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Okra Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

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Okra Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

Relaxing your and your kid’s mind by doing art and crafts is so much more enjoyable. But have you ever thought of utilizing the things that we get from nature to create art and crafts? You will be so astounded when you will discover how beautiful things you can create from Veggies. We all know that kids really don’t love eating vegetables. So how about we let them know the importance of vegetables and how they can benefit their health in a more creative way. So here, we present to you some really fascinating ideas using which can make your art and crafts a lot more lively.

Okras, also known as Ladyfingers, are always available in the home of everyone. It is not only rich in minerals and proteins but can also be used to create eye-catching crafts and mesmerizing patterns.

Some images/tutorials are below for you to perceive the art and crafts made using Okra.

Okra Craft Ideas & Activities for Kids

1. Lovely Lady Fingerprints:

Image Source/Tutorial: Instructables

Are your kids tired of painting with simple watercolors and brushes? How about you let them try painting with ladyfinger! All you need to do is cut a ladyfinger into small pieces, dip them into colorful paints and just tap and press the pieces on the paper. Just see for yourself how attractive these prints would turn out!!

2. Glorious Floral Stamps Using Okra:

Image Source/Tutorial: First palette

Wondering about a unique way to teach your toddlers to draw flowers? We got an absolutely amazing way. Who knew one can paint flowers using okra!! Not only a single flower but you can create a whole flower garden using different shades.

3. Scenic Scenery Painting Using Lady Finger:

Image Source/Tutorial: Pratima Fine Arts And Crafts

A scenery painting can be more scenic if painted in a creative way. Have you ever thought how beautiful it would be to create a scenery painting using okra!! You can make it even more tempting by mixing different hues and exercising your mind a little bit.

4. Captivating Greeting Card Border Using Okra:

Image Source/Tutorial: Pinterest

Are you in a hurry and looking for easy, quick, and cheap border ideas for greeting cards? Don’t worry, we got you the simplest yet wonderful idea for your concern. You can try out these pretty okra print borders. It is super easy to make and looks super awesome. You can also use this unique trick while preparing your kid’s project works or greeting cards.

5. Alluring Gift Wrap Ideas:

Image Source/Tutorial: Hgtv

Are you gifting someone especially your kids and want to make it lovelier by adding a pinch of handmade love to it? We have got some ideas for you which can be easily followed even if you ain’t artistic. you should definitely try out these quirky okra prints to make everyone fall in love with your creativeness and efforts.

6. Enticing Diy Santa Claus With Lady Finger:

Image Source/Tutorial: Alittlefurinthepaint.blogspot

Decorating a Christmas tree is so much fun but it becomes super exciting when you add a few handmade Christmas tree decors to it. It might be a little challenging to make but it turns out to be super cute and adorable. Who knew such captivating DIYs could be made from a Ladyfinger!!

7. Aesthetic Fall Wreath Out Of Dried Okra:

Image Source/Tutorial: Dododsondesigns

If you have some dried okras and you don’t really wish to throw them away, we’re sure you will be delighted by this Fall wreath out of dried okra. You can definitely assist your kids to make this and make them aware about the fruitful uses of dried or rotten vegies.

8. Spooky Lady Finger DIY:

Image Source/Tutorial: DIYnetwork

Are you organizing a Halloween themed party and want to create a spooky atmosphere but still feeling you lack something?? Ladyfingers are here to help you out. We are sure that you will never find such a stunning as well as super quirky idea. We can assure you that your guests will be completely astonished by this.

9. Classy Okra Prints Bookmark:

Image Source/Tutorial: Redeemyourground

Are you a book worm and love to read many books at a time but easily forget the page numbers?? We ensure you that these affordable book marks are seriously going to help you out a lot . They hardly require few basic supplies and can be really beneficial.

10. Amusing Tortoise With Okra Print Shell:

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple art ideas

Do your kids love drawing and painting and love to try out creative ways to make their art works more winsome. Here how you can help them out in making their masterpieces even more interesting! Do let them try out these amazing okra prints and tell them how they can use different vegetables to make their drawings exciting and attractive.

11. Yellow Lavender Painting Using Okra Prints:

Image Source/Tutorial: Simple art ideas

Here is another simple example of how lady fingers can be used to create such charming floral paintings. Even toddlers can make this as it is super easy to make. Let your kids learn to run their minds a little bit and create even more awesome paintings using different vegetables.

We hope you must have been fascinated by visualizing the art and crafts made using Okra. Not only by using Okra but also you can explore different vegetables like brinjal, potato, cauliflower, etc. to create such crafts at home. You can also encourage your kids to find more such things which we get from nature that can be used to make attractive arts and crafts.

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