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DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids – Best Out Of Waste

DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids - Best Out Of Waste

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DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids – Best Out Of Waste

DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids: A true artist is someone who can transform even something worthless to an admirable piece of art and we believe that there is an artist within us all. Get ready to surprise everyone as you learn  DIY paper plate craft by following our simple guidelines.

Here, we have compiled various interesting ideas that will help you to recycle and reuse old paper plates and craft them into decorative art pieces.  It will also make you an environment warrior as you recycle plastic which is mandatory to keep our dear Mother Earth green and clean. Let us begin right away!

DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids - Best Out Of Waste

1. Its A Sunny Day!

Best Out Of Waste- DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids Its A Sunny Day

Brighten up your room and your day with this smiley sun papercraft. You only need an old paper plate and a few colored sheets to make this masterpiece. Use your imagination to make a  nice blue background and let the sun shine bright in the sky of your dreams.

2. Paper Plate Kitty

Best Out Of Waste- DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids Paper Plate Kitty

Time spent with cats is never wasted. Use your leisure time to craft this cute kitten with a paper plate and decorate it in your room to give it a playful vibe.

3. Dog Paper Plate Craft

Best Out Of Waste- DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids Dog Paper Plate Craft

It is rightly said that a dog is man’s best friend. If you are a dog lover, this craft is meant for you. Use your choice of colors to make your Doggo as adorable as you wish to and have fun customizing your place.

4. Easy Bear Craft

Best Out Of Waste- DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids Easy Bear Craft

Bear are chubby-tubby beings who make everything around them joyous. Take a paper plate, a smidgen of brown paint and colorful sheets to handcraft your own teddy bear. Sooner than you know, he is going to be your best playmate.

5. Beautiful Bunny

Best Out Of Waste- DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids Beautiful Bunny

Make a rabbit adorned with a pretty tiara with just a paper plate. This craft is bound to fetch you admiration for your artistic genius!

6. Chirpy Paper Plate Craft

Best Out Of Waste- DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

Birds are the prettiest of all living beings. Their presence makes the world a happy place to be. If you too love the myriad beauty of nature, handcraft these birds in a paper plate and give the message of environment protection out loud through your art.

7. Collage Paper Plate Cat Craft

Collage Paper Plate Cat Craft Paper Plate Art For Children - Utilizing Discarded Resources

This craft requires the use of two paper plates. Follow the simple guidelines to decorate the cat’s body by paper collage technique and use it to give an interesting twist to doors, wardrobes etc.

8. Paper Plate Chicken

Paper Plate Chicken Kid's Fun With Paper Plates - Reusing Items

Use colorful paper plates to make little chicken decorative pieces. This idea is fresh, creative and adorable to anyone who values art.

9. Bulletin Board Decoration

Bulletin Board Decoration Kids Crafting With Paper Plates - Turning Trash Into Treasure

Need new and fresh ideas to decorate your school bulletin board? Why not use paper plates, and surprise everyone!

This is a quick craft requiring minimum efforts but giving the maximum and most amazing results. Draw out different expressions and give your board the look you want.

10. Paper Plate Penguin

Paper Plate Penguin Making Art With Paper Plates - Turning Garbage Into Something Unique

Follow this step by step guide to make a little penguin. You can use for this art a plate with a black base or simply paint it black at the bottom side. Cut out eyes, nose and feet from a colored sheet and make the penguin look as smart as you can.

11. Paper plate lion

 Crafting With Paper Plates as Kids - Making Something Beautiful Out of Useless Items

The lion is the king of the forest. A king deserves efforts from your side to be handcrafted. Use paper cutting skills to make a nice hairstyle for your lion and add a kind smile as appropriate for a good king.

The important underlying message behind these crafts which needs to be highlighted is the sustainable use of resources. Plastic and thermocol can take decades to decompose which ruins our environment. Reuse plastic and protect the earth so that we can continue to live a happy and creative life here. Share your views on these Paper Plate Crafts For Kids in the comments section and for more such ideas visit our website. Happy Creativity!

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FAQ on DIY Paper Plate Crafts For Kids – Best Out Of Waste

1. What materials do I need to make paper plate crafts?

Answer: Paper plates, scissors, paint, glue, markers, and other craft supplies.

2. What are some easy paper plate crafts to make?

Answer: Paper plate masks, paper plate animals, paper plate wreaths, paper plate sun catchers, paper plate clocks, paper plate frisbees, and paper plate masks.

3. Are paper plate crafts safe for children?

Answer: Yes, as long as all of the materials used are non-toxic and safe for children.

4. How do I make a paper plate mask?

Answer: Cut the paper plate in half and draw a face on one half. Cut out eye, nose and mouth holes in the plate. Decorate the plate with paint, glitter, markers, or other craft supplies. Attach a string or elastic to the back of the plate and wear the mask.

5. How do I make a paper plate wreath?

Answer: Cut out a circle from the paper plate. Cut a slit in the center of the circle. Cut strips of paper plate along the slits to create a wreath. Decorate the wreath with paint, markers, glitter, and other craft supplies.

6. Can I make paper plate crafts with recycled materials?

Answer: Yes, you can use recycled materials such as cardboard, lids, and other items to make paper plate crafts.

7. What are some paper plate craft ideas for preschoolers?

Answer: Paper plate animals, paper plate masks, paper plate clocks, paper plate wind chimes, paper plate puzzles, and paper plate sun catchers.

8. What can I do with a paper plate that I don’t want to keep?

Answer: You can reuse the paper plate to make more crafts or you can recycle it.

9. How do I store paper plates for future crafting projects?

Answer: Store paper plates in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

10. How long do paper plate crafts last?

Answer: It depends on the type of craft and how it is stored. Most paper plate crafts can last for months or even years if stored properly.

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