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How To Make a Paper Chick – DIY Chick – Paper Craft

How To Make a Paper Chick - DIY Chick - Paper Craft

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How To Make a Paper Chick – DIY Chick – Paper Craft

Activities for Kids

This paper chick craft is very simple to make. You will not require a lot of things for making it and you will enjoy it as well. You can make these with your kids and they will have fun. This paper chick craft does not take a lot of time of yours and is super easy to make. Even these are good for attracting kids and it’s a great craft for decor at parties. You can gift these to the little kids coming to the party and they will enjoy playing with them. Your kids can also make these for their playing as well as for their friends. Here some steps are given below to make this amazing paper chick craft, check it out and you will love the result. You can decorate these in your kid’s room and they will love to play with their new toy. Try this easy paper chick craft with your kid’s you both will like it as well as have fun in making it.

How To Make a Paper Chick – DIY Chick – Paper Craft

Materials required:

  • A4 sheets (yellow, orange, white)
  • Marker
  • Scissor
  • Glue


  1. Take a yellow sheet and draw a circle and cut it out with the help of the scissor.
  2. Now take an orange color paper and cut out 2 small square shapes.
  3. Take one square shape and fold it in half, it will look like a triangle.
  4. Now open it and fold both the sides in as shown in the video.
  5. Take the glue and paste the sides of the paper, it will form a cone.
  6. Take the other square paper and do the same as before and make it in a form of a cone.
  7. Now take the white paper and draw 2 circles and cut them out.
  8. Take a marker and draw dots on the circles, it will look like eyes.
  9. Now take the cone-shaped paper and cut the remaining portion and make it equal from the bottom.
  10. Take the other cone and cut a little and make the bottom curve.
  11. Take the remaining portion of the first cone and paste both the cones together with the help of that.
  12. Now take the yellow circle and apply glue on one side and put that side inside the cone as shown in the video.
  13. Take the eyes and paste them onto the yellow circle.

That’s it! You are done with your paper chick craft. It’s very easy to make and you will require a few minutes to make it. Try these crafts with your kids and they will enjoy making and playing with them. Your kids can make these for themselves and their friends and they can have fun with these wearing on their fingers. These crafts are good for gifting the kids as they will get happy by having a new toy for playing. So do give it a try and make your kids happy by making these for them.

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Activities for Kids
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