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Energy Busting Indoor Games And Activities


Energy Busting Indoor Games And Activities

These indoor games are very enjoyable and your kid will love these. It will help your kids in building focus and it’s a good form of exercise. These activities will not need a lot of supplies and are super fun and easy as well. Down below are a bunch of activities to play with your kids, try them, and have fun.

Your kids can play some of the games alone and enjoy it. If your kids don’t like doing exercise and yoga then these activities are best to try, they will help your kid to stay healthy and focused.

Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of energy-busting indoor games and activities like toy baskets, sliding, crossing the barriers, jumping, catching, swinging, putting the pens, throwing the ball, crossing the obstacles, and throwing the basket.

Energy Busting Indoor Games & Activities For Kids

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1. Game: Toy basket


  • Toys
  • Basket
  • Mat


  1. Take a mat and put it on the floor.
  2. Now take a basket and put it on top of the mat.
  3. Take some toys and put them at the bottom of the mat.
  4. Now ask your kid to lie down on the mat.
  5. Take a toy from the leg and put their leg and waist up towards the head and put the toy in the basket.

This game will help your kid in stretching their legs and is a good yoga exercise.

2. Game: Sliding


  • mat
  • ice boarding sticks/ long sticks


  1. Put the mat on top of you as shown.
  2. Take 2 snowboarding sticks or long sticks and hold them in both hands and from both legs.
  3. Now from the top of you let your kid slide.

This game is super fun and your indoor slide is ready for enjoying.

3. Game: Cross The Barriers


  • cold drink cans
  • toys
  • basket


  1. Take the cans and put them in a straight line leaving some space in between the cans, make 2 lines.
  2. Now take the toys and put them in the middle of the end of the cans.
  3. Take 2 baskets and put them on the starting of the line.
  4. Now from the starting line bend yourself and crawl above the cans without touching them and collect the toys.
  5. Then after collecting stand up and run in a crisscross manner between the cans and put the toy in the basket.

This game can be played with 2 people and you will be more energetic to win the game.

4. Game: Putting The Pens


  • Pens
  • stool
  • mug
  • bedsheet


  1. On a stool put a mug.
  2. Now take a bedsheet and ask your kid to lie down as in the video.
  3. Take a few pens and give them to your kid to hold.
  4. Now swing the bedsheet towards the mug and let your kid put the pens inside the mug.

Your kid will enjoy the game as well as this game will help your kid concentrate.

5. Game: Exercising


  • small stool
  • ball


  1. Take the ball in your hand and the small stool down.
  2. Now put one leg on the stool and the other leg in the air as shown and your hand straight in front holding the ball.
  3. Do the same with another leg as well, now repeat this.

Try this exercise it will help your kid energy-boosting.

6. Game: Put The Bottles In


  • paper glasses
  • papers


  1. Take 2 paper glasses one inside the other and put them on a table.
  2. Now take a piece of paper and put it above the glasses.
  3. Repeat the same 2-3 times.
  4. Now with your kids try to put the glasses inside the glasses while pulling out the papers.

This game will build your focus and concentration.

7. Game: Jumping


  • stick


  1. Take a stick and put it on the floor and with your hands move the stick left and right.
  2. Let your kids jump and get themselves safe from touching the stick.

This game is perfect for exercise and will enhance your kid’s focus.

8. Game: Catching


  • basket
  • paper glasses


  1. Sit with a bunch of glasses and let your kid stand on the backside of yours.
  2. Tell your kid to hold a basket and stay focused.
  3. Now throw the glasses one by one to your backside and let your kid grab them in their basket.

This game is helpful to get focused and enjoy as well.

9. Game: Swing


  • mat


  1. Put your mat on the floor.
  2. Let your kid stretch their legs and sit on the mat, letting their legs and hands out of the mat.
  3. Now hold all the sides of the mat and swing your child.

This game is really fun and your kid will enjoy the swing.

10. Game: Put The Ball In


  • cardboard box
  • pen
  • small balls


  1. Take the lid of the box and draw a mouse as shown in the video.
  2. Now take the scissor and cut out the noise of the mouse.
  3. Put the box under it.
  4. Now take a ball on the lid and try to put it in the box.

It’s a very simple and enjoyable game.

11. Game: Throwing The ball


  • paper glass
  • balloon
  • small ball


  1. Take a paper glass and with the help of the scissor cut the bottom of it.
  2. Now take a balloon and cut the bottom of it and put it on the glass as shown.
  3. Take a ball and put it in and pull the balloon.

Your easy and fun game is ready. Target anything with it.

12. Game: Crossing The Obstacles


  • tapes


  1. Take different color tapes and paste them on the floor as shown in the video.
  2. Now as per the shapes your kid can enjoy jumping and playing on them.

It’s a good game for your kids to enjoy alone.

13. Game: Throwing The Basket


  • balls/ oranges
  • basket


  1. Take some balls/ oranges and place them on the floor.
  2. Now take a basket and throw it on the ball to target it.

It will enhance your focus and targeting skills.

That’s it! all games are super fun and they will boost your kid’s energy and your kid doesn’t have to go out for playing. Try these games and your kids will surely enjoy them and will not cry for going out. Your kids can play different games and will not get bored playing just one. So try these games with your kids and enjoy them.

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