners.

Paste it to the colourful chart paper and add some detailing on it and your parrot is ready to fly!

Newspaper Butterfly 

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids Newspaper Butterfly 

Image Source/Tutorial: I Am The Bee

I am pretty sure there are bundles of old newspaper in one corner of your room and you are planning to throw them away.

Before doing that have a look at these 5-minute crafts. Cut them into tiny butterflies and stick them on your wall or the coverage of your diary.

Survival Binoculars 

Survival Binoculars 

Image Source/Tutorial: Survivnga Teachers Salary

You might need these on your wildlife adventure. You might get stuck in the middle of the forest and you can’t see the road. Then these survival binoculars come in handy.

Take cylindrical cardboard and wrap them with colourful chart papers and you might add some detailing or some designs if you want to and then you are ready to go for your wildlife adventure.

Leafy Rainstick 

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids Leafy Rainstick

Image Source/Tutorial: JDaniel 4s Mom

Most of you love the sound of rain, for sure. So here is an amazing idea from us to you.

Take a cylindrical cardboard colour it green. Then cut some leaves and add them around the cylinder to make it a perfect Brazilian rainstick. Just shake it and enjoy the sound of rain.

Venomous 5-minute crafts Snakes 

Venomous 5-minute crafts Snakes

Image Source/Tutorial: Mr Printables

Take up some colourful chart papers and cut them in the form of snakes add a little venomous tongue to them.  Make sure to make their tail a little bit messy and then add some spots on them. Don’t mess them up.

Now, I am pretty sure these snakes are quite identical to the snakes that you have seen in the Brazilian wild forests.

Paper Frogs 

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids Paper Frogs 

Image Source/Tutorial: Itsy Bitsy Fun

These 5 minutes crafts are getting interesting, right?  You can play with these with your friends on the playground.

These jumping paper frogs are very easy to make. These are origami frogs add some black dots on the back of the frogs and then add some googly eyes to them. I am pretty sure these will be your favourite craft amongst all.

Brazilian Marcas

Brazilian Marcas 

Image Source/Tutorial: Scribble

Are you lacking some party tools? Well, then this  Brazilian Marcas can be an amazing addition to your party tools.

Take some thermocol or plastic plates and design them with some circles and triangles as shown in the picture. Stick the popsicle stick at the end of the plate which will help you to hold the Brazilian Marcus. Make sure to colour the popsicle sticks. Stick some colourful feathers or designs with colourful thread. Then you are ready to go to the birthday party with these Brazilian Marcas.

Dangerous Looking Jaguar Masks 

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids Dangerous Looking Jaguar Masks

Image Source/Tutorial: JDaniel4s Mom

Your favourite animal is a jaguar? We have an amazing 5 minute craft for you.

Take a paper and cut it into the shape of a jaguar mask. Then colour it up with yellow ochre. Make sure to cut the bold eyes and add a nose to the mask. Add some black spots on it. make sure that it does not get messy. Now you are ready with your dangerous-looking jaguar masks.

Fly Butterfly Fly!

 Fly Butterfly Fly!

Image Source/Tutorial: Kid World Citizen

These beautiful looking butterflies will be a great addition to your wall gallery.

Take a paper cut the paper in the shape of this butterfly. Colour them with black and blue. Give some precise detailing to them and there you go. The butterflies surely look like they are brought from Amazon Forest.

Football Platter 

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids Football Platter 

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Preschool Craft

This is a perfect craft for all the football lovers out there. I am pretty sure you guys love football like anything.

Just take plastic or a thermocol plate. Take a black marker and design the platter as a football. Then your plate is ready to stand out from all the other dishes in the kitchen.

Twisted Snakes From Brazil

Twisted Snakes From Brazil

Image Source/Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

These snakes are very easy to make. Just take your favourite colour chart paper. Cut the chart paper in a snake-like structure and twist it just as shown in the picture.

I am pretty sure this twisted snake will be a great addition to your craftwork.

Brazilian Sloth Family 

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids Brazilian Sloth Family 

Image Source/Tutorial: Tippy Toe Crafts

I am pretty sure many of you like sloths just like I do. They are so lazy and cute. So this craft of the Brazilian sloth family will be a great addition to the wall gallery.

These are very easy to make take some popsicle sticks colour them brown for the branches and then take some light brown chart paper and cut them in the form as shown in the picture. add their face and fingers in them to their body.

Spirally Brazillian Snakes

 Spirally Brazillian Snakes

Image Source/Tutorial: Iheart Crafty Things

This is the coolest one amongst all the other snakes. Take a favourite coloured chart paper and cut them in a spiral form add design to them to their body.

Make sure you don’t mess up the designs and finally add the googly eyes. There you go with the spirally Brazillian snake! You can scare your family members with it.

Black Beauty Snakes 

Brazil-inspired Craft Ideas For Kids Black Beauty Snakes

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

Run and get those black stones from your garden. Start colouring these black stones with various designs as shown in the picture. You can even add designs from yourself too.

Add a tiny tongue and googly eyes to this Black Beauty Snake. This will be soo beautiful that your mother will surely keep this on her showcase.

Brazilian Loafer Turtle 

Image Source/Tutorial: I Hearts Art N Crafts

I am pretty sure most of you have a loafer that you are planning to throw away. Instead, make it useful.

Take a green chart paper cut it out in the shape of a Turtle. Stick some googly eyes and then add the loafer to the body of the turtle.  Your Brazilian Loafer Turtle is ready to go. This craft helps in recycling the loafer.

These 5-minute crafts Brazil not only helped your kids to learn new things rather they even learnt how to recycle things and even make the lifeless things look lively.

Hope you liked all these Brazilian crafts. Don’t forget to let us know which one you liked the most and which one did you make. Make sure to visit our website for more such crafts.

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