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Origami Paper Plane Craft Tutorial For Kids

Origami Paper Plane Craft Ideas For Kids - Step by Step Tutorial

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Origami Paper Plane Craft Tutorial For Kids

Bring the fun of origami to your kids with these exciting paper plane craft ideas! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make simple and complex models of planes from just a few pieces of paper. Get ready to create some amazing paper planes with your kids!

Welcome to our Origami Paper Plane Craft Ideas For Kids – Step-by-Step Tutorial! If you are looking for fun and creative ways to entertain and engage your children, then this tutorial is for you. We’ll show you step-by-step how to make origami paper planes for your kids, using simple materials like paper, scissors, and a few other common items. With our easy-to-follow instructions, your children will be able to make their own paper planes in no time. So let’s get started!

Fun To Make Origami Paper Plane Craft – Step by Step Tutorial

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Material Used:

  • Blue And Red Craft Paper

Instructions: –

Step-1: Take a Blue Craft Paper

Easy To Make Plane Craft Ideas For Kids Using Origami Paper

Take a blue craft paper square shape.

Step-2: Folding Into Two Halves

Simple To Make Paper Plane Craft Ides for Kids

Fold the paper into two halves.

Step-3: Folding It Again

DIY Paper Plane Craft Ideas For Kindergarten

Now, fold it into two halves and unfold it. Hold one end of the rectangle and fold it to the visible line drawn from the unfolded paper.

Step-4: Making It Conical

Cool Art Of Paper Folding To Make Plane Craft For Kids

Similarly, fold from another corner.

Step-5: Inserting Finger In The Pocket

Step By Step To Make Paper Plane Craft For KidsNow, when we see the base of the triangle there becomes a pocket, insert your fingers in that pocket.

Step-6: Giving The Shape Of a Diamond

Learn How To Make Origami Plane Craft Ideas For Kids

Press the paper outwards from inside and then press it from above.

Step-7: Folding The Upper Sheet

Creative Ideas To Make Paper Plane Craft At Home

Hold the paper from the bottom and fold the paper from both sides.

Step-8: Turning The Paper Upside Down

Handmade Paper Plane Craft Ideas For Preschoolers

Turn the paper upside down and open the back paper.

Step-9: Fold The Paper

Easy Artwork Of Origami To Make Plane Craft Ideas For Kids

Fold the paper upside.

Step-10: Opening The Both Upper And Lower Side

Homemade Paper Plane Craft Ideas For Kids

Open both the upper and lower flaps.

Step-11: Creasing The Lower Right Part Towards Right

Easy Paper Activity To Make Plane Craft For Kids

As you can see there are four triangles formed, two on top and two on the bottom. You need to hold the right triangle from your side on the bottom side and fold it towards the right.

Step-12: Folding Another Upper Triangle

Fun Activities To Make Paper Plane Craft For Kids

Hold the upper right triangle and fold it towards the right touching the already folded triangle.

Step-13: Repeating On Left Side

A Perfect Ideas To Make Paper Plane Craft For children

Repeat the previous two steps on the left side and then fold the upper folded parts towards downside touching the previously folded part.

Step-14: Joining Both The Sides

Cool Activities To Make Plane Craft With Origami Paper

Join the right part with the left part.

Step-15: Opening Wings Of The Plane

Super Cute Ideas Paper Plane Craft For Kids

Turn the plane horizontally and open the two flaps from both sides.

Step-16: Folding From The Downside

A Perfect Ideas To Make Paper Plane Craft For Projects

Hold the plane from the top and from the bottom fold the paper upwards making a base.

Step-17: Splitting The Upper Fin Of the Plane

Easy Way To Make Paper Plane Craft For Kids

Hold the upper fin and split it apart.

Final Step: Your Plane Is Ready!

Amazing Paper Plane Craft For Kids

Your paper plane is ready to fly! You can make it using different colored papers at your home.

Some More Paper Plane Craft Tutorial

Designing Paper Airplane Origami

Designing Paper Airplane Origami

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Designing paper airplane origami is a fun way to create something with your hands. It is an activity that requires creativity, patience, and imagination to make unique and creative designs. It is a great way to explore the world of origami and have fun with friends and family.


What types of paper are suitable for making origami paper planes?

Any type of thin, lightweight paper can be used for making origami paper planes, such as tissue paper, printer paper, or even newspaper.

What tools do I need to make paper planes?

All you need is a pair of scissors and a ruler.

How do I fold a paper plane?

There are several ways to fold a paper plane. One of the most popular methods is the Harrier fold, which requires you to fold the paper in half diagonally, then fold the wings in half and tuck them under the body of the plane.

How do I make my paper plane fly further?

The key to making a paper plane fly further is to make sure it is balanced and has enough lift. You can adjust the wings, tail, and body of the plane to find the most efficient design.

What is the best way to make a paper plane?

The best way to make a paper plane is to experiment with different designs and find out which one works best for you.

This article provided a step-by-step tutorial to craft paper planes with origami paper for kids.

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