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Why Art and Craft for Kids?

Children of all ages love working with their hands to create art or make craft. Art and craft for kids can be anything from pencil drawing and painting to Origami and other crafts. It is a medium for children to express themselves and let their creative juices flow. Kids art and craft is perfect for children to express themselves creatively.

In today’s world, technology is growing rapidly and kids are busy with computers and i phones. Even though technology is good, it does not come with the benefits of art and craft. There are many good facets to children taking part in art and craft.

Art and Craft for Kids


1.Helps in brain development

When we are drawing or painting, we are using our creativity which comes from the frontal cortex of the brain. Kids art and craft can help children exercise this part of the brain and develop it. Art and craft can also develop problem solving skills, memory capacity, attention and concentration. Creative children do better in Math and Science as well. All the famous scientists and mathematicians of the world are  highly creative thinkers.

2.Help improve coordination and fine motor skills

Children  have to use their hands in a methodical manner while making kids art and craft. This helps in the development of motor skills and bilateral coordination. Drawing, folding paper, gluing all require dexterous hand movements.

3.Helps express themselves

Small children can express themselves without inhibitions through art and craft. Especially when they may be at a stage where they cannot express themselves verbally. Children who are naturally shy may find it difficult to express themselves verbally. In such cases, they can freely communicate through kids art and craft. Art and craft is a visual way to express emotions and thoughts. A parent can figure out what a child is feeling by analyzing their art work.

4.Makes them more productive

Art and craft provide children with a strong base for their future careers. Most occupations today need creative thinking ability. Creative thinkers are in great demand. Kids with a strong foundation in art and craft perform better at jobs that require creative thinking ability therefore making them more productive.

5.Helps in decision making and critical thinking

Creating art and craft helps the child exercise their decision making through choosing the colors, deciding which material is best for what etc. They think also about the best way to go about the project. This improve their critical thinking as well.

6.Helps in bonding with parents

Parents can have a wonderful time making art and craft with their child. Creating together helps in bonding and making memories. You are spending quality time with your child instead of your child being glued to technology. Parents also get to learn new things while helping their children with their art and craft. Art and craft is something people of all ages can take part in.

There are many more benefits to making art and craft. Forget about mobile phones. Let your children get messy with art and craft during their spare time. It is very important to nurture the creativity of youngsters. Taking part in kids art and craft truly helps a child become a better version of themselves.

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