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Crafty DIY Stamps For Kids

Crafty DIY Stamps For Kids

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Crafty DIY Stamps For Kids

Do you love stamps? When I was a kid, I use to play with stamps all the time. I love the fact that how beautifully we can take the print of our favorite vegetable, fruits, or anything which excites us. Nowadays kids didn’t know how fun making these stamps are. Kids don’t want to be creative anymore, they just use electronic devices all day, but now you don’t have to spend your entire day with mobile games as we are here with amazing Crafty DIY stamps for kids’ ideas. So kids try these ideas and make your day joyful.

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Crafty DIY Stamps For Kids

Crafty DIY Stamps For Kids

1. Green pepper shamrock stamps

Make simple and elegant look Green pepper shamrock stamps.

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

If you’re making a card for your friend and don’t know what design you should make on your card so try this Green pepper stamp idea, For making this you need Green pepper, a knife for cutting, the green color of course and a plane sheet in which you stamp your beautiful green pepper.

2. Handmade Button Stampers of course

Make waste buttons useful by making handmade button stampers with them.

Image Source/Tutorial: What Do We Do All Day

Now make your Handmade Button stampers, this idea is great and kids love these stampers and find them joyful. You don’t need to do many things for making this, all you have to do is take a cork and stick and button on top of it, that’s it. Color the button with your favorite color and make a stamp on the sheet.

3. Cardboard stamping

Now reuse your cardboard for making stamp marks.

Image Source/Tutorial: Pure and Noble

For making stamps with cardboard you will need cardboard, blade, metal ruler, pen, scissors, hot glue gun, t-shirt, paint, any flat surface. First, cut the cardboard into small triangles and remove the outer layer of the cardboard to reveal the stripes. Then cut out handles and paste them to the back of the stamp. Lay your t-shirt out on a flat surface. Squeeze the paint onto the glass and smooth it out.

Paint the cardboard shape and make sure all of the lines are covered. Press the stamp onto the t-shirt. After the paint has dried, iron the ink to solidify it before washing. Boom! You’ve completed the task.

4. Cauliflower Stamping

Don’t like to eat cauliflower? But I am damn sure you will like these cute cauliflower stamping.

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Treasures

Cauliflower is ideal for stamping since it has such a large variety of gorgeous shapes. And it’s a lot more intriguing than stamping potato and cabbage hearts. You will just need to cut the cauliflower into half or in small sizes and then paint those small pieces of cauliflower with fabric color and there you go! Now you can press these cauliflower stamps on anything you like.

5. Celery Stamped Owl Craft for Kids

Do you know celery can make the perfect owl feather stamps? Yes, just grab your celery and start making celery stamped owl.

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

With yellow paper, cut out the outline of an owl’s body. Then, using patterned paper, cut out some wings, circle eyes, a beak, and his feet. Glue the eyes, beak, and feet in place. Then, to stamp on the bird, chop a piece of celery and dip it in the paint. Allow them to stamp lines that resemble the owl’s feathers. Glue on the little owl’s wings to finish him off!

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6. Vegetable Stamps Using Lettuce

Have you ever attempted to make art with plain vegetable stamps?

Image Source/Tutorial: Housing A Forest

Leave the ends of your lettuce bundles to be cut and saved. Make the incision as straight as possible. Apply a thin layer of paint on the cut end of your lettuce. Tempera or acrylic paints, for example, work best. Apply even pressure to the stamp as it is placed on the paper.

7. Flower Stamping

Make beautiful stamping with beautiful flowers.

Image Source/Tutorial: Moonfrye

You will just need some flowers and some fabric colors for making beautiful color stamps. Just dip the flowers in the colors and make beautiful flower stamps on sheets or anything you like.

8. Rolling Stamp

Make your rolling stamp!

Image Source/Tutorial: I Love To Create

The best part is generally the most free-form, which is why this technique for utilizing a lint roller as a rolling stamp is so cool! Paint your roller with fabric colors and just start rolling, rolling, and rolling. It will give your t-shirt a nice look.

9. Art with Legos

Is it possible to make Lego art? This creative Lego printing concept will be a hit with the kids!

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

To make your own Lego prints, you just need a few supplies: paint in various colors, Lego bricks, and paper. To add interest to your finished design, pick Lego bricks in a variety of shapes and sizes. To get started, dip your Lego brick into some paint. Simply stamp the brick onto the paper plate first, and then onto our paper again.

10. Craft Foam Stamp

The kids always enjoy using the stamps and stamp pads, but seeing their designs was extremely enjoyable!

