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Paper Owl Gift Card for Teacher on Teacher’s Day

Paper Owl Gift Card for Teacher on Teacher's Day

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Paper Owl Gift Card for Teacher on Teacher’s Day

Hello readers! There must be very rare people whose favorite bird is Owl. Owls are a very rare kind of bird. If you see you can’t always see them. This night bird is very fascinating to many kids. Kids love making owls as they kind of represent their laziness. Jokes apart! Nowadays children are very creative and sensitive when it comes to showing their talents. They can be very interested in making an owl containing gift cards. So, let’s get a hold of your stationery and give life to an owl.

How To Make a Paper Owl Gift Card


  • A light colour rectangular shape page.
  • A  deep colour rectangular shape bigger than the previous.
  • A small white page.
  • A small orange page.
  • A black marker pen.
  • A glue stick.
  • Scissors.


  • Take a light colour rectangular shape page, fold it in half sidewise by making a middle fold line.
  • Unfold it.
  • Cut the paper into the same size two pieces by following the middle fold line with scissors.
  • Take a piece then fold it in half sidewise by making a middle fold line.
  • Unfold it.
  • Follow the fold lines and fold the upper sides of the page side to the middle fold line by making two triangles.
  • Unfold it a triangle fold line will be made.
  • Fold the papers sidewise from the previous fold lines and to the middle fold lines.
  • Unfold it and another triangle fold line will be made under the previous one.
  • Turn over the paper and fold it like the other side to make the fold lines deep.
  • Fold the middle triangle part and pop out the shape from the paper.
  • Cut the upper portion of the paper roundly by making a heart-like shape with scissors.
  • Take another deep colour rectangular shape bigger than the previous, fold it in half sidewise by making a middle fold line. 
  • Unfold it that will make two squares on the sides of the middle fold line.
  • Again fold it.
  • Take the heart-like shape you made previously, fold the shape in half and mark its size with a pencil on this big square paper.
  • Draw a half heart around the marked area by covering the full paper.
  • Cut the drawn half heart.
  • Unfold the piece and a heart shape will be in front of your eyes. It will be the card base.
  • Take a white paper, draw circles of the same size and make eyeballs in them with a black marker and cut them out with scissors. They will be the owl’s eyes.
  • Take an orange colour page, cut out one small triangle shape as the owl’s beak and two same size’s circle shapes as the owl’s legs.
  • Take the owl shape and attach eyes, nose in the owl’s face and two legs to the bottom sides of the owl.
  • Attach the owl in the middle of the heart shape.
  • Your owl greeting card will be ready!

Your owl card is ready for a flight! This process does not need many materials, it is very easy to do. You just only have to understand the folds and cut them. You can use them as birthdays, Teachers day or to wish anybody for any special day. Use your sense of creativity and make it more beautiful. It will make children more concentrated and they will have fun for sure! So hurry up, get your stuff and enjoy your cute owl greeting card.

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