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Learn How to Easily Draw a Bird in 5 Minutes

Learn how to easily draw a bird in 5 minutes


Learn How to Easily Draw a Bird in 5 Minutes

This bird drawing is super easy to draw and your kids will learn it easily. You can teach your kids how to draw this simple bird in a few minutes and you don’t have to sit with your kid for the whole day in teaching how to draw a bird. Even your kids will not like sitting back and drawing for a long time, and they will enjoy it while drawing.

You just need paper and a pencil and you are all set to teach your kid a new thing. It is really helpful for your kid as they will learn a new thing and they will be able to know about various other things. It will also develop your kid’s drawing skills and your kid will enjoy making a new as well as an easy drawing. You can even place your kid’s drawing in your or your kid’s room which will be super attractive and your kids will get happy seeing it.

Here is the step-by-step process of how to draw a bird in a few minutes, do follow the steps, and draw a beautiful and easy bird. Kids will love showing other people their work. Your kids will enjoy making the drawing, so try this bird drawing with your kids and help them in learning a new thing.

Learn how to easily draw a bird in 5 minutes

Materials required:

  • Paper
  • Pencil/ pen


  1. Take an A4 sheet and a pencil for drawing.
  2. Now take a cup or any circular shape thing and draw a circle on the paper with the help of the pencil.
  3. Take the pencil and draw 3 curve lines on one side of the circle as shown, one bigger line and the other 2 small lines.
  4. Now do the same as before with the other side of the circle.
  5. Draw 2 circles as eyes inside the bigger circle.
  6. Now draw a triangular shape below the eyes as shown making the nose.
  7. Take the pencil and draw a small line above the eyes outside the circle and 2 small curvy lines on the side of the straight line.
  8.  At the bottom of the circle draw 2 lines as legs and draw 2 small lines on both the sides of the big line.

Your 5 minutes easy bird drawing is ready. This drawing will help your kid in knowing a new thing and will enhance their drawing as well as learning.

You just have to sit for a few minutes with your kids and teach them how to draw a bird and they will learn it very quickly. Just follow the steps and you are done with this easy bird drawing. Do give it a try and help your kids in drawing and learning. They will enjoy it as well as will have fun.

FAQ’s on Learn How to Easily Draw a Bird in 5 Minutes

1. What supplies do I need to draw a bird?

You will need a pencil, paper, and eraser.

2. What kind of bird should I draw?

You can choose any bird you like.

3. Is there an easy way to draw a bird?

Yes, you can use a few simple steps to draw a bird easily.

4. How long will it take to draw a bird?

5 minutes is a good estimate for the time it takes to draw a bird.

5. What steps do I need to follow to draw a bird?

To draw a bird, start by sketching an oval shape for the body. Add two circles for the eyes and a triangle for the beak. Draw two wings and two legs. Finally, draw in the feathers.

6. What type of pencil should I use?

A regular pencil or a mechanical pencil will work best for sketching.

7. How can I make my bird drawing look realistic?

Pay attention to detail, such as the texture of the wings and the curve of the bird’s body. You can also add shading to give the drawing more depth.

8. How can I make sure I don’t make mistakes?

Erase any mistakes you make and draw slowly. Take your time and make sure the lines are clean.

9. Can I draw a bird without a reference photo?

Yes, you can. Try to remember the basic shape of a bird and use your imagination to fill in the details.

10. What other techniques can I use to draw a bird?

You can use different techniques such as cross-hatching, stippling, and hatching to give your bird drawing a unique look.

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