Image Source/Tutorial: Child Central Station

Start by drawing designs on craft foam. When you’re happy with the design, trace over it with a pointed pencil to make sure there’s an imprint in the foam where you’ve drawn. You can cut a shape around the pattern or cut the design out completely around the edge of your image. To build a stamp, use rubber cement to adhere the foam to a piece of strong cardboard and a hot glue gun to adhere a piece of cork to the reverse. Of course, test your creations as soon as the glue has dried.

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11. Okra Stamps

Okra makes a fantastic stamp!

Image Source/Tutorial: Kayte Terry

Grab some Okra and cut the upper part and then dip them into fabric paint and there you go! You are ready to press these okra stamps on paper or anything you like. We are sure you will love these okra stamps.

12. Simple Pencil Eraser Stamps

Try simple pencil eraser stamps for designing.

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Stamping is a fun way to express yourself. Children get to pound an object into a stamp pad as hard as they can to get the color as dark as they want it. Children can choose from a variety of stamps. We’ve discovered that erasers on the ends of pencils work well. Primary pencils (pencils designed for youngsters under the age of ten) are the simplest to hold and stamp with. They also produce really large dots. It’s a lot simpler to see your design come together when you’re working alongside them.

13. Plasticine stamp printing

Make beautiful Plasticine stamp printing.

Image Source/Tutorial: Filth Wizardry

This Plasticine stamp printing is very easy to make and kids love playing with it. Kids of age group 7 to 12 enjoy making Plasticine stamp printing. I will highly recommend you to surely try it once.

14. Potato Masher Stamps

Kitchen utensils painting which turned out so cute!

Image Source/Tutorial: No Time For Flashcards

Gather your supplies. You’ll need construction paper, a dish, a potato masher, and paint to complete this project. Apply your paint to your dish. Dip your masher in and print!

15. Toilet paper roll leaf stamping

Make this lovely fall tree activity with your kids using a toilet paper roll and paint to celebrate the season!

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Begin by cutting a little leaf shape out of an empty toilet paper roll by cutting it down the middle. Tape it together after bending the edges to make the corners pointed. Print the tree sheet and cut the toilet paper roll into three pieces so the kids can use one for each color of paint. After they’ve stamped all over the tree branches, they can color in the leaves with a little paintbrush. You may even add more leaves to the tree’s bottom to make it appear as if they have fallen!

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16. Stamps with cup

Now beautify your greeting cards by adding these beautiful cup stamps.

Image Source/Tutorial: Poindexter

You don’t need to do any hard work for making this, all you have to do is take a cup and paint the top of the cup with your favorite color and then stamp it over a greeting card. You know cup-stamps designs look so good and attractive.

17. Animal Track Stamps

Make this instructive and entertaining craft for your animal-loving children!

Image Source/Tutorial: Green Kid Crafts

Make 4 by 4 squares or larger out of cardboard. Begin by gluing them on the cardboard and allowing your youngster to dip them in ink. We used bingo daubers, and they worked great! Make a trail across the card stock.

18. Flower-stamp with cauliflower

Make pretty flowers in just a few seconds with the help of a cauliflower stamp.

Image Source/Tutorial: Intimate Weddings

The lower part of cauliflower is a waste so don’t throw it because you can use it to make a beautiful flower stamp. Just take a lower part of cauliflower, then paint the top of it with your favorite color, and then stamp it on your cards. Enjoy and make beautiful flowers with a cauliflower stamp.

19. Potato-stamp

Make a perfect stamp heart or the shape which you want by using Potatoes.

Image Source/Tutorial: Cap Creations

This potato stamp is very easy to make, as for making this you have to take a potato than cut it half after that take a cookie-cutter of your favorite shape and put it in between of potato then cut the potato slightly from the top to make the shape of the upper part of the potato in cookie-cutter shape and done! Now only you have to paint it and stamp it over a sheet.

20. Wine Cork Ladybugs Craft

Now use the wine cork in making stamps!

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Kids love ladybugs and they enjoy playing with them, so kids, let’s just make ladybugs stamp by using wine cork. For making it take a wine cork, color it with red color and then stamp it over a sheet after that with the help of a black sketch make detailing of ladybug stamp

21. Block printing with yarn

Make a unique and attractive block printing with the use of yarn.

Image Source/Tutorial: Modern Parents, Messy Kids

This block printing is very unique and looks good on everything, whether on greeting cards or wall painting. For making it you have to take a block and Cover it with yarn, then color the block and make the stamps.

Hopefully, you like our DIY stamp craft ideas, for more craft ideas read more posts on, and also please let me know in the comment section which stamps idea you like the most.

Creating Tree Art With Leaf Stamping

Creating Tree Art With Leaf Stamping

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Tree art created with leaf stamping is a fun and creative way to make unique art pieces. Using leaves of various shapes and sizes, one can create beautiful patterns and works of art. It is an enjoyable activity for all ages and can be done indoors or outdoors.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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