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Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

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Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

If you have some CDs at home and you are already bored of playing them too many times, then why don’t you recycle them and make some really amazing and cool crafts !? Throwing away hold CDs would be a complete waste of money and since they are non-biodegradable, it would affect the environment too. So if you have old CDs with you, grab them and check out these awesome crafts which you can make at home without any hassle.

A few impressive ideas are below in form of images/tutorials in order to help you with these CD crafts.

Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

 Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

Stunning Cd Tea Light Holder

Stunning Cd Tea Light Holder Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Feltmagnet

Placing candles is really an inconvenient and difficult task as sometimes they keep falling and also might be dangerous for Kids. So, if you are running out of candle holders, then you can make this stunning craft using CDs. Nobody would have ever wondered that a holder can be made using CDs!! This craft might be a little hard for kids but with parents’ assistance, they can make it easier.

Chilly Cd Icecreams

Chilly Cd Icecreams

Image Source/Tutorial: Makeandtakes

If you are looking for an easy craft for your toddlers, then you can let them try out this uncomplicated craft and we all are aware that kids never say no to ice-creams. This craft looks really colorful and tasty. You can also put them in a frame as a souvenir of your kid’s hard work and patience.

Googly Eyed Cd Ladybugs

Googly Eyed Cd Ladybugs Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Allfreekidscrafts

If you are looking for something to decorate your garden, then you can decorate it using colorful ladybugs. Don’t panic! They are not real. These colorful bugs are made by recycling CDs. They are harmless and will beautify your garden a lot.

Rainbows Using Cd’s

Rainbows Using Cd's

Image Source/Tutorial: Pinkstripeysocks

Rainbows are really delightful but they are seen once in a blue moon. Though many people do not know that it is not only a natural phenomenon but is deeply related to physics and can also be created at home. Yes, it is possible to make these beautiful rainbows using CDs and will fascinate your kids a lot.

Awesome Olaf Cd Craft

Awesome Olaf Cd Craft Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kidsactivitiesblog

Olaf is one of the most favorite characters of kids. So, if you are unable to bring an Olaf figurine home, then make one. This will make your kid’s day gleeful.

Make Nightowl Using Cds

Make Nightowl Using Cds

Image Source/Tutorial: Happyhooligans

Owls are quite unusual but their appearance is really unique. Creating an owl craft might seem difficult but in reality, it is really easy to make. Can’t believe my words? Then see for yourself the below tutorial!

Pretty And Simple Cd Wall-hangings

Pretty And Simple Cd Wall-hangings Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Momsandcrafters

Wall hangings are easily available at shops, but they would look more beautiful if made with hands. These wall hangings will adore the walls with love and beauty.

Sniffling Snail Using Cds

Sniffling Snail Using Cds

Image Source/Tutorial: Iheartcraftythings

Snails look absolutely beautiful with their pretty shells. But it is not possible to touch one or pet them. So, you can make this CD snail craft and can let your kids know what snails look like.

Paper Snail Craft

Paper Snail Craft Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Craftymorning

These paper plate snails are very adorable and super easy to make. If you want something to keep you and your ward busy, then this craft is perfect. There are many different ways in which you can customize it as well. Use what you have, find different colors and options, and have fun.

Shelly Snail And Turtle Using Cds

Shelly Snail And Turtle Using Cds

Image Source/Tutorial:

A turtle’s or a snail’s shell looks extremely bewitching. So, have you ever thought you can also be creative and make this wonderful creature and its captivating shells using CDs! It is one of the best ways to recycle CDs as well as teach your kids art and crafts.

Vivid Cd Sun-catchers

Vivid Cd Sun-catchers Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

Image Source/Tutorial:

These sun-catchers look superb when they shine by the sunlight falling upon them. Kids can also make these sun-catchers using CDs. And the process is definitely very simple and needs very least supplies. The overall result will satisfy your mind and will bring glory to your kid’s face as well.

Innovative Alarm Clock Using Cd

Innovative Alarm Clock Using Cd

Image Source/Tutorial: krokotak

Kids hate waking up early morning and always get irritated when the alarm rings. But this DIY alarm clock if made by them will be kept by their side, then their every morning will become special. It is not that easy for kids to make it, though, with the help of parents’ guidance,  they can easily make it.

Gorgeous Cd Wall-hangings

Gorgeous Cd Wall-hangings Recycled CD Craft Ideas For kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Happyhooligans

If you’re looking for something for your Kid’s project, then you can refer to this recycled CD wall-hanging. This wall-hanging look is really gorgeous and very eye-catching.

Paper Plate Love Monster

Paper Plate Love Monster

Image Source/Tutorial: Gluedtomycraftsblog

This is a cute red monster that you can make with your kids this Valentine’s day. Grab a waste CD and white, black and red papers to make this cute-looking monster.

Art and crafts can be made using so many waste materials and the best usable things can be created from them. It helps relieve stress and irritation in Kids as well as increases their IQ. It also helps in building their learning capacity and strengthening their skills and ability to utilize each and every material and make useful items out of them.

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