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Easy to Make Animal Drawings for Kids


Easy to Make Animal Drawings for Kids

Activities for Kids

If you’re searching for creative easy-to-make animal drawings for kids, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of animal drawings like tiny ants, honeybee, butterfly, ladybug, shark, caterpillar, octopus and dragonfly.

Easy to Make Animal Drawings for Kids

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Tiny Ants

Ants are small little creatures known for their strength and hardwork. They can carry 10 and 15 times more weight than their own body weight. It also depends on the species how much weight they can carry. They are incredibly strong. They are completely dedicated towards their work. We all are familiar with the famous story of an ant and a grasshopper.

Easy to Make Animal Drawings for Kids Tiny Ants


A honeybee is a little flying insect that collects delicious honey for us. A honeybee can live up to 30- 60 days. Honey Bees are quite friendly and do not attack without being provoked. They only sting people to defend themselves. Honey bees have a total of 7- 12 species. The queen bee can live up to 6 years but is productive only for 2 years. 

Colourful Butterfly

This beautiful butterfly has a very beautiful and colourful body. She has beautiful designs on her body. Drawing this beautiful butterfly is very easy. You can either use crayons or oil pastels to colour. Draw the body and fill it with the colours of your choice. You can also add some glitters to make her look more adorable.

Easy to Make Animal Drawings for Kids


Butterflies are large and beautiful insects. They have really beautiful and colourful bodies. Their bodies consist of different shades and patterns. The lifespan of a butterfly is 15-29 days. Amazon butterflies which are a species of butterflies swipe food from ants. It’s really strange behavior. An adult butterfly has no harmful effects on a flower.


Caterpillars are the baby butterflies. Caterpillars are the second stage in order to become a butterfly. This colourful caterpillar is very easy to make. You can use different colours for every part to make it look more cute. Birds, bees, beetles and spiders eat caterpillars as their food. Most of the caterpillars are completely harmless.

Easy to Make Animal Drawings for Kids

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Ladybugs are small black and red-colored insects. They are a part of the beetle family. They have a really attractive body. The black spots on their red body make them look really cute. They are completely harmless to humans. They have six small legs. An interesting thing about them is that one ladybug can eat up to 5,000 insects in its lifetime!


Dragonflies are small insects with large, transparent and beautiful wings. A dragonfly can live upto 7- 56 days. They are the first winged insects that evolved around 300 million years ago. They are amazing flyers. They only catch their prey while flying. A dragonfly is a symbol of change, transformation and self-realisation.

Easy to Make Animal Drawings for Kids


Learn how to draw an octopus. This one is perfect for kids. This tutorial will show you how to draw an easy cartoon like octopus in just a few steps. An octopus is one of the weirdest looking marine animals ever. It is a marine animal and is classified as a soft body animal or mollusk. It is said that an Octopus spends most of its life in hiding.


Easy to Make Animal Drawings for Kids

How to draw a shark. This is an insanely easy way to draw one, so it is perfect for beginners and kids.
Sharks have been around for a long time. They are some of the oldest creatures on earth-their fossils date back to about 450 million years ago. For most of their existence, sharks have been swimming in the sea, hunting for prey and avoiding being hunted themselves.

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Activities for Kids
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